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Day 6 - “In Another World”

Blegh, this one is particularly terrible. I have a few different AU’s that I’ll be turning into fics soon, so I was gonna do a preview for one of those, but then I found this stupid story about them all being rodeo riders and decided to finish and post it so here, take it, do what you want with it, it is out in the world now, for better or worse. Ps. I can’t title tonight.

“In Another World (Back in the Saddle)”

The foghorn blared, and the gate crashed open. A small patch-coated bronc bolted from the crush, head tucked low between its legs. It took three strides, bunched itself, and leapt high into the air, back arched like a cat, mouth open with the effort, tail lashing through the air. In the small bronc’s saddle, a young kid clung to the horn, one hand held out high behind him, grinning from ear to ear even as the pony twisted, landed, and sprang up again. It spun on its hind end, took two galloping strides and leapt up again, kicking out its legs so viciously that the kid lost his hat, but he simply laughed, long brown hair whipping across his face. Then the foghorn sounded again, the announcer gave a shout, and the kid instantly relaxed in the saddle, waving to the crowd as the bronc galloped and half-bucked around the arena. Then the assistants helped him from the pony, he bowed to the screaming audience, retrieved his hat, and practically skipped out of the arena.

Ladies and gentlemen, what a ride! That is a fantastic score for our up-and-coming youngster – let’s give him a hand!

Leaning over the metal railing at the edge of the ring, Gabriel Reyes watched the kid carefully. He was a veteran of the rodeo scene, with a hefty number of buckles and titles to his name, and knew how to recognise potential when he saw it. Something as simple as the twisting of a rider’s hips, the swing of their legs, the tilt of their shoulders, could separate a good rider from a bad one, and this kid had the traits of a good rider. While adopting a protégé hadn’t exactly been on Gabriel’s agenda, it would provide a welcome distraction from… He shook his head, not wanting to indulge the thought. Better to keep a clear head before getting in the saddle. Instead, he waved a hand as the kid walked past, catching his attention.

“Hey, nice ride out there, kid. What’s your name?”

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Title: The Devil’s Blaze

Rating: E

Relationship: Sherlock/John

Genre: Rodeolock AU/Case Fic

Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes, the world’s only Consulting Equestrian Expert, is the individual called when horse owners are out of their depth.  At the behest of his elder brother, Sherlock travels to Amarillo, Texas, to investigate why a valuable bucking stallion has seemingly gone berserk for no reason and killed his trainer.  The local authorities suspect the owner of fraud and possible animal abuse, but Mycroft sees parallels to an unsolved case from the 1980s wherein a racehorse killed a stableman. Complicating the situation is John Watson: bronco rider, rodeo veterinarian and one of case’s primary suspects…

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