Me at the Howl At The Moon


I was an exotic for sure. I’m a tall, bearded guy with not much hair left. And although I’m only 38 years old, it’s almost completely gray already. So I stood out from the crowd. Disadvantage: Some strange looks. Advantage: I was easily recognized by the actors and the staff.
So I stood there with my Theo & Deuc T-shirt, my comic book under my arm, a bag on my side, surrounded by younger girls. I’m a high school teacher and so I felt sometimes like I was still in school :D And hell, I got deaf after some time. The screams! Panel opening: “Bienvenue à Shel…” EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!! - “Please welcome Rya…” WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
The staff was always VERY helpful, all questions I was asking were answered in a very polite and helpful way. I really want to THANK YOU for your work, you did a great job!
So here are my impressions of the actors:

Cody Christian

He was the first I went to when the Autograph sessions started. He always had very long queues in front of him. I planned to introduce me as “The Theo & Deuc guy” but when there were only two girls in front of me, he already saw me, pointed at me with a wink and had the broadest smile on his face. Some minutes later, when it was the turn of the girl in front of me I could witness a scene that was so typical for Cody: The girl started to cry, overwhelmed by emotions when Cody hugged her. She sobbed really hard and Cody immediately took care of her, stood up, walked around the table to comfort her, talk to her, hug her again until he was sure that she was fine again.

And for me, this was the most impressive thing about Cody: The intensity with which he cares about the fans who came to him. When they are in front of him, he is totally focused on them, talks to every single of them, takes his time, never in a rush as if it was the only fan present and not a long queue waiting. This positivity and care are truly overwhelming. The signing session on Sunday morning was scheduled to last 2 hours and it took Cody over 4 hours to do all his autographs. Sure, his queue was one of the longest but mainly because he interacted with the fans in such a heartwarming, caring and lovely way. I could have watched this for hours.

But back to my experience: When it was my turn, he jumped from his seat, grabbed me and pulled me halfway over the table to give me the warmest welcome, hugging me and patting my back, excited and happy to finally see me. I told him how difficult it was for me to be in Paris this weekend (had the prom of my class the night before so I had to hop on the plane Saturday morning) and he shook my hand thanking me for coming. He explained where he got my books in his apartment and that he already reserved a place for the third issue. We talked a little while but I didn’t want to make the people behind me upset so I let Cody sign my issue of Theo&Deuc then. He did write a wonderful, incredibly long text into the book and again shook my hand, expressing his gratitude. Whenever we met during the convention, and it was several times, we exchanged fist bumps or he just grabbed me to pat my back. During the meeting room I was attending, he even introduced ME to the people around! He was in a very good mood, making jokes all the time and we even got to hear one of his songs. Not lying, I’m not a fan of rap. It’s just not my kind of music. But I really liked what I got to hear. It had a good rhythm, a very nice vibe, melodic elements in the background that made it - as someone who doesn’t listen to rap - a really good song. He explained to us that it’s not his goal to have a music career. He just loves to write and develop songs, to get into the flow when he works on one over several hours, it’s a hobby, a passion. And the result is definitely a professional one I truly would enjoy to listen to, though I’m not the right guy to judge.
The second day was kind of stressful, the schedule got messed up a bit because of Cody’s long signing session. I still had two autographs and two photoshoots with him. I managed to get the autographs in the morning but it was already 17h when Cody started his photo shoots and I had to leave at 18h to catch my plane. And I still had the meeting room for Linden that started at the same time! And here I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the staff again. One of them just grabbed me and pulled me into the photo room right to the photo booth with Cody. I had a special pose in mind - the cover of the Theo & Deuc book with Theo flexing and Deuc standing behind him with sunglasses, making a funny face. Cody said he loved it when we shot the pose. The staff in the background was telling the people not to ask for hugs because of lacking time but Cody just ignored it for me, hugged me and shook my hand again to say goodbye… So many fans were waiting and I was already so grateful that the staff made the shoot possible that I didn’t want to upset the others - and I still had to get into Linden’s meeting room. I was in such a rush - later, when I was in the plane, I felt so sorry and sad about it since I literally had to pull my hand out of his and cut the goodbye from my side which I’m very very sorry about.
Cody is a phenomenon. Even after a hell of a day, signing, panels, photos here, photos there, he hugs, smiles, is focused on every single fan and just shines. This guy deserves the world.

Holland Roden

I really really loved Holland. I caught a quiet moment during the autographs and she took much time to see through my book, reading some of the comics. She was so sweet and had to laugh about many of them. She said that Jeff Davis HAS TO see it and I could tell her that he received his very own issue already. Finally she signed comic one of my Lydia comics, the one where she gets hit by a snowball. Unforunately I didn’t book more stuff with her because when I planned Paris I thought that I would see her in Amsterdam and Brussels too but she had to cancel Amsterdam. I definitely would love to see her again!

Linden Ashby

Oh man is this a good guy. I told him my story about being a high school teacher who draws TW comics and later when we met again in the meeting room he immediately recognized me, saying: “The teacher.” And because I was late (had a photoshoot with Cody before) he added: “Always late.” He was reading the comics he was part of and enjoyed them quite much. I just love Linden. He’s such a gentle, reflective guy, so full of love for the younger actors and always praising their talent and passion.

Susan Walters

I had an autograph with her and oh my god is she sweet! She quickly discovered the photo of Gideon holding my book and was so in love with it that she drew a little heart on it. I deeply regret to not have booked a photo or meeting with her, if I ever get the chance I HAVE TO see her again.

Tyler Hoechlin

Damn is this guy charismatic. He has such a genuine smile and he was in awe seeing the comics and especially the Michelangelo adaptation (the creation of the chimera pack). I apologized that I didn’t make a comic with him yet since Theo & Derek weren’t interacting in Teen Wolf in any way. (Signature next to Susan’s in the picture above!)

Dylan Sprayberry

Since I will see Dylan in Brussels, I only booked one autograph with him for Paris. He recognized the printed issue because he has seen it in Cody’s apartment and this made me very very happy :) I was sorry that I didn’t have more comics with Liam (I have one planned though but he is SO HARD to draw) so I couldn’t show him more but until Brussels I will have more stuff to offer and I’m looking forward to meeting him again! I let him sign my Raeken Ball comic then.

Ryan Kelley

I will see Ryan in Amsterdam and Brussels, so I didn’t focus on him. But damn, in real life he looks really, really handsome, he is in a great shape and is quite charismatic! I didn’t expect it. He had to laugh hard at my hellhound comic in which Parrish ends up as a camp fire replacement for Theo’s and Deuc’s BBQ, so he did sign that. I definitely have to do another Hellhound comic to have something new for him until Amsterdam!

Ian Bohen

Ian was very cute! I got two autographs with him on different days and he remembered my name! I said: “Hey, it’s the comic guy again!” And he looked at me and said without thinking: “Chan.” So this was the moment he conquered my heart. I had to apologize I never did a comic with Peter. And I promised him to do one very soon. I think I might already have an idea…

Shelley Hennig

Shelley couldn’t stop saying “this is amazing”, she also loved my special Maleo T-Shirt. I should have talked to her more but when I was doing the autograph, I wanted to give her time to see through the stuff but she gladly accepted my business card with my Twitter / Instagram account so who knows?

The Carver Twins

Again, I will meet them in Amsterdam and Brussels and I didn’t have any time left so I didn’t get to meet them. So nothing to report :(

Meeting you

Whoever did come to me to talk to me about my T-Shirts or if you already knew me and decided to say hello: THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was so funny and such a pleasure to meet people who love my stuff. I even got to record my own “please record a video for our friend where you say hi to her” Video :D I felt SO HONORED.
Can’t wait to meet you all again!

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“Imagine celebrating Halloween with Sheppard, while Ronan and Teyla don’t understand the tradition, and the rest of the team pretend not to know about it”

Rodney, what is this Halloween holiday suppose to be about? Sheppard and y/l/n seem to celebrate it quite enthusiastically” Teyla asked Rodeny

“I have no idea, I think they made it up” Rodney said ignorning both Teyla and Ronans increasingly confused expressions.

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-I know I spelled Teylas name wrong in the banner, but I’m lazy so I’m not fixing it lol

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FC suggestions for a female redhead? The character is kind of quirky, but also very smart and sometimes very serious.

Ooo hmm Felicia Day is fabulous and nerdy

Sara Canning is one of my favorite underused redheads she’s so perfect 

Jayma Mays is pretty cute 

Bonnie Wright

one of my personal favorites is Molly C. Quinn 

Holland Rodenis over used a little but super pretty too 

Ellie Kemperis way underused and super adorkable

going into the Office Jenna Fischer is flawless

and so are Isla Fisher

and Amy Adams 

Danielle Panabakeris again really underused.

There’s also the Lizzy Bennet Diaries girls Mary Kate Wiles 

Laura Spencer

and Ashley Clements

Hope that’s helpful ~E