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Please do not keep your rats alone. Please especially do not keep your female rats alone. I am seeing this so often on tumblr and it’s so, so concerning. Your rats are social, intelligent animals that thrive on companionship. Unless your rat has medical or behavioral issues that keep it from being comfortable or safe around other rats, there is no excuse for only having one rat. You cannot fill the void in your rat’s life, you cannot take the place of another rat, no matter how much time you spend with and invest in your rat. You cannot sleep cuddled up with your rat when it is in the cage, you cannot groom your rat, you cannot provide your rat with the security that being around its own kind provides. You are not a rat, so you cannot fill the role of another rat in your rat’s life. Please keep your rats in same-sex pairs at least!



Archer is a black variegated down-under dumbo rat with a head spot, and he has Velventeen fur (which makes him curly!). He’s my golden child and definitely the calmest of them, I just adore him, he’s so sweet. One of his eyes is slightly smaller than the other, poor quirky darling. Don’t make fun of him. :)