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BNSF stack train with borrowed UP power pulls a stack train up through the upper narrows.

Sierra Pacific Railroad Museum

This video was shot with a Nikon D3300 and Rode VideoMic Pro.  This get-up is new to me, and I still have to learn how to set it up to get the best results.  In this case I had turned the mic down so far, in an attempt to avoid recording the layout’s power supplies and the traffic outside, that the microphone’s own recording hiss nearly overpowered the recorded sound of the trains.  Early-days mistake.

Units in this consist:

  1. Athearn Genesis BNSF ES44AC #5886
  2. Athearn Genesis BNSF ES44AC #5794
  3. Athearn RTR BNSF AC4400CW #5630
  4. Ajin Precision Models Union Pacific AC6000CW #7507
  5. Athearn Genesis BNSF ES44AC #5849

It’s a skate day and small contest in Voronezh organized by simple skate shop.

Music: future islands - balance

submitted by Alex Fell

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