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Hey Evie, I absolutely adore your videos, they're so informative and a great resource. Was just wondering if you're planning on buying a microphone? it would improve the quality of your videos so much (and you have such a lovely voice- get the equipment it deserves!) ❤️


Why, yes! After months of saving I have finally gotten an actual camera (The Lumix G7) instead of using a webcam like I have my entire time making videos to this point. And with that Sir is letting me borrow is Rode videomic. And they will be here tomorrow!!!

Unfortunately using a webcam there was no way to upgrade audio quality without just also getting a camera. But now I finally have both! And the equipment I got I read review after review of saying how great they are for youtube and vlogging. That plus the SD card I ordered, and tripod, there should be a HUGE video / audio quality jump in the next week or so.


My audio has always bugged me but now I finally get to fix it! It isn’t that I didn’t notice, I just didn’t have $800+ to drop at a whole new setup on something that was just a hobby until the last couple of months.


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I love your books and your videos and I honestly cannot wait for Book 3. I already love Angel and Jimmy, they're so beautiful!! I was wondering what camera and mic you use for your videos?? They're all so high quality and lovely and comforting. Hope you're doing well!!!!

YAY so glad you’re excited!

I use a Nikon D5300 and a Rode Videomic Pro 

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It’s a skate day and small contest in Voronezh organized by simple skate shop.

Music: future islands - balance