rode to el dorado

I just love Dreamworks so much and I owe them so much and it hurts to see them take a loss because of an amazing movie.

Its like all I can do is sit here helpless while the people that practically saved my life are taking a hit and I know its stupid it just makes me sad.  There are bigger things I should be worrying about right? I just cant believe that movie didn’t do well.  This has happened before though.  Look at Road to El Dorado, one of their finest movies and it didn’t do too well either.  That movie is fantastic.  ROTG was fantastic.  I see an animation studio that puts so much heart and beauty into its movies.  I honestly see more work put into Dreamworks movies than Disney movies that do ten times better sometimes. I’m sorry.  I liked ROTG more thatn Wreck it Ralph.  Wreck it Ralph was 10/10, but Guardians hit me in my soul in almost the same way HTTYD did.  No movie has EVER hit me as hard as HTTYD.  I just hate to see a company like this take hits and go on disrespected because their not Disney and they get caught up on Shrek and Madagascar sequels.  Thats not all this companies is, guys.  I’m just upset by this.  And I’m scared.  I love Dreamworks.  It’s my ultimate dream to WORK for them and create the kinds of stories that they told me.  Stories that got me through some of the hardest things I’ve EVER been through.  I owe them a lot.  The fact that ROTG was not nominated for an Oscar was an insult.  The fact that HTTYD’s soundtrack lost to the SOCIAL NETWORK is utter and complete blasphemy. 

I’m just sad and pissed and I feel really protective over this company.  I just don’t know where I would be without it.

Older(ish) Cartoon Movies

I just watched for the first time Treasure Planet and Rode to El Dorado and watched for the first time in years, Quest for Camelot. I cried, laughed, believed in dreaming, never giving up, and you are what you want to be. These movies are now going down in some of my top movies of all time. They have taken the spark of hope in me that made me strive for my dreams, and rekindled it. I love them to the depths of the Earth. I’m sad that they all ended. Also in all of this, I proclaim it loudly, and am not ashamed to the fact that these movies are amazing, and they changed my life. These movies though they may not be as big as other disney and pixar movies, its was these types of movies that made me start dreaming.