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Alexis Rene G Beauty Guide

— Alexis rarely wears noticeable makeup, and whenever she does its for a photoshoot or a special occasion. A daily wear for her though is mascara. Her lashes are super long and she’s always sporting a dash of mascara in her pictures and she has stated mascara is a must-have! Below, are some of her makeup products she’s mentioned on social media! —

• Benetint by Benefit
   - $30 at Sephora

• Covergirl Volume Lash Blast Mascara
   - $8.99 at Ulta

• Tarte Eye Lash Curler
   - $19 at Sephora

• Rosy Lip Therapy by Vaseline
   - $1.79 at Walgreens

• Stila Stay All Day 10-In-One HD Illuminating Beauty Balm With Broad Spectrum SPF 30
   - $38 at Ulta

— Alexis is a natural dirty blonde, as she gets blonde highlights regularly. Alexis’s hair is also fairly short, and it seems as if she has low layers. Another thing I’ve noticed about her hair is the wavy, beachiness (is this a word? lol) to it. You can also achieve her look with the products listed below! —

• It’s a 10 Shampoo
   - $13.59 at Target

• It’s a 10 Conditioner
   - $16.49 at Target

• Bumble and Bumble Sea Salt Spray
   - 14 oz $27 at Bumble and Bumble

• Moroccan Oil Treatment
   - $14.80 at Nordstrom

Body Sprays:
— Fun fact: The coconut passion spray was gifted to her by Jay 😉 Also, VS always has package deals for their scents if you’re interested in a better deal. —

• Coconut Passion from Victoria’s Secret
   - $14 from VS

• Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret
  - $14 from VS

Skin Care:
— Alexis’s skin is a beauty. She has stated that the sun plays a major part in her clear skin, as well as water! I recommend drinking lots of water as it really does make a difference.  Listed below are some products Alexis uses for her face, and body. *Disclaimer* Please do research on these face products and make sure you’re not allergic to anything or you won’t have a bad reaction to them. Just because Alexis uses them, doesn’t mean they’re fit for your skin as well. —

• Lucas’ PawPaw Ointment
   - $12 from Beautylish

• Rodan & Fields SOOTHE Regimen
   - $41 for the facial wash from Rodan & Fields

• Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap- Lavender
   - $10.79 from Target

• Kiehl’s Skincare (I swear by Kiehl’s)
   - I don’t know Alexis’s exact products that she uses but you can go on and explore

All of these products I’ve talked about in this guide have been confirmed by Alexis, and I’ve taken them to memory throughout the years I’ve been following her. You can find where she talks about these products on both tumblr accounts ‘alexisreneg’ and 'askalexisren’. Also a big thanks to the anonymous that submitted some of her skin care to me; I wish I could properly thank you. Please don’t expect to look like Alexis if you use these products, as that is impossible, I’m sorry. Also, please do some research before using any of these products and see if they are fit for you, I don’t want anything disastrous to happen to any of your beautiful faces, as you may be allergic to the ingredients used in the products. Otherwise: I hope you all enjoy this compilation of Alexis’s beauty habits and the products she uses!


Where to start?

It’s hard when I’ve been off the blogging wagon for so long and want to pick back up. It’s like where do I even begin? Did anyone even notice I was gone? Do they even care about me and my perfectly curated blog life anymore? I’m a list person so I figure that’s as good a place as any to catch you up on the current daily in the life of Julie.

1. Caroline is 10 weeks old. She is not sleeping through the night. Not even close. We moved her into her crib for the first time last night and I’m hoping this will help me get more sleep. She is a NOISY sleeper and every little grunt and squirm wakes me up. After 10 weeks of it, I feel confident that she is not dying of SIDS and can grunt away in her own room. Even though I’m not getting any sleep, she has started to smile which is pretty much the best thing ever and makes it all worth it. One little baby smile can melt away 10 weeks of sleepless nights. But I’ll still take some sleep, too.

2. I’ve started walking all the time. I am not at all ready to take both kids to stores and attempt my shopping but I load them up in the double bob and we walk walk walk walk all the live long day to the park to the pool to preschool and back and forth and back again. Today, as I was walking to the park, Nora screamed that there was a bug, I look down and see the biggest, grossest brown bug crawling down her shirt. I don’t think I have ever moved so fast as I did when I whipped her out of that stroller and stripped her down to her birthday suit on the side of the road to locate said bug which I did not, but I did discover that she had pooped in her diaper necessitating a diaper change on the side of the road right as not one, not two, but FOUR of my neighbors drove by. At 10 am on a Monday no less. Don’t people have jobs anymore? Oy vey.

3. I joined Rodan + Fields as an independent consultant. I have a lot of feelings on the subject that I’ll get into more in another post on another day but suffice to say I’m pretty pumped to have something else to occupy my time besides dirty diapers and feeding schedules.

4. My nephew turned five this past weekend and my sister had his party at her house. They have one of those giant trampolines which is amazing and I want one but I quickly realized that at two months post partum, I have no business jumping on a trampoline.

5. I ordered some activated charcoal powder from amazon. What? Yeah, me too. It’s supposed to be amazing for teeth whitening. I will report back on my findings. As someone who basically lives off copious amounts of coffee in the morning and red wine in the evening, my grill is in need of some sprucing up and cannot handle whitestrips anymore. #sensitiveteethforlyfe

Add a few more bullets about the neverending cycle of bottle washing and laundry and how can a 12 pound baby make that much poop in one diaper and I think that about sums up life as of late. 

Glad to be back!


Weekend round up:

- got my eyebrows threaded and I feel like a new woman.

- I’m pretty much over acne at age 27 so I decided to give Rodan + Fields a try. A family friend sells it and my mom used it for a bit and liked it. I’ll report back in about 60 days. They give you a schedule how to phase it into your skin routine and the quality of it is very nice. I’ve only used it once though. Either way I’m excited to try it out.

- we got barbecue yesterday and the restaurant gives free soft serve! So wonderful.

- I gotta get a weekend hobby so I stop going to stores while Kevin’s working.

- this morning I had butta coffee. I forgot how Yumma it is.

- we had chocolate chip pancakes (not paleo) with eggs and bacon for breakfast. We’ve been pretty paleo during the week and eat a few things here and there on the weekends and currently working out for me at least, mentally and physically.

- we’ve not got much else planned today except getting stuff done around the house, pizza and the walking dead. We get to relax most of the day which I’m excited about.

- I got to FaceTime Leann and Melanie yesterday and it made me happy. Finely kept staring at me on the phone like he didn’t understand it was funny. Hopefully I can with Kim today!

- Kevin is currently watching the Disney Stars singing Do You Wanna Build a Snowman on YouTube. Do you guys remember when the Disney stars like Raven, Hilary Duff, and the cast of Even Stevens sang the Circle of Life? I used to be obsessed with that video.

- Now I wanna watch Frozen!!

Sometimes I don’t know how to end a post. I’m ending it now. Goodbye.


Happy Saturday!! Rosie got me an old navy gift card for my birthday and I snagged these bad boys on sale! I got them in purple and black and I love them. Saturday Zumba complete and the weather is gorgeous today!

I’m having a happy healthy skin day. Last nights facial plus my Rodan + Fields seems to be working!

I’m not sure what all I’m going to do today but I plan to enjoy the sunshine and my time off.

Now I’m off to meet Kev for BBQ. Hearts for eyes!!