Como se eu estivesse por fora do movimento da vida. A vida rolando por aí feito roda-gigante, com todo mundo dentro, e eu aqui parada, pateta, sentada no bar. Sem fazer nada, como se tivesse desaprendido a linguagem dos outros. A linguagem que eles usam para se comunicar quando rodam assim e assim por diante  nessa roda-gigante. Você tem um passe para a roda-gigante, uma senha, um código, sei lá. Você fala qualquer coisa tipo bá, por exemplo, então o cara deixa você entrar, sentar e rodar junto com os outros. Mas eu fico sempre do lado de fora. Aqui parada, sem saber a palavra certa, sem conseguir adivinhar. Olhando de fora, a cara cheia, louca de vontade de estar lá, rodando junto com eles nessa roda idiota, tá me entendendo, garotão?
—  Caio Fernando Abreu
Kaidan's first visit to the citadel after Horizon...
  • Saronis Application: This is Commander Shepard and this is my favorite store on the citadel!
  • Kaidan: wat...
  • Sirta Foundation: This is Commander Shepard and this is my favorite store on the citadel!
  • Kaidan: what the fuck!?
  • Citadel Souvenirs: This is Commander Shepard and this is my favorite store on the citadel!
  • Rodam Expeditions: This is Commander Shepard and this is my favorite store on the citadel!
  • Kaidan: FUCK THIS SHIT I'M OUT!!!
The thing || Rodam||

Rose pulled her wet hair back into a pony tail and she walked out of the bathroom and into the empty room. Thirteen days. Their room, and their bed have been absent of Adam for thirteen days. Every night Rose would hope he would come back in the middle of the night and she would open her eyes the next morning to find him there, but he wasn’t, and she would cry. She would cry when she woke up and when she went to bed because he wasn’t there. She missed him so much it hurt, and it didn’t help that she had gotten no sleep in the past thirteen days either. Everytime she would close her eyes she would have her nightmare replay itself, so at night she would just lay awake, with Trixie and Winny, while laying on Adam’s side of the bed. She was tired, so tired and she needed sleep. So she decided to go to Marcus in hopes he would have something. For the first time in thirteen days, Rose left the room. She traveled to the other end of the house, not making eye contact with anyone. She reached his door and she stood there, feeling small and fragile. She wondered if Marcus knew how Adam was, well of course he knew. Rose looked at the ring that was still on her finger and she started playing with it before she knocked on the door, then waited patiently for Marcus to open the door while playing with the end of Adams shirt.

little miracles [rodam]

The moment she heard a cry, Rose instantly relaxed in the hospital bed. She was exhausted beyond belief and was also in a lot of pain - well for the most part, most of it was numbed down due to the medicine they gae her. Closing her eyes, Rose took deep breaths to try and catch her breath and calm down. She released Adams hand, figuring that she probably almost broke it, and she tried to apologize but she was so tired she couldn’t utter a word. 

letters // rodam

Adam stumbled up to the front door. He wished that he wasn’t like this. There was a place somewhere in his mind that knew he shouldn’t be acting like this - but that was how Adam was, especially with alcohol and drugs and the incredible ability to lose one’s pain and suffering while under the influence of them. He went to open the door when he saw a note sitting there on the doormat. 

He picked it up and scanned over it, but his mind must have still been playing tricks on him because:

1. Sutton would never kill herself, she wasn’t selfish enough to do that, and she had a family who loved her.
2. He was fairly certain she didn’t even know what most of those words meant.
3. If it was true, and Sutton was dead, then nothing would ever be the same again.

“Heeeyyy Preseley.” He slurred, adding an extra syllable to her name. “Can you read this for me? I think I’m still messed up.” He said, falling into the couch beside her. She sighed and took the letter from him, walking to get him a glass of water to hopefully sober him up a bit.

On her way back she opened the letter and froze where she stood. “Adam… it’s from Sutton… she’s...” She paused and Adam sat up straighter. “She’s dead.” Presley sat down in shock and Adam bolted upright. Now was not the time for Rose to come home to a drunk version of himself, after so many nights alone already… For today, at least, he knew he’d have to grow up and be stronger for Rose, so he gulped down a tonic that helped lessen the drunken side effects, and sat next to Presley. “I’m gonna have to tell Rose.” He told her, wrapping his arms around her tightly. “I’m so sorry.” He knew they’d grown relatively close and that she must be hurting too, but fuck… She was Rose’s best friend… How could she do this to everyone? His grief turned to anger until he heard the door open and saw Rose come in. He braced himself for what he would have to do…

Because sometimes you need someone to hold down, and sometimes I need someone to hold me down.

Finished! Sorry I didn’t do as many progress shots with this one, I did A LOT of experimenting with it so things kept changing. 

Anways, have some Adam and Ronan! I’ve been led to believe that their ship name is Rodam? IDK. But I like them. A lot.

I drew this listening to “Youth and Whiskey” by Black Veil Brides.

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city of love // rodam

Adam hugged Presley tightly, holding her to her chest as if letting her go would mean losing her forever. Not again. The things she had been through… Adam wished he could take them all away. He found her hiding in one of their homes, looking terrified. Trevor ruined her life once again. His entire family was dead, aside from Presley. Trevor killed his parents, then himself. Selfish bastard. Selfish fucking bastard. 

Now they were standing in front of his flat, and he was still hugging her, and Presley was still hugging him. “I thought you were dead.” She mumbled, and he could feel tears on his jumper. “I thought you were too, Pres…” He said, kissing the top of her head. He pulled back, wiping the tears off of her face and smiling. “But you’re safe now, Little Sis. Nothing will hurt you anymore.” He promised her. He wasn’t lying, because he wouldn’t let it. “Rose has just been dying to meet you… are you ready?” Presley nodded, and Adam unlocked the door. “Rose!” Adam called out. “There’s someone here to meet you.”

continuation of [x]

“Tomorrow we should order pizza or something.” Adam suggested, thought it was hard to stick to as he took a bite of the delicious food. “Yeah then you can watch Adam write my poem and then watch me sign it.” Presley joked. “Seriously though if you ever want a break you know - ordering up a quick pizza never killed anyone, not that it would ever match this… incredible dinner.” She was interrupted as she took a big bite halfway through the sentence. “I’ve seriously never had better food than yours.” Presley wasn’t lying either. “Amen sister!” Adam chimed in, winking at Rose as he took another huge bite.


When Kheri apparated them to the all familiar door, she quickly looked around them to make sure there wasn’t anyone unfamiliar around. When she saw no one was around, she relaxed instnatly, then took a deep breath. Now she was just nervous about knocking on the door; but she raised her hand and knocked on it anyway. She looked over and saw Kheri still standing there, probably to make sure she actually got inside this time…

//minipara thing

Rose stood outside Adam’s dorm building, waiting for someone to open the door. Finally, someone came and opened the door, they gave her a strange look as she walked passed them. She almost ran up the stairs then looked down at her stomach - she couldn’t. She felt tears begin to swell in her eyes again as she went to the elevator and pressed 13, and she waited until it dinged; then she walked down the hall to his room. She stopped herself from knocking and tried to make herself look more presentable - though it was almost impossible in her opinion. her hair was in a pony tail but she had hair everywhere still; her face was red and her eyes were red and puffy from crying nonstop for two days. She smiled at the little and too the dry erase pen and drew a little rose beside Adams name before putting it back and knocking on the door. She sniffled and tried to dry her eyes of tears that kept coming. 

Fly Away / Rodam

Adam had made up his mind. He had narrowed the possibilities down in regards to where Sutton could possibly be, and at that point it had been 9 days. He needed to go. Kherington had been trying in vain to find her, so had Eoghan and Ariel and he heard that Kheri had even hired a private investigator but that was all pointless because nobody knew where Zachary’s house was, the one where he hosted all of his parties… the one you needed clearance to even be able to see. He was Sutton’s only hope, so he went to Rose’s bedside. “Rose,” He said, putting his hand in hers. “I need to go find Sutton. I’m the only one who knows how. I don’t want to leave you, but nobody but me can do this, but I needed your permission first.”

Hoje parei e tentei entender de onde surgem as palavras que escrevo. O que me inspira a escrever. E como evolui nos últimos meses. E cheguei a conclusão que escrever talvez seja isso. Talvez seja essa coisa de acompanhar o ritmo da vida. O fluxo de pessoas que entram e saem. A constante mudança. As palavras são infinitas. Os sentidos também. Mas rodam sempre em torno da mesma coisa: O desabafo.


Rose didn’t even say anything when they got home. She just went straight to the room she and Adam shared, slammed the door shut and went straight to the closet; closing the door behind her, Rose leaned against it and took a deep breath before let her wall fall and she started crying. Sliding down the door she cried even harder and brought her knees up to her chest. She didn’t care if she was ruining the dress at the moment. Kherington was right… everything she said was true. Nothing in the past year has changed, nothing. Adam really was the only person who cared. She started to think was it really worth it anymore? What did she have for her? Adam… that was it, he was the only person honestly keeping her here. She knew if she were to leave it would probably devastate him… but not if she asked him move on…she slammed her head against the door, and instantly regretted it but she tried to ignore the pain. She needed to stop thinking that way, but she couldn’t help it. Everything Kheri said was still going through her head.