This just made my whole freaking month.


Rudess Morgenstein Project - Live in Philadelphia (2013)

Must Be Jelly...

Time for the underrated gem of the week. The Jelly Jam is about as awesome a side project as one can get. Ty Tabor, Rod Morgenstein and John Myung. That’s King’s X, The Dixie Dregs and Dream Theater. I mean, c’mon. Two records of superb quality and some incredible jams. Wally Farkas’ (Galactic Cowboys) label Molken Music, will be reissuing both albums digitally in early 2011, as well as some unreleased bonus content. Oh, and a NEW record is also apparently in the can. Tis a good morning!

In the meantime, sample these tasty nuggets and support this band and incredible label HERE.

"Nature’s Girl"


The 70's and Rod Morgenstein

This next chart is for a tune called “Ice Cakes” by Dixie Dregs. An old student of mine showed me this tune and I immediately liked it. Once I saw that Rod Morgenstein was the drummer on it I knew I should write it out. When I was in school, Rod was actually in one of my final exams. He was incredibly nice and down to earth, and luckily I practiced my butt off for that particular drum set exam and I nailed it. Check out some old videos of Rod playing with Dixie Dregs back in the day and you can see his drum setup, and his awesome hair (which he still has). There is a lot going on in this chart so pick it apart and be safe. Enjoi!!!!

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