Winger - Pull (1993)

Pull is Winger’s third album and marked a distinctive shift in the sound of the band from 80s party rock to a more modern progressively heavy album.  The best comparison to Winger’s album progression would be like Warrant and their Dog Eat Dog album compared to Cherry Pie

Musically, many fans and non-fans enjoy Pull the most from Winger, but the time period when the album was released was not friendly to 80s bands and the album did not sell like their first two releases.

If you missed out on Pull the first time around, definitely check it out!


This just made my whole freaking month.

Winger - Winger (1988)

Winger often gets the brunt of the 80s rock vitriol, which is really unfair.  Sure, the 80s could be ridiculous with the hair, wardrobe, and lyrics, but at least it was a fun and unique decade, which is something you really can’t say about the current state of music.  Winger, in particular, is a really talented band that were lumped into the fluff category for hard rock.  Also, it didn’t help that the geek character (Stuart) in Beavis and Butthead wore a Winger shirt, while Beavis and Butthead wore AC/DC and Metallica shirts.  I commend Winger though, they even sell a Stuart-style Winger shirt on their website now, which I’m tempted to buy.

The debut album from Winger features a few of their biggest hits with Seventeen and Headed for a Heartbreak.  The album is good, but my favorite Winger album would be their follow-up In the Heart of the Young.  I own the Rocky Candy version of the debut which features a really good bonus track called Higher and Higher.

Fun trivia - You might notice the album cover features the word Sahara on the bottom right.  The band originally wanted to call themselves Sahara, but another band had that name at the time.  However, the album cover was never updated!

My faves: Madalaine, Hungry, Seventeen, Time to Surrender, Poison Angel (yeah!)