CONTEST: Good/Super Rod Line

WOOPS! It was pointed out early this morning that I’d actually forgotten to include a line when this poll initially went up. As we caught it fairly early, I’m just going to redo it! Sorry folks (and especially fakemonvevo, whose entry I missed the first time ‘round).

With that in mind, which of these particularly-literal takes on the term “dogfish”, with their first form set to be captured by Good or Super Rod, do you prefer?

1. Ohnoneemiss’ frankensteinian creations

2. skookumditty’s streamlined designs

3. absativelybadical’s spiny three-stage line

4. againwithdragons’ literal, minimalist take

5. sollyinpurplepants’ amphibious, collared canines

6. fakemonvevo’s cute single-stage pup