rod reis

I’ve been fighting fascists my entire life. And I promise you, there is nowhere you can run or hide that will keep you safe from them. There’s only one thing you can do. You stand, and you fight. - Steve Rogers/Captain America

That shield doesn’t belong to you. – Steve Rogers/Captain America

He was a man at war with his worst nightmare. A warped and twisted reflection of himself, and all he stood for.

Secret Empire #10

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Steve McNiven, Ron Lim, Rod Reis, David Marquez and Paco Medina

Colours: Jay Leisten, Ron Lim, Rod Reis, David Marquez, Juan Vlasco

So I defended Secret Empire quite a while ago and basically everything I said there still stands. In fact, it only got reinforced by the conclusion of the story being that Hydra Cap is precisely the antithesis of everything Steve stands for. This ending was, I feel, the only way this story could have ended (the best kind of ending). Where the true Steve Rogers/Captain America is what brings down Hydra and Hydra Cap.

Was Secret Empire perfect? Nope. I felt it became “Hunt the McGuffin item” for a while in the middle and definitely got stretched out quite a bit. It also never seemed to really delve into what American society had now become post-fascist takeover and consequently lacked as much social commentary that I was hoping for. Maybe it was in the tie-ins but if I have to read tie-ins to get a main goal of a story then the story doesn’t really work. Considering the level of padding in the middle, I feel that more of this type of thing could have been done in its place.

Some of the ideas about how a charismatic and trusted person could easily lead to a fascistic America seemed socially relevant and so that’s where I thought more of the story would be focused. I will say though, that the ending was pretty great and seems to have redeemed a lot of the Marvel heroes, in general.

Basically, my views on Secret Empire are that is was pretty good but I wish it had done more on how society had changed and less Cosmic Cube Treasure Hunt.