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Jorma Taccone as Owen “Kid Contact” Bouchard in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping


Fly fishing the Upper Owens River in the winter is fantastic.  It is stunningly beautiful.  Peaceful.  Quiet except for the occasional piercing sound of a hawk.  Clear and very cold this day.  Not another person to be seen.  The fishing went off. 

You can’t kill this tough Jew.
—  Rod Serling’s last written words, in a letter from his hospital bed to Twilight Zone colleague Owen Comora.
Rod Serling suffered multiple heart attacks and underwent several surgeries. After a successful ten hour open heart surgery, he sadly suffered another heart attack during a second surgery and died on the operating table. He died on June 28, 1975, at the age of 50. If he was alive today, he’d be 92.