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Men fight great but Women are great fighters. 
Original by “We are planets passing by”

@the_river_styx has posted a photo of her updated Sailor Moon collection featuring lots of the recently added items! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧
You can spot some sneak peeks of items that aren’t yet on the website too~


Sailor Moon items

Henshin Deivces and Weapons

Silence Glaive (Saturn), Space Sword (Uranus), Deep Aqua Mirror (Neptune), Twinkle Yell (Chibi Moon), Holy Grail (Sailor Moon S), Moon Tiara (Anime 1992), First Tiara (Sailor Moon Crystal), Moon Tiara (Manga 1992), Second Tiara (Sailor Moon Crystal), Third Tiara (Sailor Moon Crystal), Crescent Moon Cutter (PGSM), Mars Dagger (PGSM), Chibi Moon Rod (Chibi Moon), Venus Dagger (PGSM), Mercury Sword (PGSM), Jupiter Spear (PGSM), Holy Moon Chalice (Sailor Stars), and Legendary Sword (Manga and PGSM).

Sailor Moon/Sailor Moon Crystal:
Moon Brooch - Sailor Moon (1992) - center
Moon Brooch - Sailor Moon Crystal (2014) - Top Right
Mercury Pen - Above Moon Brooch
Mars Pen - Right to Moon Brooch
Venus Pen - Under Moon Brooch
Jupiter Pen - Left to Moon Brooch
Luna Pen (Sailor Moon) - Top Right corner

Saior Moon R:
Moon Crystal Compact - Sailor Moon R - Center Left
Mercury Star Power Stick - Left to Moon Compact
Mars Star Power Stick - Right to Moon Compact
Jupiter Star Power Stick - Under Moon Compact
Venus Star Power Stick - Left to Jupiter Star Power Stick

Sailor Moon S:
Cosmic Heart Compact - Right to Uranus Lip Rod
Uranus Lip Rod - Left to Cosmic Heart Compact
Chibi Moon Compact - Under Cosmic Heart Compact
Neptune Lip Rod - Right to Chibi Moon Compact
Pluto Lip Rod - Right to Neptune Lip Rod
Saturn Lip Rod - Left of Moon Brooch and Left of L

Sailor Moon Super S:
Prism Heart Compact - Under Mercury Crystal Pen
Mercury Change Rod - Left to Moon Crisis Compact
Moon Crisis Compact - Right to Mercury Change Rod
Mars Change Rod - Right to Moon Crisis Compact
Jupiter Change Rod - Under Moon Crisis
Mars Change Rod - Far Right Bottom

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars:
 Eternal Moon Article - Below Prism Heart Compact
Sailor Change Stars - Maker under Jupiter Star Power Stick, Healer under Jupiter Change Rod and Fighter between Mars Change ROd and Jupiter Change Rod.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon:
Luna Teletia S (Sailor Luna’s transformation item) - between the Bracelets and Sailor Moon Crystal Moon Brooch.
Heart Moon Brooch - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (2003) - Top Left
Jewelry Star Bracelets - around the Heart Moon Brooch

Moon Stick - 1992 - Sailor Moon
Moon Stick - 2014 - Sailor Moon Crystal
Moonlight Stick - 2003 - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Cutie Moon Rod - Sailor Moon R
Spiral Cutie Moon Rod - Sailor Moon S
Moon Kaleidoscope - Sailor Moon Super S
Eternal Tiare - Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Princess Sword/Harp - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon


So, a few weeks ago, I bought a pack of settei (animation artwork/reference sheets) that contained around 40 sheets; they’re predominately from the first season but there also a few from R. I just now got around to scanning and cleaning them. I did the items first because they’re my favorite~

Although there’s a ton of Sailor Moon settei available online, most of them are very small and not of great quality. So, I’m planning on posting my high-quality settei sheets for everyone to enjoy! I’d love to buy more settei, but they can get so expensive… >.<

Finally, these were all bought, scanned and cleaned by me. Please don’t repost them!


So tonight my mother and brother went and saw Bruno Mars. For those of you who do not know, my brother has a severe heart condition. They were on the floor and my brother, Aged 13, was in his wheelchair. The security who were in charge took my brother from my mum, and took him back stage. He got to meet Bruno Mars, got a guitar pick and many other things. It makes me so thankful that there are people in this world who are so kind to do things like this for no reason and it has made my little brother so happy. I’m so glad there are people out there like this. It restores my faith in humanity that little bit more.


Sailor Moon Dust Plugs for Phones

These dust plugs are really delicately made. They come in two boxes. The first one with the moon stick and the transformation pens of the inner senshis, the second one with the spiral heart moon rod, pink moon stick, and the transformation pens of the outer senshis.

To be honest, the first box isn’t that eye catching. I even feel that the quality of the moon stick from the die-cast gashapon set is better than the one of this box. The pens of the inner senshis are very colorful but not as shiny as the outer ones, love the gems in the middle though.