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Best bands of the ‘70′s

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I’d rather good people trust me than bad people fear me.                                    - Clark Kent/Superman

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Ivan Reis

Colours: Rod Reis

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t like the vast majority of The New 52 Superman but this is a pretty good summary of what makes Superman special.

Who Would You Like To See Rod Ferrell Of The Vampire Clan Draw Next?

So far he has done James Holmes, Dylann Roof, and Ricky Kasso.  Which images below would you like to see him draw?

TJ Lane in his KILLER shirt

David Berkowitz Son of Sam mugshot

Richard Ramirez the Nightstalker in court

Eric and Dylan in the cafeteria 04/20/99

Barry Loukaitis Mugshot

Jared Lee Loughner New York Post Cover

Timothy McVeigh Mugshot

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Rolling Stone Cover

Please vote and wait and see what comes of it…


These two moments are from the same shot. The eerie, old-fashioned girls jumping rope in slow motion give way to the hip trends of 1984.

The rhyme which the little girls are chanting begins in the shot of Tina clutching her crucifix in bed and carries over into this shot, which begins with the jump-rope girls and transitions into the teens discussing the very rhyme the audience just heard:

Tina: “Anyway, I couldn’t get back to sleep last night.”

Nancy: “Sounds like a real boogeyman. One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.”

Tina: “And that’s what it reminded me of, that old jump-rope song.”

This is our gang of unfortunates whose next few days are going to royally suck: Tina, who we’ve met; her delinquent boyfriend Rod; Nancy; and baby Johnny Depp in his first role ever as Nancy’s boyfriend Glen.