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Dating Hollywood Would Include...
  • before you two actually got together he would constantly flirt with you
  • he knows where all the best night life is and would be more than happy to take you to the biggest celebrity parties
  • and he’s super flashy when it comes to dates
  • like he’ll invite you to red carpet events and stuff and be like “look at my s/o!!! look at how great they are!!!!”
  • but he does also like more low key dates where you guys watch 80s action movies or some of his stuff
  • he may talk a big game, but he gets super flustered whenever you kiss him
  • like boy turns bright red it’s really cute
  • he comes up with his own ship name for you two
  • he sends you at least one selfie everyday that says how much he loves you
  • those arms aren’t just for show, he’s pretty strong and hugs from him are super great 10/10
  • on every date he’s a total gentleman
  • he’s always making sure that he looks absolutely perfect for your dates so he can look like the prince you deserve
  • also he definitely likes video games, so he would love playing old, two-player games with you!

also minor spoilers for his psych profile under the cut!

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I'm trying to write a cryptic and confusing story and I want the third person narrator to be as distant as possible, any tips?

Hi Nonnie!

A distant narrator could be anyone from a bystander to some anonymous, faceless figure that never makes an appearance in the story itself, or even God (or an equivalent figure) itself. It all depends on what kind of distance you’re aiming for – distance from the characters and story, or distance from the reader.

If you want the narrator to be distant to the characters and story, I recommend them/it having as little contact with the characters as possible, like the Narrator in The Twilight Zone. 

Originally posted by scrivnomancer

The Narrator, as played by Rod Serling in its first incarnation and several other actors over the years, only had direct contact with the show’s characters once (that I know of. Full disclosure, I haven’t seen all of it). He was always an observer, like a tour guide in a museum, walking us through the episodes, and what transpired in them, like we were watching some sort of nature film or documentary. It gave the events a sense of credibility, like this really did happen in this mysterious fifth dimension.

But if you want the narrator to be distant to the reader, think about it this way: How do you want the story to be told? Do you want to focus on one character and how they move through the story, or show what’s going on in their life, the villain’s, the sidekick’s, the mentor’s, the waitress at the diner who is outside looking in and gives the reader a special insight into what’s going on?

If you’re going for cryptic and confusing, as you’ve said, may I recommend the always beloved and always despised universal omniscient?

It’s a personal favorite of mine, though it’s often loathed by people who hate POV jumping. It’s quite like third person omniscient, except in universal omniscient, the narrator has information none of the characters do. With this, you’re in everyone’s heads and no one’s; the narrator is all of the characters and none of them. This is an excellent opportunity for conflicting information, dramatic irony, and unreliable narration, where even the reader isn’t sure what’s true and what isn’t. You can reveal the narrator to be anyone you want, even someone who was never introduced directly to the main character, or never reveal their identity at all. 

Hell, you, as the author, could be the narrator. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one of your characters.

But a word of warning. If you go the omniscient route, just make sure not to jump between characters too much in one scene; that’s liable to give your readers vertigo.

Best of luck, and happy writing!

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mtmte megatron, tarn, and rodimus's reaction to their human s/o writing them a song and then preforming it for them?

This is so cute?? I love this??? This is all set before #50, but that’s probably obvious lma o

Megatron (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • At first he’s like ??? why would you do this for me I don’t deserve this
  • Will only let you perform the song if it’s in private, he’s very flustered by the notion tbh and doesn’t want the rest of the crew to know
  • Would really appreciate it though, and offer to write song lyrics for any future music you make

Tarn (MTMTE)

  • He’s so flattered holy shit
  • Makes you perform it in front of the entire DJD, even if you’re too embarrassed
  • He’s very proud of you, but will also point out areas of the song he thinks needs improving

Rodimus (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • Rodimus is so touched? That you’d do something like that for him?? He’ll brush it off with a “haha about time someone wrote a song about me hell yeah” but on the inside he’s about to cry from happiness
  • Records you performing and not long after he’s getting it played on all the speaker on the lost light on an indefinite loop
  • Whenever he’s alone and feeling down he listens to the recording. Sometimes he sings along. It makes him feel better
  • Sing a duet with him please he’s begging you
only feels good while moving

aka that gta verse street racing au fic where ryan and geoff have sex on the hood of a car
(aka ryan takes geoff for a ride and then geoff takes ryan for one)
rating: rockin’ out with their cocks out, etc etc
on ao3

“Ray says you can drive,” Geoff comments, so casual it almost throws Ryan off for a second.

“All of us can drive,” Ryan says uncertainly, and that’s true—even Gavin, and there’s a reason they don’t put him in races too often.

But Geoff shakes his head. “No,” he murmurs, and he’s pushing the keys into Ryan’s hand, closing his fingers shut over them. “Ray says you can drive.”

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When Shane drops off Ryan from their first date: Shane: *softly* "You look pretty.." Ryan: "What did you say??" Shane: "Uhh, I said you look shitty! Goodnight Ryan!" (I'm watching Hot Rod lol)

anon you’re a genius and I just turned this into a set of incorrect quotes, if you want me to add your credit to the post just drop me your url!!!

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Anon with his “everything that can go wrong with the injection” list. Here you go, if you’re still interested in it. Some are more plausible than others, I really tried to think about everything that has the slightest chance of happening, and I’m pretty sure some more will come to my mind later. No particular order in the list. My apologies for any mistake, I’m not a native English speaker : 1) It only works on people somehow related to titans (like Eren with his father or Historia with the 1/6

(Anon, I reformatted your asks for readability. I hope that’s ok)

From my anon: 

The “everything that can go wrong with the injection” list

  1. It only works on people somehow related to titans (like Eren with his father or Historia with the First King) so neither Erwin nor Armin can be saved
  2. It only works with children/youngsters, so Erwin cannot be saved. In the case Erwin is injected, either it won’t work at all or it won’t work properly (see Rod Reiss), so the serum will be wasted. 
  3. They take so long to decide who will be injected that Bertolt recovers and manages to get himself out of here
  4. The serum is “out of date” and doesn’t work anymore
  5. Something in the injection goes wrong and the person ends up like Rod Reiss. Bonus of horror ‘cause the others will then have to kill him.
  6. It doesn’t work on people so near to death (until now, those who have been injected have always been healthy). 
  7. The syringe breaks for whatever reason
  8. The memories that (maybe) will come with the ability make the injected person change camps or change character so much that he becomes nearly useless 
  9. In case Armin is injected : his skin/organs are too damaged for the serum to work.
  10. The injected person has some kind of rejection reaction, like there is sometimes for vaccines and the serum doesn’t work and/or kills the person.
  11. Assuming the serum and injection worked, the hungry titan it will produce may attack someone else than Bertolt (there’s two shifters nearby right now, plus the others) 
  12. For whatever reason, the injected person stays a mindless titan 
  13. Zeke suddenly understands what they’re trying to do and manages to steal the serum before it’s injected or kills the titan it made because I don’t think he would want another enemy titan shifter.
  14. There is a particular WAY of injecting, not known to the SC, so it doesn’t work (but I’m really not sure about this).
  15. Bertolt dies for whatever reason before someone is injected. If a living shifter is needed to make a titan regain human form, that would be the end of the hope. Not sure of that, thought. I like to entertain the idea that if a shifter uses his titan form too much and is heavily injured while he is exhausted (which Bertolt probably is), he might die if further wounds are inflicted upon him (like the slice in the neck Eren just inflicted him). But I don’t know if that’s really possible, so…
  16. And another random thought that just came to my mind: if it works and if Bertolt gets eaten, please imagine the state of mind of the poor newly-made shifter that will have to keep in mind he ate another human being, even if that being was the enemy. Sorry for the extra long ask 
  17. Zeke can control the new titan and use it to fight the Survey Corps

Thank you, anon! This is great and I really appreciate you putting it together and keeping it straight across six asks. It’s also a bit miraculous that tumblr delivered them all because that normally doesn’t happen.

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I think that your comparison of Zeke to Rod for not saving Bertolt is too harsh considering that 1: Eren would have killed Bertolt if Zeke tried to rescue him and 2. If he was truly heartless he would not have risked saving Reiner with Levi potentially being on his trail. Not that Zeke isn't a bad guy, but he wasn't cowardly like Rod was. -Magical Clothes

Hey Magical Clothes! It’s been awhile :)

Maybe I was a bit harsh. Let me compare…

I get what you are saying, but everything about Zeke points to him being a bully. In chapter 77, when Reiner hesitated to follow orders, Zeke mentioned killing him as casually as most parents would talk about sending their kids to bed without dinner. He’s shown no compassion for anyone, certainly not Annie. And let’s not forget he’s “war chief” of a village that sends 12 year olds to commit mass murder.

Abandoning Bert was sentencing him to death. He rescued Reiner because he needed a soldier. Rather than express concern for Reiner or his injuries, he smugly calls him “a lucky bastard”.

I believe the teaser that closed the chapter, “AN ADULT’S HEARTLESS DECISION WILL CRUELLY ROB THE LIFE OF A CHILDHOOD FRIEND…” refers to Zeke’s heartlessness. Reiner is going to lose Bert because of it. 

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I remember forever ago you said there would be a connection with the Weather Wizard lightning rod discussion and Westallen. But it's Cisco, so he's going to bring him back?? I'm a little confused :-/

Yeah I did. They are laying the groundwork well and now it’s approaching my fingers and toes are crossed because I want it to so badly. 

Here’s the summary: 

Cisco in 2x09: “We could just map out those fluctuations to pinpoint his location, removing all the electricity from his immediate surroundings, attracting it to one spot, the same way a lighting rod does.”

That’s what Cisco did on the rooftop, so that Barry could be struck by lightning again. However, now Barry is trapped in the Speedforce. From the promo it’s clear they need Cisco to Vibe and figure out Barry’s whereabouts.

Wells in 2x21: “Your brainwave sends the necessary data to pinpoint whatever corner of the universe Barry is stuck in”

Finding him is only half the problem. There has to be something to bring him back and here is where Iris hopefully comes into it.

In the comics Barry is able to pinpoint Iris’ location and like a lightning rod, he is able to ground himself by focusing on her, attracting him to that one spot, wherever she is. 

That’s how we’re all hoping he gets out of the Speedforce.


There is no real “good” or “bad” in this series. There are many ways it shows what it means to be human instead, the negative and positive traits. So painting BRA, EMA or any other of the fractions as “the real villains” or “evil ones” is missing the point, yet I see it done all the time. Remember, humanizing a character doesn’t mean excusing their actions!

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If Roderich were a woodcutter, he would be Chopin a lot of wood.