rocs laugh

So at the meet & greet it was a gay dude in front of me and I think Roc was his favorite so he tried to hug Roc but Roc dapped him up from a distance and Ray was fucking dying . & Roc was laughing too. That shit was comical. The day dude had a shit eating grin on his face. It was sooo many dudes at the South Bend concert.

Heart: Last night guys Alycat and Roc literally had me in tears at Soph's bakery 😂

So apparently the new fixation these two lovies have is ordering a large jar of brown sugar I don’t know what they call those things, and like put a huge blob of whip cream on top and eat it straight out the jar. *shakes head softly* I’m sure it taste good but…it looks weird when they’re done cause they look like human creampuffs *giggles* Usually Soph makes it for them but this time she was out so they had to ask the person working the front and she didn’t understand what they were describing. Lay explained it almost 4 different ways guys *laughs* and Roc was damn near close to choking the lady out! So they did what any other frustrated pregnant craving woman does. You ready? They both started crying. Nope I kid you not they did *nods with a big grin* The lady got even more confused. So in solidarity cause I’m standing behind them watching, I joined in guys *sighs* I had to force my eyes to death to cry for them so we all didn’t look funny. But…that only freaked the lady out more *laughs* She just left her post and went to the back leaving us there

Because it’s Roc we can laugh at his stupidity and shake our head at his mistakes from afar. Let Roc had been someone I know, a cousin, a brother, a friend or just someone I know to care about personally I would slap the dog shit out of him for fighting over something that petty. That man could have had a gun and the situation would’ve ended a whole lot differently.

Christmas Morning (Roc Royal Imagine)

You’re married to Roc with 2 kids Miranda: 10 years old and Jason: 14 years old

You: *still in bed*

Roc: *Taps you* Bae…….

You: *Still in bed*

Roc: *taps you a little harder* Baeee..

You: *snores and turns*

Roc: Uh and she says I snore

Miranda: *comes in the room* ITS CHR——

Roc: *finger to mouth* SHHH..your moms sleeping…wait go get your brother and we will meet in the kitchen. ……

Miranda & Jason: *sitting down on the stools*

Roc: *stands behind the counter* Ok operation wake up mom for Christmas morning.

Jason: *leaning back in the chair* dad don’t get us in trouble, because last year you sure did

Miranda: *Nods*

Roc: Yeah Yeah Yeah, that’s last year. but today we are going to wake her up…differently

Miranda & Jason: *look at each other* maybe that’s not a good idea

Roc: : ok so would you rather wait for mom to wake up..which would be at like 2:00pm or wake up mom and open presents.

Jason & Miranda: Wake up mom.

Roc: okay then stop complaining. Now we’re going to wake her up.

Miranda: how?

Roc: ok so you Miranda, your going to go in me and your mom room and make sure you turn up the volume on the radio all the way before you turn it on. Jason you’re going to get to pots and pans and when Miranda is about to turn the radio on you bang the pot and then she turns the radio on.

Jason: Mom is going to kill us

Miranda: yup

Roc: as I say again would you rather wait for mom to wake—

Jason & Miranda: we know we know we said wake up mom

Roc: okay now get in position warrior. Miranda and Jason gets in their spot, upstairs.

Roc: *outside the door* 1 two 3 The loud music and banging of the pots began.

You: o.0 *sits up* STOP!!! *breathing hard* The loud music stops, but not the banging pans.

You: *angry*JASON!!

Jason: o.0 *run out the room*

You: *evil eyeing roc*

Roc: *hands up in surrender and backing up* well you see…it was Miranda’s idea!

Miranda: No it wasn’t!

Roc: *runs out*

You: *laughing* wow like father like son.

Miranda: well mom can we open present now? *smiling*

You: Yes sweetie pie just let me get dress…Im going to kill Roc