The 3 45 rocords sherry walk like a man and grease were new and big hits when i bought them…music and the artist of these records and cds have come a long ways and they are very talented and were brought together by the jersey boys musical bio……they are still singing great and stronger than ever. i wanted to share this…some of you may not know waht aa 45 rmp record looks like so i wanted to share


Eltham Palace is a former royal palace in south-east England. Eltham, once rural, is now surrounded by the south-east London suburbs.

The old de Vesci manor was rebuilt between 1295 and 1311 by Bishop Bek of Durham, who bequeathed it to Prince Edward, later Edward II, from whom it passed to Queen Isabella.

She made additions to it under the supervision of Michael of Canterbury. Before 1360 Edward III spent over £2500 on new buildings; by this time Eltham had a great hall, chambers and chapels for the king and queen, a court and a ‘long chamber’, all moated and walled.

Eltham remained popular with Richard II, who added a ‘dancing chamber’, an outer court and further accommodation.

The great hall was built for Edward IV in the 1470s for court dining, entertaining and receptions. Its magnificent oak roof is an elaborate ‘false hammer-beam’ construction, with the short vertical posts morticed into the ends of the arch-braced horizontal hammer-beams. Curved wind-braces give strength to the roof trusses. There is evidence that the roof was once partly gilded: it also contained a louvre, ventilating an open hearth in the centre of the floor. Intending the great hall to be used as a music room a minstrels’ gallery was added at one end

King Henry VII who resided much in Eltham, and as appears by the rocords in the Office of Arms, most commonly dined in the great hall, rebuild the front of the palace in the west side.

Stained glass was added to the hall windows in 1936 by George Kruger Gray. The roundels depict the badges of Edward IV, and the glass in the bay windows depicts some of the great owners of the palace, from Bishop Odo to Edward IV and his queen, Elizabeth Woodville.

Hoy recordé lo que se siente tener el corazón herido; lo que duele, lo que arde, y como quema todo el interior haber perdido, incluso sin haber fallado. Recordé cuanto se desea la muerte, porque parece menos doloroso a lo que se está sintiendo. Recordé cuantas lágrimas se derraman, cuantas veces los puños golpean contra en suelo, y cuantas veces se cuestiona al creador el porque de esta desgracia. Recordé lo que se siente sonreír para disimular, Y hablar sin parar para no llorar. Pero llega un momento… Uno en el cual todo cambia; un momento en el que las piezas se acomodan solas, y todas las preguntas tienen respuestas, llega un momento en que sin esperarlo tu vida recobra todo sentido, y de repente ya hay alguien robandote suspiros, provocando sonrisas y creando sueños, llega el momento donde te sientes tan amada que ya no importa nada, la vida ya te ha pagado su mala jugada.
—  ¿Quién eres tú?, Abby Mendoza.