Many thanks to a certain two people for rekindling my passion for this ship!!! Q___Q I’m gonna start making more material for them more often now, hopefully… They’re really underappreciated, which I guess is partially blamable on a lot of Rococo’s screentime getting cut.

sakumajirouu asked:

The pairing 3 sentence thing: RocoNatsu, AU: rapunzel vuv

Rococo had no idea how to treat the mysterious long-haired young woman he had just rescued; she had an air of regalia, but having been cooped away in a tower all her life she explored the forest with a subdued but still-evident childlike curiosity, and all he could really do was watch over her from a short distance away. The glint in her eyes made it all the more obvious she wanted to ask about all these strange new things, but was too shy (or proud) to do so herself. Her companion only briefly considered he might be bothering her if he spoke as she stared at a particular tree, but finally chuckled softly to himself as he approached and asked, “Want me to pick one of those fruit for you?“