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Marie Antoinette Darling Charming

FINALLY!! After sitting on my sketchbook for weeks I finally got the time to publish this drawing of Darling Charming as Marie Antoinette. A couple of things here: I’m so happy with the expression of her face, it’s exactly how I pictured her in my mind! Her hand, on the other side, well I simply fucked it up. I will fix that if I ever make this digital. I might color her some time in the future.


One of her friends wrote: “She did not stop crying. For six months, a deep sadness, great sufferings without certain causes weakened her each day more.”A last blow hit her when they were forced to announce to her this horrible news: on October, 16th, 1793, Marie-Antoinette had been beheaded in Paris. This was the true beginning of Madame de Polignac’s agony. She could not survive the queen, and she herself died on December, 9th, 1793, one month and a half, precisely, after her friend.