Life is full of changes of all kinds. some are small and we dont even realize it has happened, some are huge and just hit us in the face. the best thing i have ever gotten, from God, the universe or whatever unseen power there is in this world came to me by the two most beautiful people i have ever met in my life.  were we destined? was it that we new each other in the past. i dont know. what i do know is i love them both so very much, and i would do anything for them, iincluding sacrificing myself to save them. all i want to do is be there for them, put a smile on their faces and know that they are happy.

These two women are the most beautiful people i have ever had the pleasure of getting to know, both inside and out. my hope is to know them long after i die. and to continue to build a relationship that not even fire could destroy. i hope that not only i can make them happy everyday but that in life in general they will find a peace and a happiness and deep love with their other half. my hope is that they know every morning to use the breath they have recieved, not to disregard the chance they have at a beautiful and just awesome day ahead. take every breath like it was the last one and enjoy everything.