Justice Party - Liberal? Conservative?

Justice Party - Liberal? Conservative?

I believe that we can all help make a better world together, individually and collectively. I believe in the equal application of the laws, rather than the two-tiered system of justice promoted by Bush and Obama (and Congress and the courts when they dismiss cases on the grounds of the state secrets doctrine). I believe in not burdening later generations with our reckless spending and that it is outrageous to spend trillions of dollars (and it will be trillions after interest on our borrowings for the wars has been paid) for unnecessary, disastrous wars and, while they are being fought, giving massive tax cuts to the wealthy. I believe that government has a vital role to play in improving education, maintaining and improving our infrastructure, providing transit opportunities, and building peaceful relations with other nations. I also believe that government – particularly in the U.S. – has a vital duty to provide international leadership to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate disruption. If my fighting for the restoration of the rule of law and the bolstering of our most fundamental constitutional values makes me a conservative, a liberal, or a patriot, you can use whatever term you like.



My questions/response: 

I guess, I’ve been living behind a rock, and/ or I’m having a hard time reading between the lines. I mean, could you instead, maybe, list a few fundamental philosophical, or political, doctrines (other than the constitution) that you believe have shaped your political ideology? I have a feeling that I am getting what this is all about (and I like it), but I think we (I) need to know a little more about which side of the spectrum this party is coming out of; this is a party, right? And by restoration of law, I guess, I hope, we mean reformation of law? 

What I hope this platform represents is a very social alternative to the right-winged free-market libertarianism, represented by Ron Paul and his supporters.Where I am getting confused at is whether, or not, the message of this party is a radical one made with moderate slogans, or a moderate message spiced up with with hints of radicalism (the latter being something we dealt with in 2008).  And, I’m very confused about the American’s Elect, is that a completely different party?

Regardless, I like the attempts being made to introduce more opinions into the nation’s political discourse. 

I’d like to hear anyone’s comments on this.