Chit Chat Time with Viktor (Lackadaisy)

Been a long while since a Lackadaisy video, huh.  But how could I NOT adapt this one.

Original comic from Lackadaisy by Tracy Butler

Tracy voiced by professormorriarty

Viktor and Rocky voiced by me

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5qui99l3 said:

I think “who was phone” in your Viktor Vasko voice would be hilarious, don’t you agree?

Apologies to Tracy Butler.  Everything about this is CLEARLY anachronistic, especially the term MAKING OUT, but shh, shh, that’s okay.

Viktor and Rocky are characters from the webcomic Lackadaisy, and if you haven’t read it, you really should.

The original creepypasta can be read along here.


Lackadaisy Sophistry Fandub

It seems like once a year, I have to sit down and make another Lackadaisy video.  When I saw this particular comic though, I knew it was my destiny to make it a video.  Plus, it has Mordecai, c'mon.

Original comic by the spectacular Tracy J. Butler

All voices and editing by me

A quicky before bed of Rocky Rickaby from @lackadaisycats. Someone requested him as he was on the most recent page ((Actually they asked for Both Rocky and Freckle but I only had time for this guy)). The head would he has makes me uncomfortable but for very specific reasons. 

Man, it has been a long time since I attempted one of the lackadaisy characters haha. They’re a big reason why I draw the way I do. Still love this comic. 

Happy Birthday! …With Extra Syrup -Skidar

Happy Birthday to Tracy Butler! She’s such a huge inspiration for me, her tutorials on comic making, layout, expressions and digital painting are wonderful and she blesses the internet with every sketch she shares. I love her characters and her art and her amazing detail and perspective and she inspires me to try to improve all the time.

So Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one!

Anonymous said:
“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to– especially since you’re probably really frigging busy, but a sketch of human Rocky would be nice. It doesn’t have to be glamorous; I’ll love it anyway even if it looks like a clustershuck of spaghetti noodles. I just got my test results and I could seriously use some of Rocky’s chipper mood.”

Chin up. 



Everything about this comic is golden.

Original comic by Tracy J. Butler

Voiced and edited by me

Once, an enterprising group of idiots opportunists forewent the usual underground courtesy of street-relegated fights and backroom deals and decided to take the Lackadaisy by its storefront. It was after hours, and Atlas suspected that the poor saps had thought themselves lucky when they saw only little Ivy Pepper and the noodle-limbed violinist sitting in the stalls for an early dinner.When an unarmed Viktor came in from the garage a moment after the first man had drawn a gun at Ivy,they maybe took a look at their guns and their greater numbrs and thought their luck had diminished only by a little.

But then Viktor picked up the umbrella.

Okay, so I had the flowers, and the umbrella, and the pancakes, and a confused looking Viktor looking at Ivy and Rocky’s hiding place, and guns. Sorry I didn’t fit in bangarang and ski goggles.

Just some art for Tracy, since I haven’t drawn Lackadaisy fan art in a while, and she is an awesome person.


A fan animated one of the Lackadaisy posts I did, and it’s dope.  Check it out.

Animation by Athena Castro

Lackadaisy is by Tracy Butler

Voices by me