Repeating Days

You’re looking right in my eyes
And I know that you’re lying
When you say that you’re mine
And there’s nobody else.

But even when we fight
I can’t stop from loving you,
You know we can’t be friends
I can see is how it ends

Things that you say,
I can’t erase.
Repeating days,
Is all the same.

Driving home my mend heart,
Broken pictures on the floor.
And when I thought that it was over
I see you standing at the door

I’m looking right in your eyes
And you know that I’m lying
When I say that I’m fine
There’ll be somebody

Yes but after all this time
I can’t stop from loving you
And you know we can’t be friends
Can I taste your lips again?

Things that you say,
I can’t erase
Repeating days,
Is all the same.

R5 questions

Idk I’m bored, so send me a number and I’ll answer the question!

  1. How did you discover R5?
  2. What was your first reaction of them?
  3. First song of theirs you heard?
  4. Who was your original fav?
  5. Who is your fav now?
  6. What’s your all time favourite song of theirs?
  7. What song are you most looking forward to from the new album?
  8. Have you ever seen them live? If so, where?
  9. Have you ever met them?
  10. Who, in your opinion, has the best singing voice?
  11. Who, in your opinion, has the most annoying quirks?
  12. Do you have any friends in the R5family?
  13. What would you call the band if it wasn’t named R5?
  14. Do you read fanfictions about the band?
  15. What about smut?
  16. Do you ship Rydellington? 
  17. Do you ship Rourtney?
  18. Do you ship Rikvannah?
  19. Do you ship Ryvannah?
  20. Do you think you’ll always be a member of the R5family?

1. Kiss me through the computer (if you don’t know where this is from do yourself a favor and watch the interview with clevver)
2. *strums guitar* Rydellington is reaaaallllllllll
4. Middle Part
6. Riker still loves pirates of the Caribbean
7. Smile
8. Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight
10. Oh Shit, My Backpack’s Gone!
11. Rydellington is reaaaallllllllll (reprise)
12. Ellington Lynch: guest of Ryker Lynch
13. Remember when Ross broke the couch
14. *Ross voice* I would be a pilot