Reasons why R5 should come to Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • There’s literally a street called Ross street
  • They could change the lyrics in Cali Girls to Hali girls
  • They could visit Citidel Hill
  • If Vanni came with them, she could teach a yoga class at Point Pleasant Park
  • There’s lots of trees and playground equipment that Ryland could climb
  • I think they’d like this: there’s a thing called The Oval which is a skating rink in the winter, and in the summer it’s for rollerblading
  • The Scotia Bank Centre (the venue) is nice and small - good for being close with the fans
  • There’s cool museums and a science centre they could visit
  • They’ve never been here before
  • People who live in NB or PEI could drive for only 3 hours to see/meet them
  • Downtown Halifax is right on the harbor, so they could go on a ferry ride and/or a boat tour
  • It would be a new place for them to visit
  • Fans who may have never seen/met them before would get the opportunity to do so

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