Boyfriend Rocky

  • Ahem let me grab some tissues 
  • Thats my bias list wrecker right there 
  • At first he’s all shy to talk to you and shit bc he prolly never had a crush before and he just stutters like hell just at the thought of you
  • You’re like Sanha’s friend or idk
  • And he first sees you with him 
  • And hes like oh wow who dis
  • He has a big mouth and kinda tells sanha 
  • And pretty much everyone else 
  • Then Sanha starts bringing you to hang out with the boys
  • Just to get you with rocky ofc lol 
  • But he’s so nervous to confess 
  • And is just nervous in general when he’s with you 
  • Like the boys start to bug him bc he’s talking too long wtf 
  • But they bug him more and probably drag him towards you and be like “he’s got something to tell you” and run away laughing bc Satan’s children 
  • He’s all flustered omg 
  • And you just smile at him like “what is it?”
  • He shuts his eyes tight, “will you– w-WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?” 
  • He blurts out so nervously that his voice cracks LOL 
  • You say yes ofc and you guys start dating 
  • What did we have before? Embarassed rocky? Not anymore
  • In fact it may be the other way round with you being the embarassed one bc he legit dances anywhere anytime
  • He’s so hyper and cheesy and playful someone stop this kid 
  • Like if you go to the amusement park
  • And that would be often 
  • He’d literally drag you with him on every game even those scary af ones bc he doesn’t give a fuck and finds everything fun
  • Calls you jagi yeobo baby babe honey and every pet name that exists
  • Skinship skinship and more skinship 
  • he can’t survive without clinging onto you 
  • He’s basically a koala
  • Kisses cheek kisses neck kisses forehead kisses and more 
  • He just has to touch you
  • Like even when youre just sitting in a waiting room or idk he’d be fiddling with your fingers 
  • Abs flashing holy shit 
  • Like you never knew he did have any bc he’s a squishy lil ball of squish 
  • But apparently he does and it’s hot 
  • Teases you the whole time 
  • “Honestly jagi dont you feel burdened that im too handsome? I mean all girls are all over me and i might look at one of the–”
  • “minhYUK STOP”
  • “Hahaha I’m kidding jagi you know i only look at you”
  • Possessive af when the other boys spend time with you 
  • “Hey hey hey hands off my property”
  • Dances to you ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE
  • like legit everywhere
  • In the house on the streets in the park on the waiting line
  • Writes rap about you
  • Sometimes even sings with his holy graced voice
  • And feels really embarrassed after 
  • You beg him to do aegyo bc he likes to appear cool 
  • But you just want to eat him when he acts cute 
  • Choreographs special dances for your birthday 
  • Ice cream dates 
  • Just lots of them
  • His hypeness is contagious
  • And the hyungs have trouble controlling you guys 
  • You’re the happy viruses of the group 
  • He makes you happy and you make him happy and you’re just a really really happy cute couple
Astro[Rocky]- Dating profile
  • Ideal Type:

Someone who is loving, fun and silly

  • How they act around their crush:

Rocky and you have been best friends for a while so you guys would just act silly and weird *The Gif*

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  • Confession:

You and Rocky were walking out of the Ice cream parlor and were arguing about the most silly thing when he looked at you and smiled and stopped walking.

“Y/n there is something that I have been wanting to tell you”

“Ya what is it?”

“I have liked you for a while and I want to know if you would like to go on a date with me”

“I would love to Rocky”

  • First Date:

You and Rocky were best friends for a while so you guys decided to keep it simple so you guys went to a movie and then some Ice cream 

  • Regular Date:

Ice cream dates, Movie Dates, Cuddle Dates, Lazy Dates, TV/ Movie Marathons dates

  • Next Steps:

Sex- 9 months
Parents- 5 months
Moving in- 2 ½ years
Marriage- 4 years

  • PDA:

Rocky would do PDA all the time. He did not care much about what people thought. Sometimes he would do PDA and not even noticed he did

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  • Pet Names:

Jagi, Honey, Baby

  • Who says ‘I love you’ first:

You and Rocky were texting because you guys have not seen each other for a while when you thought it was the right time to finally say it.

“I love you” You both texted at the same time

“Wait I said it first” Rocky said

“No I did” You said and then you both started fighting about it

  • Anniversary/Birthday Gifts:
  • Often gifts:

Flowers, Sweet little notes, Candy, Matching clothing

  • Behavior:

Around others-

You guys are silly, Weird, cuddly and loud


You guys are more cuddly and romantic around each other

  • Pros

You guys always end up wearing onesies, You guy scan always cat as weird and silly around each other

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  • Cons

You guys can not talk everyday, You guys don’t really know if you guys are being silly or serious if you are mad at each other


~Admin Rosie

Enough // Park Minhyuk


the prompt: Hi!! Would you be able to write a fic of Rocky x chubby!reader? Something fluffy with a tiny bit of angst? Thank you!! I love your writing by the way!!

words: 1725

category: angst + fluff

author note: you asked for a tiny bit of angst and ya girl disobeyed and wrote half of the scenario in angst. hopefully the nice fluff at the end will make up for it?? please enjoy anyway!!

- destinee

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When you are best friends with Rocky and you two like to do a lot of skinship

Thanks for requesting~ I really hope you like this and if not, please tell me~ ^^

I REALLY HAD A HARD TIME CHOOSING OMG I WANTED TO DO THIS OF MJ BUT LIKE ROCKY??? I’LL DO AN MJ SCENARIO LATER T-T ah this idea is so cute i died a few times while writing this oh lord TuT i feel like this could be better though… it was hard to stuff fluff in here idk >< tell me what you though about this! >< I REALLY LOVE THE IDEA!

Words: 1102

Fluff like not in a really romantic way idek

Requested by @goddammitdanyul ♥

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You gave Minhyuk a look. ”Are you challenging me?” you asked, eyeing the basketball in his hands.

“You said it, not me,” he grinned and bounced the ball a few times.

ASTRO didn’t have any schedules on that day so you were hanging out with them. You didn’t even know how you had befriended the idols, it just… happened? One day you met them and the other you were already friends. It had been really easy to befriend them even though they were idols. They were really easygoing and nice and at the moment they didn’t have much to do besides practice.

You tugged Bin’s sleeve. “Help me.”

He looked at you and then at Minhyuk. “Nah, I think you’re going to have to deal with him on your own.”

You let out a sigh and turned to Minhyuk. “Get ready to get your ass beaten,” you threatened him while slowly approaching him.

“Oh, yeah?” he looked amused. “Just like last time when you almost cried over the fact that I won?”

You frowned. “I did not.”

“Whatever,” he grinned. “The one who scores ten points first wins.”

“What’s the prize?” you asked.

“A piggyback ride to the convenience store nearby.”

“Call,” you agreed.

You lost. It was a close match though, you almost won.

Minhyuk grinned widely when he hopped on your back. You let out a heavy sigh before you seven walked - well, basically it was six since Minhyuk wasn’t walking - to the nearest convenience store to buy something to drink.

Once you got there, Minhyuk got off your back and you all disappeared to different aisles, trying to decide what to buy. You went straight to the drinks aisle.

“What are you going to get?” a pair of arms wrapped around your shoulders from behind.

“I don’t know,” you said. “You?” you asked him - who was none other than Minhyuk.

“Hmm,” he hummed, looking at the shelf filled with soft drinks. “Fanta. Want to share?” he asked.

“I don’t really feel like drinking Fanta,” you stated. “I’m not too thirsty anyway, so I guess I’ll just save my money for another time.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, letting go of you and getting a small bottle of Fanta from the shelf. You nodded and you two went over to the others who were already waiting at the cashier.

“If I didn’t know you two, I’d believe you are dating,” Jinwoo said as you all paid for your stuff and left the store. Minhyuk had his arm around your waist and that wasn’t unusual at all. You were surprised pictures of situations like these weren’t all over the internet. No one knew about you and ASTRO being friends and you were really surprised by that. They did wear masks and hoods, caps or beanies when you were hanging out outside the company building so that was probably the reason no one had caught you yet. Even you had a hard time telling them apart when they were “in their disguise”.

“I know them and I still think they are secretly dating,” Sanha stated and you and Minhyuk just chuckled in response.

“How was your week, by the way?” Dongmin asked you. “Did anything happen?”

You shook your head. “Nope.”

“Must be nice…” Sanha sighed. “You have so much free time… I’m jealous.”

“You should be grateful for what you have,” Minhyuk poked him with his free arm.

“I am!” Sanha rubbed his arm. “It’s just that it sounds so nice to have a lot of free time…”

The others agreed with him but you knew they were all grateful for what they had.

“Are you going to go practice in the evening?” you asked them after a brief silence.

“We probably have to,” Jinwoo said, taking a sip out of the Cola Myungjun had bought.

“Are you going to come to the practice room too?” Minhyuk asked you.

“Would you mind me coming?”

Everyone shook their head. “Of course not.”

You laughed at the way the guys warmed up before starting practice. They danced to girl group songs, played around and laughed a lot. You were happy to see them enjoying themselves. That was until they started practicing seriously. Their smiles faded away - though at times they flashed a cheeky smile after doing a small mistake - and their expressions were serious. You admired them from the side.

They are so cool…

You were very grateful and happy about the fact that you had met them. It’s not like you couldn’t live without them - actually, life without them did sound a little frightening now that you thought about it - but you were thankful that they were around. You had your own lives, they had their idol lives and you had your normal, sometimes boring life. Still, meeting each other every now and then was always just as fun and refreshing. They were almost like a source of energy for you and they thought the same about you. You cheered each other up.

“Should we take a break?” Bin asked, panting heavily after they had gone through their new song’s tiring choreography a few times.

Everyone agreed to a five-minute break. They grabbed their bottles of water and sat or lied down to catch their breath. Minhyuk came over to you and sat down next to you on the floor.

“How many weeks do you have left until the comeback?” you asked him.

“Three,” he drank some water. “What do you think? Were we terrible?”

You chuckled. “Not at all.”

“Looking from here,” Sanha said from the other side of the room, making you two look at him. “It totally looks like you two are dating.”

“Oh, shut up,” Minhyuk threw him with the small towel he had been holding and Sanha laughed.

You two were sitting opposite the mirrored wall of the practice room. You looked at the reflection of you and Minhyuk. He was leaning on you like he always did. It wasn’t uncomfortable or annoying, you actually liked it. But seeing your reflection from the mirror made you feel a little weird about it.

“What is it?” Minhyuk asked when you weren’t saying anything.

“Nothing,” you smiled and looked away from the mirror.

You liked the fact that you two were so close. Minhyuk always treated you nicely and you liked hanging out with him and the others. Even though you were best friends, you couldn’t help but wonder… Did Minhyuk treat all his friends like he treated you or was there possibly something behind all the skinship he did with you?

Boyfriend Minhyuk
  • watching him dance in the studio then pulling you to the middle of the floor and making you dance with him
  • him grumbling but secretly liking it when you interrupt him dancing
  • “oo y/n, what are you doing here?”
  • “i missed you”
  • *pretends to be all huffy and puffy but smiles when his back is turned to you*
  • sleeping at the studio with him
  • ^ including cuddling for warmth
  • just smiling and observing him dance
  • carries things for you into the apartment like groceries and bags and stuff bc he doesn’t want you to get hurt
  • gets butterflies when he sees you walk into the room
  • “how are you?”
  • “g-good..!”
  • dongmin ends up doing it for him
  • “hey.. minhyuk wants to know if you want to go out with him”
  • “wha-”
  • his natural hands are  either always placed around your shoulder or your waist, there is no other place
  • when he warms up to you, he’ll start to randomly visit you and randomly surprise you with coffee and wRAP HIS ARMS AROUND YOUR TORSO AND CLASP HIS HANDS TOGETHER AND KISS YOUR NECK WHILE TELLING HIM HOW MUCH HE LOVES YOU
  • standing over your shoulder and watching your nimble fingers text him while he’s standing right there without your knowledge
  • likes to kiss your hand then your jawline
  • cleaning WITHOUT you having to ask
  • coming home to food already on the table
  • “you cooked?!”
  • “mmm” just as he slides out your chair for you
  • chivalry is absolutely not dead while dating minhyuk if you haven’t noticed
  • minhyuk always trying to pay for food when you two dine out
  • buying you balloons, stuffed animals, and toys when you two are at a carnival
  • “y/n, here!”
  • “hm?”
  • *he kisses you on the cheek*
  • he’ll always keep an eye on you even when you’re not together like texting your parents and your friends just to make sure you’re safe
  • him watching you sleep and thinking about how much he loves you
  • never taking it to the next step without your full understanding and permission
  • him messing with your hair like dragging it across your face randomly and playing with it
  • helping him style his own hair
  • minhyuk flipping through channels on the tv as you fall asleep laying on his chest
  • him then carrying you to bed and laying you down as softly as he can so he makes sure to not wake you up
  • waking up to him dancing in the living room
  • “good morning y/n!”
  • you just leaning against the doorframe of your bedroom in his oversized clothes and just smiling at how lucky you are to be with someone that cares as much as he does about you
Mystery Snack Dealer // Park Minhyuk


the prompt: I’d love to see something with a teacher!au where he (preferably rocky) sneaks into your room during his free period and leaves you cute snacks in the faculty room fridge and eventually your students start to push the two of you to actually date

words: 5273

category: lots of fluff and minimal angst

author note: this is my submission for the aroha fic exchange! to whoever’s request this is, i hope you enjoy it!

– destinee

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[PART 2] When you are best friends with Rocky and you two like to do a lot of skinship

Thank you so much for requesting ^^ I might have done this even if no one requested it but I’m glad you did! I hope this is enjoyable and please tell me what you think about it~ ^^

[PART 1] 

i’m sorry i made you wait this long! >< i really wanted to post this earlier but never actually did, I’M SO SORRY SWEETIE 

Words: 1902

Fluff with slight angst i guess, it’s light but it’s there y’all

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by asterocky

A pair of arms wrapped around your waist from behind, making you flinch a little.

“Oh,” Minhyuk let go immediately after you flinched. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“It’s okay,” you said, trying to keep your voice stable. Your heart was beating fast and you turned back to look at the noodles that were boiling in the pot that was on the stove.

“Looks good,” he beamed, looking at the noodles. “You always make the best noodles _____.”

You glanced at him and smiled a little. “Thanks.”

“Is food ready yet?” Myungjun asked from the living room of the dorm, that was also ASTRO’s dining area due to lack of space and you could see into the kitchen from the living room.

“Just a few minutes,” you told him, stirring the noodles in the pot.

The members took out plates, cutlery, and glasses and took them into the living room. They laid them all on the small table there and came back into the kitchen to get drinks.

“What do you want to drink _____?” Jinwoo asked, holding the fridge’s door open.

You turned to look at him. “Just water tha-“ you stopped mid-sentence when you felt immense pain in your hand. You turned around and pulled your hand away from the hot stove with a frown. “Ouch,” you hissed at the pain and moved to the sink straight away.

“Are you okay?” Jinwoo asked immediately, hurrying over to you. You opened the faucet and held your hand under the cold water. “Were you badly burnt?” he asked, standing next to you while looking at your hand.

“I don’t know,” you felt your hand shake a little under the icy water. “But it did hurt a lot.”

“What’s going on?” Minhyuk came into the kitchen and was confused when he saw you two standing side by side at the sink.

“_____ burnt herself,” Jinwoo told him, making Minhyuk hurry over at the speed of light.

“What? What happened?” he asked and you felt him put his hand on your back gently.

Normally you wouldn’t have noticed small things like that. Now you did, however. You had been paying attention to the amount of skinship Minhyuk did with you for a few weeks already. Before that, you had never thought much about it but the thought of him maybe having feelings for you made you see the skinship in a new light. Now the skinship felt weird and it made your heart flutter so much that you felt like you would pass out.  

“Should we go to the hospital?” Dongmin asked after all the members had gathered in the kitchen.

“It’s not that bad,” you said. “It’s just a small one. I know how to treat it.”


“I’m fine, really,” you cut Bin off. “It doesn’t look bad and it’ll be fine if I keep a clean bandage over it or something.”

The members were worried but didn’t want to force you to go to the hospital, so you just stayed in the dorm and ate the noodles that were now a little overcooked.

There was a knock on the door. “_____?” Minhyuk’s voice called your name and he opened the door a little to peek in.

“Hmm?” you hummed, sitting on his bed. “What is it?” you asked and put your phone down.

“Are you really okay?” he asked and came in, closing the door behind him. He came to sit down next to you.

“Yeah,” you smiled.

“Does it hurt?” he asked and grabbed your hand gently, making sure he wouldn’t touch the burn.

“It does,” you admitted. “But I’ve had worse pain so this doesn’t feel too bad. I’ll be okay.”

He leaned closer and rested his forehead on your shoulder, leaning on you. “I’m glad you’re okay,” he said quietly.

You felt your heart beat fast and you were getting nervous. He noticed you fidgeting a little.

“What’s wrong?” he straightened up and looked at you.

“Nothing,” you lied with a small smile.

“You suck at lying,” he gave you a look. “Besides, you have been avoiding my touch for the past week or so which is totally not normal for you.”

“It’s nothing, really,” you didn’t want to have this conversation with him.

“We are best friends, we should be able to tell everything to each other, right?”

“It’s nothing, please Minhyuk,” you looked at him. “I don’t want to talk about this.”

He was quiet for a moment. “Did…” he paused for a bit as if he was afraid to ask what he was about to ask.


“Did something happen?” he looked worried.

“What do you mean?” you asked, confused.

“Did someone… do something to you?” he asked, looking more and more worried.

“No!” you shook your head immediately. “No, no, no. Nothing like that happened. I’m fine, everything is okay.”

He looked at you for a bit. “Are you sure?”

“Don’t worry about me,” you said.

“I can’t just not worry about you,” he argued.

“Please, just forget about it.”

“Why are you so uncomfortable around me these days?” he asked.

“Minhyuk I don’t want to talk about it,” you hoped he would just drop it.

“Why? Did I do something? Are you dating someone?” he blurted out without even thinking.

“No, you didn’t do anything and I’m not dating,” you sighed. “I just simply don’t want to talk about it.”

“I really don’t understand you,” he said. “You used to like hanging out with me.”

“Please, just shut up,” you were getting annoyed.

“Excuse me?”

“Just shut up!” you exploded. “I don’t want to talk with you about this!”

He was dumbfounded by the sudden change in your behavior. You buried your face in your hands and let out a frustrated sigh. “I’m sorry.”

“I’ll let you cool down for a bit,” he left the room without looking back.

You walked into the living room where the members were after being in the room for some time, trying to clear your thoughts. You didn’t see Minhyuk.

“Where did Minhyuk go?” you asked them.

“He left to go practice,” Bin said.

“Oh…” you looked at the clock, which said 4:56 pm. “It’s his day off, though… Do you think he would mind me dropping by?”

“Of course he wouldn’t,” they replied.

You left the dorm and walked to the practice room that was quite close to the dorm. You got in using the password the boys had given you. After you got in, you walked to the end of the hallway and opened the practice room’s door a little. Minhyuk was sitting against the mirrored wall, his face buried in his hands and his elbows resting on his knees.

You stepped in and closed the door behind you. He lifted his face. “You came?” he asked.

You just nodded and walked over to him. After hesitating for a bit, you sat down right next to him and leaned on him like he usually did to you. He stayed silent.

“I’m sorry for saying those things back at the dorm,” you apologized with a quiet voice. “I felt uncomfortable talking about why I haven’t been… myself around you lately.”

He didn’t say anything and just stared at his hands.

“I’ve been thinking. About all the skinship between us two.”

You straightened up and turned a little to face him. He turned his head to look at you. You took a breath before leaning closer to him and pecking his lips quickly. It took him completely off-guard and he stared at you, surprised after you pulled away. You looked away, feeling shy.

“Lately I’ve…. I’ve been thinking, maybe there’s something behind all the skinship. Like… feelings?”

He looked at you quietly, still surprised by your kiss.

“That’s why I’ve been acting weirdly lately. The skinship started feeling very different after I had the thought “maybe he likes me”.”

There was a silence. “But I mean, if you don’t like me, it’s okay, I’d rather be friends with someone I like than break ties with someone who doesn’t like me back,” you said.

“I do like you,” he said. “A lot.”

You turned your head. “As a friend?”

“No,” he shook his head. “I really do like you.”

Again, a silence. You just looked at each other, unsure how to react. You felt happy so a smile appeared on your lips.

“That’s great,” you whispered.

He chuckled a little. “You seem relieved.”

“Why wouldn’t I be? Do you know how scared I was? I kept thinking ‘what if he rejects me and our friendship is over?’ and that really freaked me out.”

“You value our friendship that much?” he asked, tilting his head a little.

“Don’t you?”

He smiled widely. “Of course I do. You’re my best friend. I would never let you go.”

“So… are we a couple now?” you asked hesitantly.

He hummed, thinking about it. “If you don’t mind keeping it a secret from others.”

“How about the other members?”

“Oh, please,” he let out a laugh. “They’ve been suspecting us since day one. I think we should tell them but it’s probably not going to make much of a difference.”

You chuckled. “Yeah, I guess so.”

He smiled, looking at you. Then he leaned on you and placed his head on your shoulder.

“I’m really glad you came to hang out with us today.”

“Me too,” you said and looked at your hand. “I just wish this hadn’t happened,” you lifted your hand a little. “Do you think it’s going to leave a scar?”

“I don’t really know much about burns but even if it does scar, I don’t care. I’ll love you anyway.”

“Ugh,” you nudged him playfully. “I know we just confessed our feelings and all but please keep your cheesiness to yourself.”

“No way,” he laughed and nudged you back. “Cheesy comments are the best when shared with someone.”

“Then find someone else to say them to,” you said. “I really hate things like that,” you tried to get up but he clung onto you. “Yah, let go.”

“Never,” he smiled and eventually you two fell over to the floor, both laughing.

You sat up, still laughing. “Hey,” he said and you turned your head to look at him. He was very close to your face when you turned your head which surprised you a bit. You closed your eyes, expecting a kiss.

“No more kissing please!” a voice made Minhyuk pull away from you before he could kiss you. You both looked at the doorway where Sanha was standing, the rest of the members behind him.

“What are you doing here?” Minhyuk asked, a little annoyed.

“That’s not important,” Sanha left the question unanswered. “What’s important here is that I was right all along! You two are dating!”

“We became a couple like five minutes ago Sanha,” Minhyuk pointed out.

“That doesn’t change anything!” he said, his voice cracking, which made you chuckle since you found it cute.

“Congrats!” Dongmin congratulated you two behind Sanha.

The others entered the room and you started talking about things and joking around like you usually did and it didn’t take long before the room was filled with laughter. The only thing that was different from a few weeks ago was that this time, instead of a friend, the one sitting next to you was your boyfriend.

Astro reaction to you confessing to them before they do

“Hey y/n I have something to tell you I lik-” “I really like you JinJin” “Like you to will you go out with me” JinJin looks at you and smiles 

Originally posted by eunwooz


“Y/n I have lik-” “MJ I have liked you for a while while you be my boyfriend” “liked you for a while and yes” when you started to walk away he would start to do a dance

Originally posted by taebreez


Would walk up to you with a your favorite flower behind his back “Y/n I-” “Eunwoo I really like you and I hope we can date” “I would like to” He would be smiling and happy all day

Originally posted by noombean


He just walked by you going to get chocolates and planning on how to confess to you later “MOONBIN I LIKE YOU I hope you like me to” MoonBin would stop and look at you surprised but would say yes

Originally posted by astroiism


“Hi y/n I have something to tell you I” “I like you Rocky can we date” “i like you to and yes” Then he would walk a little back and gives you a heart

Originally posted by asterocky


“Y/n I lik-” “Sanha I like you I hope you like me too” Sanha would be so flustered and shy that he would trip over his chair and fall

Originally posted by taebreez


~Admin Rosie

fight me [minhyuk]

word count: 900

warnings: none

“Fight me, you attractive stranger.”

“Heads up, I’m going to the audio store after class today.” You told your roommate as you shouldered your school bag.

After working at a retail store and saving up, you had finally gotten enough money to buy the newest BTS album. A few blocks from your university was a store that sold CDs, vinyls, any format of audio playback, they had to have it.

“Can you buy milk while you’re out too?” She asked, rooting through the fridge.


You walked around all day at school with a huge grin on your face, you could finally get the poster, photobook, photocards, and of course the incredible music. There was a noticeable skip in your step when you left campus, navigating the streets until you saw the little shop on the corner. Upon entering, you saw that there were only a couple other patrons, a middle-aged woman looking through some of the older music, and a boy of about your age. From behind, all you could see was that he was well-built and had fairly short brown hair. He was dressed in casual clothes, sweatpants and a t-shirt. You made a mental note to check him out after you had secured your album.

Browsing the aisles, you finally saw the shelf that had it, only one copy left, of You Never Walk Alone, Left Version. The smile fell from your face when another hand grabbed it just before you could, and you pivoted violently to look at the perpetrator. It was the brunette boy from before, holding your album.

Fight me, you attractive stranger.” You growled, and the boy seemed caught off-guard.

“I’m… not quite sure how to respond to that.” His voice communicated his confusion at your statement, and you didn’t even really mean to say it, but stayed focused on your task.

“Respond by giving me the album.”

“Uhm, no? Just get the Right Version, it has the same music.”

“But I want the Left Version.”

“So do I.”

“Why? You just said it yourself, the Right Version has the same music.”

“Well, yeah, but-” He stopped himself, sighing and handing you the box. “Here, you can have it.”

It was your turn to be surprised, accepting it warily. “Really?”

“Yeah, I’ll get the Right Version.” The boy grabbed the pink box in one hand, and stuck the other one out towards you. “Let’s start over. I’m Park Minhyuk, and I think you’re really beautiful.”

Shaking his hand, you felt yourself flushing. “I’m Y/L/N Y/N, and I think you’re really attractive.”

“You already said that.”

“Oh, fight me.” You rolled your eyes, clutching your album close to your chest.

Minhyuk really was attractive, heart-stopping brown eyes, perfectly styled yet messy hair, sculpted cheekbones, and a beautiful smile as he laughed in response to your statement. “How about a date instead?”

“Since you have such a great taste in music, sure.” You teased, walking up to the counter to buy the album.

Minhyuk reached forward, putting down the money before you could bring your wallet out. “I’ve got it.”

You raised an eyebrow at him, but couldn’t really argue, you were a broke college student. He, on the other hand, seemed to have at least some money. You briefly wondered what he did for a living, but was distracted by the cashier handing you the bag with your BTS album in it. Minhyuk and you started walking towards the door together, and you realized you didn’t have any way of contacting him to set up the date.

“Minhyuk, how can I reach you?” You asked as the both of you walked past a display that contained albums for rookie groups. There were a few you’d been meaning to check out, but didn’t have the time or money.

“Oh, uhm,” he took the receipt out of his bag, then produced a pen, scribbling something down on the paper. “There’s my number.”

“Thanks, I’ll text you later?” You asked uncertainly as he held the door open for you.

“That’d be awesome.” Minhyuk seemed to suddenly remember something. “Oh, wait here!”

He dashed back into the store, and you watched him curiously through the windows as he picked up another box, rushing to pay the cashier for it, then ran back out to you.

“I recommend this group, by the way.” He pushed the box into your hands, and you started to protest the boy buying you two albums in one afternoon, but he was insistent. “Y/N, you won’t regret it. Please.”

With a sigh, you relented, keeping the box in your hands. “Thank you, Minhyuk.”

“You’re welcome, Y/N. I’ve got to go, but I’m excited to see you again!”

“Me too.” You smiled, and he gave you a final grin and wave before heading the opposite way of your dorms.

When you looked down at the album he had shoved into your grip, you saw that it was a deep navy blue-purple. The image was that of a small shop, called ’D. Store’, and the group name was assumably ASTRO. Cute. It was their 4th mini album, Dream Part 01. There was a small list of the members names, and you recognized none of them. Curious, you vowed to investigate into the box further when you got home. After all, Minhyuk had recommended them, they must be a good group.


anonymous asked: What would Astros reactions be when they send you a text by accident that contains their feelings that they originally meant to send to another member??? :-) ps. i love everyones writings!! you’re all so good!<3

THANK YOU SO MUCH, ANON! It means a lot. :) I hope you enjoyed this!

When you and Rocky are caught making out

Thank you for requesting! I am so sorry for taking so freaking long with this, I hope this is worth the wait! >< And despite the awful writer’s block, I somehow managed to write a full scenario out of this, so I really hope this is okay~

A DISCLAIMER: this is, in no way, supposed to be smut or anything close to smut and I am strongly against smut being written of underage idols.

this is a very, i repeat, VERY used plot/storyline but i hope my writing was enough to make it a little different and if not, i’m sorry but that’s all i could do with my blocked creativity at the moment ><

Words: 1990

Fluff i’ve missed you my old friend

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by dream-astro

You sat on Minhyuk’s bed while looking at him. He walked around in the room, trying to tidy it up.

“When was the last time you cleaned in here?” you asked, smiling out of amusement.

He glanced at you while bending down to pick up a used sock. “Um… I’m not sure. Maybe a month ago?” he answered like it wasn’t a big deal.

“Doesn’t surprise me,” you let out a chuckle. “The room does look like it hasn’t been cleaned in a while.”

There were pieces of clothing lying around everywhere and there was a reasonable amount of dust too.

“Yeah, well,” he threw the sock in the laundry basket that was already full and looked like it would overflow any second. “We’ve been busy.”

“Yeah, I get it,” you smiled.

Being a member of an idol group, he didn’t have much time for you or anything else, to be honest. He wasn’t always busy but when he wasn’t, he was usually exhausted thanks to other schedules and never-ending practice. That’s why you usually refused to go on a date unless it was during a time when he didn’t have schedules and only had to practice. Even though you didn’t go on dates often, you hung out a lot at their dorm or at your place. You two didn’t really mind staying inside as it also made it easier to hide your relationship.

“Hyung, we’re going to go eat dinner,” Sanha appeared in the room’s doorway and you two turned to look at him. “Do you want us to bring you guys something?”

Jinwoo appeared behind the tall youngest member and peeked from behind him. “Are you done cleaning?”

“We’ll order something,” Minhyuk answered Sanha’s question first and picked up the laundry basket before walking over to the doorway. “And no, I’m not done cleaning. It’s going to take a while considering that four people live in here and that the room hasn’t been cleaned in, like, a month. Oh, yeah, and may I remind you that I’m cleaning by myself here.”

The saltiness in your boyfriend’s voice was only amusing to everyone else, including you.

Jinwoo let out a small laugh and patted the younger one’s shoulder. “It’s your fault for losing in rock-paper-scissors.”
“I had no control over that!” Minhyuk whined and you chuckled which caused him to turn around with a pout. “Whose side are you on?”

You shrugged with an innocent smile. “I mean, you played with them. You agreed to the rule that the one who loses has to clean.”

He gave you a sad look and turned back around.

“Just leave the laundry in the bathroom, we’ll wash them once we come back,” Myungjun said with a smile while passing by the room.

“True friends only,” Minhyuk said jokingly and gave Jinwoo and Sanha a look while passing by them to take the laundry to the bathroom. Myungjun’s statement had obviously made him feel better.

“Hey, ______,” Jinwoo called your name once Minhyuk had left the room and you looked at him.

“Hm?” you hummed, smiling slightly.

“Don’t break this place apart while we are gone,” he said, half serious, half joking. “I’m sure I don’t have to remind you of the last time.”

You chuckled and shook your head. “No, definitely not. I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again,” you gave him a reassuring smile and he smirked before leaving the doorway with Sanha.

The last time you and Minhyuk had been left alone at the dorm, you two had torn apart at least four pillows, causing a terrible mess in the whole dorm. What had started as a harmless, playful pillow fight had very quickly escalated in to a playful but more rough pillow war. It had been tons of fun but the scolding that came after hadn’t been very nice.

After a bit Minhyuk entered the room with a pleased smile. “Now I can take a break,” he beamed and walked over to the bed where you still sat.

“What are you talking about?” you asked and didn’t let him sit down.

He looked surprised by your reaction.

“There’s still a lot cleaning left to do,” you said to him.

“But I want to cuddle,” he whined with an almost irresistible sad puppy look. “Now.”

You shook your head, proud of yourself for not falling for his cuteness. “The faster you clean this room the faster you’ll get to cuddle with me. Plus, it’ll be a lot nicer to cuddle when you know that you can just relax for the rest of the evening.”

He didn’t let the pout fade away but obeyed you and continued cleaning. His expression was sour but you didn’t let it bother you.

Minhyuk sat down beside you and let out a sigh. “Finally.”

“Well done,” you patted his head and ruffled his hair, making him lean away from you.

“Stop,” he whined and you chuckled.

“I’m proud of you,” you said. “It only took you three hours in total to clean this small room,” you joked.

“Are you dissing me right now?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Maybe,” you teased with a wide grin.

“Come here,” he reached his arms towards you but before he could grab you, you got up and turned to look at him with a playful look.

“Come get me,” you giggled and started running towards the door immediately when you saw him getting up.

You were both quite playful by nature so this kind of situations were common. It’s not like you were always running around, you two often had lazy days too, but when you were running around, it was always just as fun. I guess you could say that the two of you woke up each other’s inner child every now and then.

It didn’t take long before you were both a little out of breath. After running around in the living room and kitchen area, you headed towards the second bedroom in the dorm which was the bedroom Dongmin and Bin shared. You knew it was a dead end but you still ran inside the surprisingly tidy room and turned around to look at Minhyuk.

“We’re going to get in trouble for being here,” he said but his voice didn’t show any signs of concern. He wasn’t worried about the older members’ scolding.

“You mean you are,” you panted a little, your mouth in a wide grin.

“You’re going to blame this on me?” he asked, raising his eyebrows while his lips remained curved in to a smile.

“You’re the one who chased me here, I had no other option!” you joked.

“Yeah, about the chasing…” he slowly walked towards you with a wide grin.

You tried to run away but he caught you easily by wrapping his arms around you tightly. You attempted to escape while laughing uncontrollably but he was too strong.

“You’re holding me too tightly,” you said while still laughing. You had tears in your eyes from all the laughing.

“Sorry,” he chuckled and loosened his arms around you and you looked up at him.

“Look what you did, I’m crying now,” you joked while gently rubbing your eyes.

“Let me see,” he gently grabbed your wrists and brought them down to reveal your teary eyes. He pouted. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

With that he leaned down and pressed a light peck on your cheek. When he pulled back you met eyes and for a few seconds you both just stood there, looking at each other.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said and it definitely sounded like it came from the heart.

You couldn’t help but smile. “You think so?” you asked.

He let go of your wrists and answered your question with a loving gaze. Then he leaned closer again, this time to kiss your lips while his hands came up to gently hold your head. The kiss was sweet and gentle. His lips were soft and warm and it felt like they were made to fit yours since the kiss just felt so perfect. Not that that was anything new; the kisses you two shared always felt perfect no matter what they were like.

After pulling away from the kiss it took only a few seconds before your lips met again. This time the kiss felt hungrier, a little more intense. The following kiss got even more intense as you let your tongues meet. You were so focused on the kissing that you barely noticed your back hitting a wall.

You two weren’t all over each other, it wasn’t like what you often see in movies or TV. Making out was often portrayed as something very intense and hot but the way you two did it was quite different. It was sweet and loving, it wasn’t hurried or really intense. It was quite the opposite of the playful running you two had been doing earlier, this was a lot calmer.

Minhyuk pulled back and you both panted lightly. There was something very special about the moment and you could feel a few butterflies in your stomach as you looked at him. His lips formed a loving smile and you smiled a little seeing it. His gaze soon returned on your lips and your gazze returned on his and you couldn’t help but lean in for another set of those heart fluttering, perfect kisses.

Many loving looks and perfect kisses later Minhyuk’s lips left yours to explore your neck. It wasn’t the first time he was laying sweet pecks on your neck but it still sent shivers down your spine when he pressed his lips against the sensitive skin. The feeling was one of a kind and you loved it to death.

You felt a little pain as he created a small hickey on the side of your neck. It made you open your eyes and he had already pulled away from you.

“Too far?” he asked, worried he had hurt you.

You shook your head slightly. “It’s o-“

“YES, WAY TOO FAR!” you both flinched at the loud and unfortunately familiar voice of Bin.

“How long have you been there?” Minhyuk asked immediately.

“How long have you two been here?!” the older member asked and placed his hands on his sides, looking at both of you with a glare that had you immediately look down in embarrassment.

“Listen, hyung, we just got a little carried away,” Minhyuk tried to calm him down.

“A LITTLE?!” Bin asked as if he couldn’t believe what Minhyuk had just said.

“Gosh, let them live, Bin,” Jinwoo chuckled and entered the room.

“You were here too?!” Minhyuk’s eyes widened.

“Relax, we just came in like a few seconds ago,” Jinwoo said, amused by how embarrassed you two looked.

“What made you think this was a good place to get carried away?” Bin was still angry.

“Things just… went down that way,” Minhyuk mumbled while trying to avoid the older one’s angry glare.

“Ouch, that’s not nice,” Dongmin walked in. “You gave her a hickey.”

This made you both blush really badly and you were now both staring at the floor.

“I swear, these two should never be left alone with each other,” Bin murmured and left the room.

“What’s going on in here?” Sanha asked after entering the room with Myungjun.

“You know,” Jinwoo started while looking at the hickey on your neck. “Things could escalate really quickly from there,” he said while calmly pointing at the hickey.

If you weren’t already red as a strawberry, now you were and so was Minhyuk. Sanha seemed to be blushing too and the situation felt very awkward.

“You guys haven’t-“

“NO, definitely NOT!” Minhyuk cut off Jinwoo before he could finish. “And we’re not planning to!”

“Good,” Jinwoo seemed relieved.

“Just stop bothering them already,” Myungjun seemed amused by the situation and you thanked him in your mind.

God bless you Kim Myungjun.

Autumn date with Rocky - ASTRO



im back to writing what the FUCK is up also this isn’t that long bear with me im trying to get back into the groove of this






-listen this man is twelve kinds of ready to take you out 

-he wants to see you all bundled up in a scarf and jacket 

-he thinks you’re so cute and when you bundle up like that he LOSES his mind 

-he would probably just take you to a coffee shop and then you two would walk around a park 

-he knew your order at the coffee shop and you swear you felt your heart melt when he recited it perfectly 

-you just stared at him with a small smile on your face and barista let out a little “aww”

-when you two would sit down he would watch you talk about your day and what was coming up in school or work 

-he got really excited about his hot chocolate and drank it to early 

-he burnt his tongue 

-he made a scene 


-he would watch you with the most adoring look on his face 

-bro he LOVES you and everybody in that coffee shop knows it 

-he would hold your hand across the table and stroke his thumb over the back of your hand 

-every once in a while he would bring your hand up to his mouth and kiss your knuckles 

-when you two left he smiled at everyone in the cafe and the ran into the door because he was distracted 

-Rocky was so focused on making sure you weren’t cold he under dressed and was shivering 

-you took one of his hands and put it in your coat pocket and held the other really tight 

-he was a blushing mess 

-he would swing your intertwined hands back and forth and laugh 

-hes the type to step on a leaf every time he sees it and rates its crunch on a 1-10 scale 

-every time you would look up at him he would lean down and kiss your forehead 

-or nose

-or cheeks

-but never your lips because hes bold but not that bold 

-honestly dates with him were a little quiet 

-you guys never went out to extremely fancy places 

-you two don’t get to spend a lot of time together so when you do find a small window you usually spend it just enjoying each others presence 

-also the scenery was really pretty and neither of you could find words to describe it 

-you two would take “secret” pictures of each other 

-he always knew when you would take out your phone and snap a quick picture of him petting a dog or playing with the leaves 

-his favorite pictures of you are during the fall time because the weather is always pretty and the pretty weather compliments a pretty person 

-these pictures always end up yalls screensaver for months 

-when you two would get a little tired he would find a bench and pull you to it 

-he would throw his arm over your shoulder and pull you close to him, your back kind of against his side and his head resting on your shoulder

-whenever he would talk his breath would tickle your ear and he would laugh causing you to laugh because that tickled even more 

-those moments are always happy moments 

-he would talk about the changing weather and how Christmas was getting closer 

-he would always perk up when Christmas was mentioned because it meant he got to spend more time with the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with 

-when it would start getting dark he would sadly get up and pull you to his chest 

-his arms would hug you close and sway you bcak and forth a little

-”Minhyuk you still have to walk me home”

-”I know but I’m not ready yet”

-you two would stand like that for a few minutes before you noticed the people around you and he would awkwardly pull away 

-the walk home was not quiet

-you two talked about the date and how much fun it was

-sure you two didn’t do a whole lot but spending time together was all you needed 

-when he would walk you to your door his Boldness would return and he would give you a sweet kiss 

-it wasn’t too much or too little his kisses were always just right 

-he would give you a big hug because there weren’t people around and then kiss you again before saying goodbye about a thousand times 

-as soon as he got back to the dorms he would text you

-”I had a good time and I can’t wait to see you in a few days:)) sleep well”