CIRCUS PANTS FOR EVERYONE. Blame this on @peanuts-envy who sent me this photo which may possibly be the most Chargers thing I’ve ever seen. Shoutout to Rocky who is too short and is throwing off the entire balance of the picture, GOD, ROCKY, JEEZ.

(background is just a screencap, i looked at the task of drawing skyhold and balked, i’m sorry, i’ve failed you all)


I have been so overwhelmed with tests and college stuf and just being overal exhausted that I almost forgot about #ReviveTheAstroFandomDay and I wasn’t really able to mak anything recent…. but I DID work realy hard to make this video compilation around the time of their debut. It includes Astro and The Ark (it’s so sad they disbanded) so yeah hopefully I’ll just make a meme eventually LOL
Enjoy! ^_^