rocky theme song


Gonna Fly Now - Rocky Theme Song

rocky theme song starts playing with the montage jawn

“is this my walking in the door music?”

rocky marathon’s on. my bro just told me that his friend’s grandmom was asked if they could use her house to shoot in. like have her house be rocky’s apartment but she turned it down for w.e. reason. 

pretty cool though.

Did ya’ll see this crusty heel flake go up on stage with the Rocky Balboa theme song playing in the background and the Klan crowd cheering her on like she just won the world heavyweight championship for denying gay people their marriage licenses????

This broad went to jail for FIVE days and came out today bawling acting like she was locked up like Mandela after 27 years. White people want to be oppressed so bad….

And this over-boiled egghead Mike Huckabee has the nerve to stand on stage supporting her like he wasn’t just supporting Ashley Madison cheating, sister-child molesting Josh Duggar a few weeks ago.

Their moral compasses are pointing straight to hell. I refuse.