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Just in time for #toonsday! It’s a blast from the far-flung past, and a 4-and-a-half for one update special. All the way from La Brea, CA….

The Fossil Fools!

The boys (Arnie, Ronnie, and Stevie) were gas jockeys/auto-mechanics. They would get into various (mis)adventures as a result of their bumbling. Vickie would often distract them during work or in need of a rescue from the boys’ egregious auto service. Rocky was Ronnie’s pet rock. He’s surprisingly mobile!

They had a short, but mildly-successful run back in the 20s! Wonder where they are now…?

Pentagon + Pets

Hui: hamster named Ham bc he’s lame

Jinho: kitten named Tiny to reflect his height

Hongseok: nine kittens named after his sons

Shinwon: an unnamed fish so he won’t have to touch it

EDawn: gorilla named Harambe

Yeo One: dog named Yanan

Yanan: puppy named Yeo Changgu

Yuto: kitten named Precious

Kino: five puppies named after things that he loves like Food, Fans, Pentagon, Dancing, and Being Rude Even Though I’m Still Underage

Wooseok: pet rock named Rocky probably

Seventeen as Once-Seen Spongebob Characters

S.Coups: the Bag’N-Mart cashier who’s been working there for years and his face really shows it

Jeonghan:  Girly Teen Girl from Farawayville

Joshua:  Boys Who Cry

Jun:  used napkin (self-explanatory)

Hoshi:  That jellyfish that Spongebob captures and wants to keep as a pet but has to get rid of because he keeps disturbing the neighborhood with his constant dance parties

Wonwoo:  that big muscular guy who carries Patrick into the Fry Cook Games (for some reason)

Woozi:  those pickles that Spongebob draws ketchup smiles on and then tucks in with a cheese blanket

DK:  the fellow magic conch club member

Mingyu:  Octavius Rex (aka Mr. Long, Tan, and Handsome)

The8:  Squidwood, that puppet that Spongebob made when Squidward didn’t wanna hang out with him and then everyone ended up liking him better than the actual Squidward

Seungkwan:  the health inspector that Spongebob and Mr. Krabs tried to poison because they thought he was a criminal but then he turned out not to be

Vernon:  Jim, the Original Fry Cook

Dino:  Rocky, Patrick’s pet rock and the underdog who actually wins everything

Growing up with strict parents, the one thing you had always wanted but never got to have was a pet dog. You had other pets, of course.. your pet goldfish, a turtle at one point, and obviously - your pet rock, Rocky. Your childhood wasn’t exactly the most exciting.. you hardly had time for your friends, since you always had tutoring lessons after school, or you had some club meeting to attend. 

It was only when you were free from the claws of your parents that you finally got to control your own life! One of the people who helped you see the more colourful side of things was Niall, your lovely boyfriend. The both of you had met one night when you were working late at the diner. He had stumbled in, drenched from the rain, his skin glistening slightly as he plopped down in one of the booths. And then it was basically non-stop flirting with you when you went over to take his order. It was a cheesy love story, yes.. but you wouldn’t have it any other way. 


“Not now, Niall. I’m busy with something.” You murmured, typing away at the keyboard as you focused on sending your parents your weekly e-mail. (They didn’t believe in texting, and you really weren’t bothered to have a proper conversation over the phone with them.) 

“But I have a surprise for you!” Niall pouted, smiling as you glanced up from your screen to look at his face. “I know how long you’ve wanted t’ have t’is.. t’ing, so I finally took it upon myself t’ get it for ya.” 

“..A new laptop? Because I already ordered one last week and it should be coming-” 

“No, no. It’s not a new laptop. I need you t’ close your eyes for t’is one because I want t’ see your reaction.” You didn’t have a clue as to what Niall was talking about, but you obeyed, setting your laptop aside and covering your eyes with your hands. You heard Niall leave the room for a second before coming back and plopping down on the mattress, the weight making you bounce slightly. He set something down on your lap and took one of your hands, placing it down on the- fur? Your heart picked up in pace as you ran your hand through the soft fur, the sound of a little bark breaking the silence. “Surprise!” 

“A dog?!” You eyes popped open as you were met face to face with one of the cutest dogs you’d ever seen in your life, your eyes immediately welling up with happy tears as you scratched behind its ear. “It’s a dog!!” 

“You’re cryin’, love! Why’re you cryin’??” Niall laughed, leaning forward to happily accept your thank you kiss as he wiped your tears away. “I know you’ve always wanted one, and I’ve always wanted one too.” You were still in a state of shock since there was an actual dog sitting on your lap. “..Y/N? You alright t’ere, babe?”

“It’s a dog!”


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Fic prompt: Beca and Chloe just get into a relationship, without the Bellas knowing, but slowly one by one they realise they're together. One morning Beca and Chloe go down stairs to tell the Bellas and are confused when Amy and CR and swapping money and no ones shocked :) love the blog

They weren’t terribly good at hiding it. While most of the Bellas would’ve expected it to be Chloe who gave it away - all doe-eyes and sappy cooes that were enough to maybe pull a blush from Beca - none of them thought that Beca was going to be the almost unbearable teenage boy in the relationship. 

And if they thought that the stares during rehearsals were bad before anything happened between the girls, well, none of them were fully prepared for Beca’s uncanny ability to completely and openly undress Chloe with her eyes for the three hours of practice they had to endure. 

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Survey #111 : Names

Talk Show Host Name
First name of a grandma/grandpa + Your best friends last name:

Lynda Corbin

Porn Star Name

A jewel + Name of a mountain:
Ruby Everest

Secret Spy Name

Old fashioned name + Your favourite color:

Margaret Pink

Rock Star Name

A current pets name + A hard object:

Rocky Rock (hahahahahaha)

Band Name

Favorite day + Favorite weather:

Saturday Sun

Science Fiction Name

First four letters of your Dad’s name added to the last three of your last name:


Royal Name

Pick a royal title + First name of your favourite actor or actress:
Princess Jennifer

Stand-up Comedian Name

One syllable name + An animal:

Jen Dog

Villain Name

A name ending in Y + A number:

Lucy Thirteen 

Hippie Name

Favorite flower + Something that rhymes with your first name:
Rose Africa

Policeman Name

Favorite male cousin + Favorite food:
Mike Pizza

Movie Star Name

Two syllable name + Last name of a favourite teacher:

Lilly Shelton

Soap Opera Name

First or second name of a singer + An object in the room you’re in:

Taylor Bag

Futuristic Name 

Add any three letters to the first three letters of your name: 


Fairy Name

A spice + A jewel:

Garlic Amethyst

Professor Name
Professor + Favorite chocolate:

Professor Reese’s