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Wealthy recluse Lena keeps seeing a pretty, scattered sort of girl who is undoubtedly the love of her life. She tries for ages to work up the nerve to talk to her, and when she finally does she finds out her name is Kara and she’s an actress trying to make it in the musical theatre world. Lena, panicked and talking out of her ass, tells Kara she’s actually casting for her own musical right now and she thinks Kara would be perfect. Kara gets so excited and hugs Lena which only melts her further (how long has it been since someone hugged her like that?) and Kara sets a date next week to come audition.

It’s only after the buzz of touching had faded that Lena remembers she knows nothing about musical theatre nor does she have a musical in the works.

She immediately puts out a panicked search for a writer to give her something original asap. She finds some man named Winn who says he has a great musical in the works about aliens, and she kind of hates it but also he is the only one who said they could work under her time restraints so it’ll have to do and so they audition Kara who is precious and flustered and honestly not a very good actress and Lena is even more in love and she asks if the rest of the cast has been chosen and crap now Lena has to actually cast people and then Winn tells her there is a romantic love interest for Kara and no way is she letting someone else kiss her love in her alien musical so naturally she casts herself and obviously there needs to be more kiss scenes, Winn, no I don’t think a ten minute make out is unnecessary. And it’s just constant rewrites and additions and any time Kara makes any small suggestion or inquiry Lena makes them rewrite the script and it’s quickly this huge monster project that’s basically just her and Kara dry humping on stage for two and a half hours and Lena has to do a few shots on opening night because somehow the news caught on about this travesty she’s a part of and the Who’s Who of the city end up coming out to it (tickets are sold out completely) and somehow their terrible shamble of a show manages to be just terrible enough to be wonderful in a Rocky Horror sort of way and they end up shaking the theatre world to its core and basically musical history is changed forever because Lena Luthor can’t talk to pretty girls.

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@AllSquad&Parents How violents are the "family game nights" when you all playing monopoly???

*everyone shares an awkward stare*

Janna: yeah we’re not legally allowed to play monopoly. ever 

Marco: In fact we’re  banned from playing it in like every single multiverse ever. Even that really evil one where we enslaved the world. just completely banned. 

Rocky: *curls up, completely shaking in fear.* 

do you think all these fansite owners are just used to being so physically close to astro and having the members wave at them and making eye contact with them because i’m still struggling with the fact that astro is even real so how do they handle interactions like that without freaking the hell out

Zendaya GIF Hunt

Below the cut you will find 311 HQ gifs of the lovely Zendaya, best known for her roles as Rocky Blue on Shake it Up and KC Cooper in the upcoming KC Undercover. All these gifs are roleplayable and none were made by me, although some were cropped to make them textless.

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