rocky mountains np

A lavender sunrise reveals the marbled and cracked surface of Dream Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. If not for the chill, this would be the most beautiful floor in the world. Photo courtesy of Eric Schuette.

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado encourages you to follow your wild spirit and see what’s over the horizon. In any season, the views are epic and the experiences are unforgettable. Stopping to take a picture of one of the most beautiful sunsets he’d ever seen, photographer Brandon Sharpe noticed “an elk doing his thing” and snapped this incredible image. Photo courtesy of Brandon Sharpe.

Eric Schuette loves taking photos of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Every trip into the park can be a special moment. “The mountains were completely covered by clouds. As we hiked into the darkness you could see little signs of clearing and then just before the sun came up the clouds thinned and we were left with a beautiful winter scene looking out towards Long’s Peak.” Photo courtesy of Eric Schuette

Quaking aspens provide beautiful scenery and a rich habitat for wildlife. Aspen, the most widely distributed tree in North America, are one of the few deciduous trees hearty enough to survive in a harsh environment of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. One of the most striking characteristics of the aspen is the beautiful splashes of fall color it adds to the mountainsides. This magical color change starts in early September and can last into October. Photo courtesy of Jacob W. Frank.

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