rocky mountain underground

Ok, but think of all the places you could have a school in the United States. I’m not sure where exactly Ilvermorny is supposed to be, but it’s East Coast. So… distant from most of us. There’s no way there’s only one school for magic in the US, no way. Let alone, the entire North American continent, which I think is what it’s supposed to be. In my mind, Ilvermorny is equivalent to Harvard. Elite and expensive, and it’s rare anyone you know goes there. 

So. here’s some options for secondary magic schools: 

1) The middle of Kansas. Use enough magic to make people think they’re looking at a corn field or an abandoned gas station, they’ll drive right on by. 

2) A haunted plantation in the South somewhere. You know, like that one post had, the one that was based off the Old Spice deodorants. ((Wait, I think that was a haunted asylum. Whatever, somewhere haunted.))

3) The middle of a forest in Montana. What’s even in Montana? Who knows?Added bonus; it’s close enough for Canadian students. ((Lbr, I don’t know enough about Canada to guess where they’d have a school. Same with Mexico. Sorry.))

4) Deep in the Rocky Mountains somewhere. Underground-base-ish. Works for the government, why not for a magical school? 

5) Area 51. No one will believe you. It’s the aliens. Or the government. Also, I’m pretty sure I saw this one on a post on here too.

6) Wyoming. Literally, anywhere in Wyoming, there’s nothing there but cattle. America is full of wide-open spaces, there’s plenty of room for a giant hidden school. 

7) The Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska? What’s up there? I don’t know, could be a magical school. Added bonus: they’re owned by both America and Russia, apparently, so there’s room to learn about American, Alaska Native, and Russian magical cultures. Cool. 

8) Literally pick any mountain range or wide plain, it’ll work. The United States is big.