rocky mount nc

Last night I dreamed that I went back I time to May 5, 2004/5 and it was around the time 9/11 happened except obviously it wasn’t 9/11 cause it was 5/5 and we were all the same ages as current times basically? Cause I had money to buy stuff I wanted. I called Carol cause we were friends in my dream that long ago and we went to toys r us and similar places, where I bought a bunch of stuff that I would keep until I returned to my present time and it would be worth a bunch of money/sentimental value. All the stuff I wanted to buy back then but couldn’t. I bought various Pokémon merchandise and there were things like Yu Yu Hakusho figures and other 90’s anime items. Then, I thought the experience was gonna end after the events of World Trade Center 5/5 collapse and I would go back to myself but it didn’t happen. And in the dream I got dippin dots because the mall was back to the way it was when I was little. And I was so confused and it was basically Y2K because all the Pokémon merch available was super old, books a million was still where Petco used to be, the movie theater was still in the spot where books a million is now, FYE was still around where the kids place is now, Sears was still around, and EB games was in the mall. K Mart even had the setup of the old Pokémon cards near the cash registers. Pokemon had not reached Gold and Silver games yet. At the same time, JCP had the Pokémon setup by the register like it had long ago. And after I didn’t change back to normal, I wondered if I ever would. And at one point in the dream, I was on my way with Mother to where she used to work in wilson and I wanted to tell her about the time travel thing but I couldn’t because she was oddly happy, happier than she is now. I didn’t want her to know how much I would learn to despise her over the years, because she was nice and happy and it took place in the short time period that I felt like she loved me and wanted me, that my sister and I weren’t her burdens. Even though in that time frame originally, she was never happy. And it was so nice to spend time is a different Mother, a mother I don’t even know if really existed or the memory of has just been blinded by nostalgia. The whole dream was amazing and nostalgic and my favorite part was no matter how many times I fell back asleep, it continued every time.

Today in my Hometown Rocky Mount, NC . White people riding around the city in a line proudly flashing their “southern” pride. Some even took it as far as spewing racist remarks to Black people . I tell you shit is about to hit the entire fan smh .

Howard Johnson Pet Comfort Station & Restaurant - US 301, Rocky Mount, NC

A sandbox?… Wait, is that for the cats?  I tried to learn more about these stations, but all I learned is that this card was mass produced and the local franchise stuck on their address. So this isn’t necessarily the Howard Johnson in Rocky Mount…. this same image is used for all the restaurants who cared to have a pet comfort station postcard. What a let down.  But don’t you wish you were there?