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How To Be A Fangirl with Brandon Ellis

This is the funniest video you’ll see in a long time!

Rocky Loves Emily has announced they have begun writing a new album. Check out their amazing statement below.

PLEASE READ: Hi, Brandon here. I probably won’t do my thoughts justice with this, but I wanted to get a few things off my chest. During the BryanStars tour we posted our video for ‘Dream’ which a lot of you were apart of. Also on that tour we played that song live where I gave a little speech in the middle of the song about my struggle and victory over depression. At the end of every set I would walk off stage (sweaty and tired) and I would typically hang around the merch table in case anyone wanted to come say hello. As people would come to the table I would always say a little prayer in my head. Nothing long and intricate… but just something saying, “God, please give me the words and wisdom to help someone tonight.” I didn’t really know what to expect each night, but sure enough, each and every night at least one, or two, or sometimes a lot of people would come to me and ask to talk. I would talk with them and they would share (sometimes in tears) that they have struggled with depression, or cutting, or suicide, or you name it… I cant even express how many people expressed to me how much pain they were in. This OPENED MY EYES. I realized I was not alone, and in fact, there were MANY of us who are experiencing these feelings. Each night in the van as we would drive to the next city me, pete, sean, andrew, zach, and cooper would talk about how we NEED to do something bigger than what we’ve done. Something more than the songs that we’ve written in the past… I guess thats what I’m getting at. We are writing a new record. Yes we know that “Secrets Dont Make Friends” just came out, but frankly, its time for a change. (We are stoked on how SDMF sounds and are so thankful that you guys have supported it.) HOWEVER, We want to write music that means something more, music that can actually change someones perpective, music that points to a solution instead of just the problems. We are so inspired by everyone’s reaction to “Dream” and we can’t ignore it any longer. So thats what we are doing. We are writing, and we are excited, inspired by YOUR stories. We thank each and every one of you who were brave enough to come and talk with us this fall, or send us messages online. We are here for you and we know you are here for us. All we ask is that you guys continue to support this dream of ours and keep us in your thoughts as we write this winter. It’s been an incredible 2012, and we can’t wait for 2013. We love you. -Brandon James Ellis #TeamRLE


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