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Hello! Love your drawings! I wish I could draw like you do but I'm just awful lol. Can you draw Jim dressed up as Frank N Furter and Sebastian as Rocky, both from The Rocky Horror Picture Show? I feel like Jim would be a total nerd for the film and Seb would dress up just to please him hahaha. Have a nice day, darling x

I got this request before and I didn’t want to do it because I don’t know anything about Rocky Horror, but I figured I might as well try because it’s better than nothing. So here is my doodle-quality attempt, hope you like it <3

ID #18558

Name: Satu
Age: 17
Country: Finland

Hi! I’m an art student from Finland and I’m pretty awkward and bad at talking to people irl so I decided I’d try making some friends this way! Besides my art I also love reading and photography, and some of my favourite things are Rocky Horror Picture Show, Harry Potter, drag queens, a lot of different movies & TV shows, and all kinds of music from K-pop to 90’s grunge. I speak English pretty fluently and I’m studying German and Swedish so I’d be happy if you could help me get better at those! I would also like to write some real letters because that seems exciting lmao.

Preferences: I’d like you to be about the same age as me but I don’t really care about anything else. All different kinds of people are okay with me as long as you’re nice!


Ty to the lovely kona @garbonzo-lordofthehats for tagging me🌷🌷🌷 and if you aren’t following them whater you even doing???

goal: tag nine people you want to know better (lol this taggy thingy thinks i know 9 people, what a loser!!  just kidding pls be my friend) 

Relationship status: single 

 Favorite color: red or green?

Lipstick or chapstick: neither 

Last song: umm… i think Red Moon by will wood and the tapeworms (vv good btw)

Last Movie: Rocky horror (its my go too feel bad movie, although kinda problematic)

Top 3 Tv shows: Supernatural (i only really like seasons 1-5), Jessica Jones, and the Flash

3 ships: asdfgh i actually can’t think of anything? Maybe showpoison, and bleh i dunno Joshin (they’re frickin adorable, although that sounds weird cause i haven’t really talked to either of them? so im not going to tag them, bc i dont want to be annoying) 

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Context: We’re doing a 5e game and this is our first session.  We have a human warlock, a lizard person fighter, and a gnome bard (me).  Earlier in the session, a man named Richard, who happens to be a vampire, tried to lock us in a basement and turn us into zombies.  We got out and managed to follow him to his base of operations, an old abandoned cathedral. We fight some skeletons on the way to it, almost resulting in me being knocked unconscious and then this happened once we got inside.

Me: I push open the door.

DM: You see a few zombies standing near the pews and can see Richard playing the organ on the stage.

Me: I throw the bone I picked up from the skeleton somewhere near Richard, casting vicious mockery and saying I have a bone to pick with you.

Me (OOC): He takes one point of damage from it.

DM (OOC): He now has 81 hp left.

Me (OOC): I really hope this next thing works.

DM: Okay, Richard stands and turns to look at you.

Me: I challenge you to a music duel. If I win you and your zombies must leave this cathedral and never return.

We roll persuasion, I get 19, Richard gets 5.

DM: Richard agrees and says, “But if I win, i get to drink your blood.”

Me: Okay, I’ll go first.

I get on stage, while Richard, my party members, and the zombies sit in the pews.  I roll a 19 on singing and a 12 on playing my lute for my performance of singing the opening theme to Soul Eater.

DM: Everybody claps and enjoys, even the zombies. Now its Richard’s turn.

Richard also rolls a 19 on singing, but rolls a 1 on playing the organ as he tries to perform “Sweet Transvestite” from Rocky Horror Picture Show. The organ breaks and I win.

DM (OOC): I can’t believe you just did that.

Warlock (OOC): Does this mean we have a home base now?

DM (OOC): Holy shit, you guys have a freaking home base after the first session, what the hell.

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Do you have any suggestions for if I or anyone else run into Tim Curry? Like how to not creep him out and such?

I assume you mean ‘in the supermarket’ not ‘in my car’ - because that requires a completely different chat.

I’ll do my best to list several suggestions.

How Not To Creep Tim Curry Out In Gelsons By DTCWYSD

1. Don’t shout 'OMFG FRANK N FURTER!' 


3. Don’t exclaim 'HOLY FUCK YOU’RE TIM CURRY!' 

4. Don’t stare into his shopping cart and start laughing hysterically whilst repeating 'Splenda - everyone loves Splenda - I’m looking at Tim Curry’s Splenda. This Splenda I’m looking at is GOING HOME TO LIVE WITH TIM CURRY. Wow. Splenda' 

5. Don’t try and climb into his shopping cart. 

6. Don’t try and climb into his shopping cart whilst chanting “buy me, Tim Curry! Buy me!! BUY ME, TIM CURRY!”

7. Don’t lick his face. 

8. Don’t start unbuckling his belt. 

9. Don’t start unbuckling YOUR belt. 

10 Don’t start hyperventilating.

11. Don’t start hyperventilating whilst unbuckling his belt.

12. Don’t start hyperventilating whilst unbuckling YOUR belt.

13. Don’t creep up behind him and sniff his hair. 

14. Don’t creep up behind him at all. 

15. Don’t say 'You’re him? Aren’t you?’

16. Don’t ask him where his tambourine is. 

17. Don’t tell him he’s smashing.

18. Don’t ask him to father your children.

19. Don’t ask him if he wants a ride home.

20. Don’t ask him 'if he’s bought any good Häagen-Dazs lately' 

21. Don’t tell him you’re his biggest fan. 

22. Don’t tell him you thought he was great in Hook. 

23. Don’t point to alcohol-based items in his trolley and say 'IT’S STIMULATING!' 

24. Don’t ask him if he’s ever visited Tumblr. 

25. Don’t tell him how WEIRD??????? you are coz you found him 'so hot in Rocky Horror' 

26. Don’t tell him you’ve seen 'everything he’s ever done’. 

27. Don’t tell him you’d like to have seen him as the joker in Batman.

28. Don’t tell him he’d make a great Dr Who. 

29. Don’t offer him a blowjob. 

30. Don’t offer him a Milk Dud. 

31. Don’t offer him anything. 

32. Don’t tell him he’s 'much shorter than you imagined' 

33. Don’t tell him he’s 'much better looking in real life’. 

34. Don’t ask him 'what he’s doing here’.

35. Don’t ask him if he likes to have sex with men. 

36. Don’t start sweating and tell him you’ve come on holiday to LA and spent every day in Gelson’s wine aisle. 

37. Don’t pull out your phone and start showing him photos of you dressed as Frank N Furter. 

38. Don’t say 'I actually saw you in Annie before I saw Rocky Horror' 

39. Don’t tell him you still wanted to fuck the shit out of him in his Criminal Minds Make-up.

40. Don’t make any reference to wanting to fuck the shit out of him in general. 

41. Don’t be rude. 

42. Don’t be presumptuous.

43. Don’t be insensitive.

44. Don’t be afraid to approach him calmly and respectfully. 

45. Don’t ask him to sign every single piece of merchandise you’ve ever bought (which just so happens to be in your handbag)

46. Don’t require two pens. 

47. Don’t outstay your welcome. 

48. Don’t assume he owes you his time.

49. Don’t be obnoxious. 

50. Don’t be scared. He’s the loveliest man alive.