rocky au

Enough // Park Minhyuk


the prompt: Hi!! Would you be able to write a fic of Rocky x chubby!reader? Something fluffy with a tiny bit of angst? Thank you!! I love your writing by the way!!

words: 1725

category: angst + fluff

author note: you asked for a tiny bit of angst and ya girl disobeyed and wrote half of the scenario in angst. hopefully the nice fluff at the end will make up for it?? please enjoy anyway!!

- destinee

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Astro High School AU


  • Senior
  • Class clown
  • Pranks students and teachers alike
  • Knows everyone
  • First name basis with all faculty
  • Teachers love him until he is their student
  • Class would be boring without him
  • Drama club
  • Friends with drama teacher
  • Sneaks out of class to go hang out in the drama room
  • In the school choir
  • Always gets the goofy second lead in the school musical
  • Flirts with everyone
  • Especially the captain of the soccer and baseball teams
  • In charge of senior prank
  • Set loose 3 pigs on the school campus labelled “Pig 1″, “Pig 2″, and “Pig 4″
  • Administrators were running around for hours looking for Pig 3
  • Best senior prank ever


  • Senior
  • Senioritis victim
  • Sleeps in class
  • Only getting by with eunwoo’s help
  • Somehow ended up in the student government but unsure how
  • Sports
  • Captain of both the soccer and baseball team (he doesn’t know how that happened either)
  • Constantly distracted by mj
  • “What do you mean we have a test today”
  • Brings extra food to lunch every day for underclassmen (mainly sanha)
  • Brings soccer ball to class but not a pencil
  • Hasn’t touched actual school supplies since his freshmen year
  • Once completed a test in crayon
  • Makes faces at the teachers when they aren’t looking just to make mj laugh


  • Junior
  • Class president
  • Top grades of the whole school
  • Pretend he is really cool without trying but actually tries very hard
  • Studies a LOT
  • Everyone has a crush on him
  • But he only has eyes for bin
  • Not that he will ever admit it
  • Super polite until you get to know him
  • Then becomes SAVAGE AF
  • In every single club known to man
  • Does he ever sleep? 
  • Probably not
  • First chair in orchestra (violin)
  • Organized school festival
  • Says he did it to encourage students
  • Actually did it just so dance club could perform


  • Junior
  • Pretends to be school bad boy
  • Is not so secretly shy bean
  • Becomes hell soft and shy around eunwoo
  • Has the biggest crush on eunwoo
  • Basically eunwoo’s #1 fan
  • Eats in class
  • Skips class to go get food
  • Once showed up to class with a large pizza
  • Ate the whole thing by himself before the class ended
  • Refuses to wear uniform
  • Would have that one teacher whose room he would always be in even when their was class going on
  • Would actually help that teacher clean and grade
  • Pretends to hate school but secretly loves his literature class
  • Unorganized af
  • Backpack/locker is cluttered with papers dating back to 6th grade?????


  • Sophomore
  • Very quiet in class
  • Barely pays attention and never studies
  • Somehow still gets all A’s
  • Gets reputation as mysterious loner kid
  • Really he is just shy and doesn’t know how to make friends
  • Was upset school didn’t have dance club
  • Decided to start his own
  • Totally oblivious to the tol freshman that has taken to following him around
  • Once snuck a puppy into class after finding it on the side of the road on his way to school
  • Got caught when puppy barked
  • When asked why his bag was barking he answered “that’s not my bag”
  • Took the puppy home and named it swag
  • Watches music videos and dance practices on his phone during class


  • Tol freshmen that often hangs out with upperclassmen
  • Sweet child beloved by teachers
  • Until paired with mj
  • Then becomes devil child
  • Teachers fear having them in the same class
  • Tries very hard to befriend rocky
  • Succeeds
  • Steals everyone else’s lunch instead of buying/bringing his own
  • Joined dance club after he found out rocky was in it
  • Brings guitar to class
  • Gets detention from being too loud and disturbing the class
  • Gets out of detention by acting cute
  • Upperclassmen girls think he is adorable and dote on him
  • Uses this to his advantage
  • Always has bruises on his knees because his legs are too long and hit the underside of the school desks all the time
  • Super sassy to teachers and upperclassmen but somehow gets away with it

thank you @incorrect7teen for helping me write this

Mystery Snack Dealer // Park Minhyuk


the prompt: I’d love to see something with a teacher!au where he (preferably rocky) sneaks into your room during his free period and leaves you cute snacks in the faculty room fridge and eventually your students start to push the two of you to actually date

words: 5273

category: lots of fluff and minimal angst

author note: this is my submission for the aroha fic exchange! to whoever’s request this is, i hope you enjoy it!

– destinee

Originally posted by baeunwoo

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Astro Reaction: To you falling asleep on their shoulder

Note: Hi, I’m new here. Please send requests or feedbacks ~ Hope you like it!

P.S. Gifs are not mine. Credits to the owner.


He would try to resist laughing or giggling because of how cute you are. He’ll do everything not to wake you up even if he wants to take a picture of you. Members would give him teasing looks and he’ll act all innocent while smiling really wide. Jinjin would secretly take candid pictures while Mj adores you and shows them to Mj afterwards. He ended up making it his wallpaper.


You tried not to fall asleep, but you immediately crashed into his shoulders. He would try to make you more comfortable while trying not to move just so you could sleep. He’ll end up sleeping and will lean his head on top of yours. When he woke up, he received a lot of teasing from the members. “Hyung, ask her on a date already! ~,” Sanha whispered.


It would happen while you guys are watching movies. He would be really surprised when your head touches his shoulder. Since he’s way taller than you, he’ll slowly slide down, to make you feel more comfortable. He would be all shy at first, but when he noticed that you’re cold, he would wrap/embrace his arms around you. He would be quite proud of himself, but deep inside his heart’s bursting. Rocky would wink at him and will give him thumbs up while he smiles sheepishly.


Moonbin would be similar to MJ. He always likes to film his members while sleeping so I think he would take a video (with filter) and sends them to Astro’s group chat. “Woahh ~ Binnie, I’ll forward this to her!” MJ would tease him. Moonbin would end up waking you up by moving his legs (because he’s scared that MJ would really forward it to you). *acts innocent*


He convinces you to have a Goblin marathon with him because it’s his favourite. Since you’re really tired and you slept late last night, you accidentally fell asleep on his shoulder. He would feel guilty at first, but noticed how you’re sleeping and slightly snoring… he’ll freak out because of how cute you are and will probably smile widely. He ended up carrying you to your room and made sure that you’re warm.


This cute little beagle would be shocked and might end up asking his hyungs if he should move you and his hyungs would quietly shake their heads. He would be blushing so bad, but secretly wants you to stay right there forever because he loves your scent and everything. “Ohh~ maknae!” He would hear the rest of the members on the other room.

rhps retail AU where the story is centered around the J.C. Penny’s in Denton? yes

Frank - the elusive store manager. 60% of the customers who “want to talk to the manager” never get their wish. the remaining 40% never cause any issues in the store again.

Riff & Magenta - have been working retail for years. it has made them cold, and it has made them dangerous. all they want is to leave the planet and maybe kill their boss in cold blood- relatable content.

Columbia - that one perky employee. so perky. how is she so perky? what is she? will cry on long shifts, though.

Eddie - problem customer. only comes by to shoplift and/or flirt with Columbia. has been kicked out of the store no fewer than 3 times to date.

Brad & Janet - a nice young couple who came in to set up a cute & affordable wedding registry. a little terrified by everyone else in the store, but gosh isn’t the manager really helpful? not that they asked, but…

Rocky - the hot new clerk. definitely not hired for his clerking abilities. may or may not be a mannequin from the activewear section brought to life in some inhumane after-hours mad science experiment by the manager. does not deserve to be working retail, but sometimes the world is cruel.

Dr. Scott - wants to talk to the manager.

Rocky, Slytherin

Defining Trait: Ambitious
Rocky has got all the makings of a great Slytherin. Sure, he may be a bit more gentle and pure-hearted than your average Slytherin, but he has got just the right amount of determination and resourcefulness to make up for it. He wants to be the best at what he does, and he is well on his way to achieving that.

What about pre-shance where the two found other versions of Lance from other realities and they figure out that out of every Lance in the same room, only (canon)Lance is not in a relationship with Shiro?

Lance (A) is carrying a little girl in his arms who is later introduced to them to be his three-year-old daughter with his husband, Shiro (A), who is working as a police officer in their reality(Shance (A) can be a little older??)

Lance (B) is in his garrison uniform, which means he is already going out with Shiro (B) back at the Galaxy Garrison, but in secret, as Shiro (B) was just recently promoted to be a senior officer there.

Lance © is not only an Altean, but also Allura’s younger brother which makes him a royal prince, while Shiro © is a Galran/Human prince who’s betrothed to Allura © but is in love with the younger brother instead (discussed some bits of this AU with @bijellyfishy and I had a really great time~<B)

Lance (D) is…, I’m not sure how to explain this but his Shiro died???(Okay, originally this was supposed to be Shiro (D) with his Lance being dead while he explains that the team (D) especially he and the blue lion have been mourning over him. Idk how to sort this one out but I just love the angst it brings)

I’m not sure what other Lance(s) I’d wanna add to this but yeah, that’s the idea :) and also, I kinda thought of having the Shiro(s) from the Lance(s)’ separate realities to join them.


It means a lot to have the Charger’s motto on the walls of a neighborhood.

It means the drug dealers shies well away from the neighborhood, encouraged by stories of bloody horns and exploding trashcans. It means the women walks a little safer at night, armed with hidden knives and little tricks to incapacitate and escape. It means less gifted children gets taken away to Circle Institutions, even though their methods of evasion are sometimes questionable (What staff? It’s a crooowbar!). It means families without medical insurance worry less, and people who got in the crossfire of the Apostate and Renegade gang fightings need not bleed out in the streets. It means there is a silent guardian watching children play in the streets, and someone to keep the teens busy with basketball and sewing lessons to keep them from joining the more violent city gangs.

It might also mean ‘signs of gang activity’ in reports to his supervisors, but Officer Rutherford only smiles at the writing on the wall as he went on with his daily patrol.

Welcome To D. Store! - ASTRO D. Store AU - Baby「 Prologue」
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 1557
Summary: Bright Neon lights flash before you. A new attraction had been added to your street, however, it received little attention and promotion. The fact that it was so unspoken about piqued your curiosity, but before you could consider turning back and ignoring it, a friendly voice called you, inviting you in. With that offer, you couldn’t help but take a look. As you step through the doors, you are greeted with 5 other voices.”Welcome to Dream Store!” 

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Internet Friend! Minhyuk

Dongmin | Moonbin


Originally posted by taesual

  • I think the two of you would be mutuals for a while before either of you would reach out to each other
  • Like you would be tagged in one of those “Get To Know Me Better” posts
  • And you would be super courageous and tag him in it
  • After that, he would finally message you
  • Minhyuk would be shy at first, not asking for your number until you had known each other for a while
  • But once you exchanged numbers you would talk a l l  t h e  t i m e
  • ALL
  • THE
  • TIME
  • Phone or Skype calls almost daily
  • You two talking for hours and hours on end about nothing in particular
  • Like you would be skyping and suddenly your alarm would go off for the day
  • And you would realize that you spent the entire night talking
  • Minhyuk getting super shy and adorable whenever you compliment him or call him handsome
  • And it’s super fucking cute
  • Possibly the cutest shit in the world
  • Actually it’s definitely the cutest shit in the world
  • Like there’s no question
  • Minhyuk visiting you for the first time and being super nervous
  • Minhyuk trying to take Bin with him
  • Like dude, you need to do this on your own
  • Him being super shy and bashful when you first meet
  • Really shyly telling you how pretty you are
  • I can imagine him blushing and playing with his fingers a lot
  • And just being super smiley and kinda awkward at first
  • But then you start talking and you kinda don’t stop
  • Like the two of you will be sitting on your bed or the couch or something and just talk and make stupid jokes
  • And then for the first time you hear him laugh in person and it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve heard
  • And his smile is just so genuine and contagious
  • Like you can’t see his smile without smiling yourself
  • Telling each other everything
  • One night while you two were talking, it was getting really late and you just sorta leaned your head on his shoulder and fell asleep
  • And he was internally screaming because he had no idea what to do
  • So he just kinda awkwardly wrapped his arm around you
  • After he does that, you cuddle up to his side and he pulls you closer because he thinks it’s just so cute
  • After that night you two are a lot more skinshippy 
  • Not really around people as much but you’re definitely like that at night when you’re having one of your late night talks
  • You’ll lean against his chest with his arms wrapped around you, his face buried in the crook of your neck while he plays with your fingers
  • And you’ll just stay like that for a while, having the same conversations as when you were on the phone
  • But now you’re so much more comfortable around each other that the conversations flow so much easier
  • Minhyuk cooking for you
  • Everybody telling you that you should be a couple
  • The two of you being super shy about how you really feel because you’re both fairly new to relationships and long distance is very difficult
  • But the day he has to leave and go back home, he tells you how he feels about you and promises to take you on a proper date the next time he saw you
  • Even as your relationship grew, he still blushed every time you complimented him
  • Skyping or FaceTiming becoming a must
  • Like every single day
  • Even though you two don’t get to spend every minute together, you always make sure to talk to each other regardless of what’s going on
  • Minhyuk making it a point to tell you how much you mean to him every day because he doesn’t think you should go a day without hearing it. 
silly things boyfriend astro do 😝

MJ: calls you in the middle of the night to say he misses you

Jinjin: randomly turns up to your house and say “i’m hungry cook for me”

Eunwoo: calls you over just to watch minions with him

Moonbin: pokes your shoulder and look away pretending it wasn’t him

Rocky: awake one second and fall asleep in the middle of a sentence while skyping

Sanha: gives you one of his hoodie to keep when he’s away and ask for your hoodie in return as well

a/n: sorry for the lack of update guys!! still tryna adjust to my new school for these past weeks! anw hope you lovely ppl are doing fine as well :)) and is anyone hella excited for astro comeback??!!!!!

S/O!AU Moodboard_Rocky|라키| of Astro for anon [Coffee Date]
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Smut: 💫 Fluff:🌟 Angst:⚡️ Personal Favorite:💛  Completed Series: Italicized

Kim Seokjin


💫⚡️ The Bitch Next Door: 01


⚡️ Forever

💫⚡️ New Rules

Min Yoongi


💫⚡️ Brat: 01 02 03


💫 Dick and Mortified

⚡️ We’ve Got You ft. Hoseok

Jung Hoseok


🌟  Soar

⚡️ I’m Fine

⚡️ We’ve Got You ft. Yoongi

💫⚡️ Idle Worship

💫 I’m Not Him

Kim Namjoon


💫⚡️ The Runaways: 01 02


💫⚡️ Fly Away

💫 Buzz

Park Jimin


💫🌟⚡️💛 Greek Gods: Poseidon


⚡️🌟 The Boy by the Sea

💫🌟 Good Catch

💫🌟⚡️💛 Star Light, Star Bright ⚡️

💫 In The Middle ft. Taehyung

Kim Taehyung


⚡️ Dirty Little Cheat

💫 Vixen

💫 Hey There, Roomie

💫 In The Middle ft. Jimin

Jeon Jungkook


💫⚡️💛 Tantalizing: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

💫⚡️💛 Sound the Alarms: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

💫⚡️💛 Greek Gods: Ares


⚡️ Perfect Enough

🌟⚡️💫💛 Énouement | Mulan!AU

💫 Rocky Road

💫 Baby Boy

💫 Say My Name

⚡️ The Shoebox


💫🌟⚡️💛 Greek Gods: Prologue Poseidon Ares

Astro Reaction To You Having Tattoos But A Sweet Personality

here you go <3 (this is in bullets)


Originally posted by astrodaily

  • when he first met you he thought you were an angel
  • sweet personality, cute laugh, ummm you’re adorable ok???
  • he always thought you were cuddly teddy bears, kittens and puppies, unicorns, you know…
  • then when you went on the stage with your rock band he would be like
  • W O A H 
  • I  T H I N K  I  F E L L  I N  L O V E
  • so like backstage when you get off the stage he’s in awe at your performance
  • he compliments you incessantly like “omg you were so good” and “sTEP ON ME YOURE PERFECT”
  • and you just laugh cutely and he’s like (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • and then you two go on a date bc you think jinjin is rlly kyoot too
  • and on the first date you decided to show him your tattoos
  • you show him your favorite one which is a rose on your shoulder, a dragon on your neck, some quotes hidden on your body, and basically everything that means a lot to you and is your soul
  • and at first he’s taken aback bc he never thought you to be such an edgy person
  • but now that he knows he feels closer and more in love than ever
  • he’s t o u c h e d you showed them to him and he’s even considering getting a tattoo now too

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