ASTRO Reaction To You Being In Need Of Comfort And Support

I’ve got a reaction request for ya, if you’re up for it. I’ve had a shitty couple of days–like the kind of days where everything goes wrong and you just want to avoid everyone and just sleep or cry or both. So how about a reaction to being in need of comfort, support, or cheering up? For any of your groups (unless I have to pick)

BTS Version, GOT7 Version


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When you were unusually quiet at dinner, Jinwoo would immediately know something was up. You didn’t like wasting the little time you got with him complaining, so you decided to keep your bad day to yourself. But he was able to open you up, and the evening evolved into you ranting about whatever was bothering you as he listened.

“I don’t want you to keep these things to yourself, okay? You should be able to lean on me. I don’t care how I spend my time, as long as it’s with you.”


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He’s not the group’s mood-maker for nothing. Just from the tone of your voice he knew you were upset, but he didn’t push it. A little while after your nightly phone-call had ended, your phone blew up with pictures from Myungjun. He wouldn’t say anything about your mood directly, but you knew he was trying to cheer you up.

“Don’t forget to smile today, Y/N~ I love you!”


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Eunwoo would be similar to Myungjun’s, where he’d notice but not directly say anything. He would love to hug you and make you feel as loved as possible, but he couldn’t do that threw a laptop screen. But you can bet that the next few days you’d find random bouquets of flowers at work/school, and even your house.

“Did you get another bouquet today? Send me a picture, I wanna see you holding them.”


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Your mildly-aggressive entrance into the apartment had caught him off guard, and he just listened as you snapped at one of your coworkers/schoolmates over the phone. Once you hung up, you felt his arms wrap around your waist and his hands finding their way beneath your shirt so he could rub your stomach. He’d only talk if you wanted to, just resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Oh, that’s who you were talking to? Yeah, they’re a bit rude. No wonder you got so upset.”


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I don’t know whether or not Minhyuk would notice right away, especially if you’re good at keeping your emotions bottled up and he’s busy. He’s so hardworking that he seems to get a bit of tunnel-vision every now and then when it comes to what he does. But I guarantee the second he noticed he’d be doing everything to make you feel better - he might even do aegyo if you were feeling particularly awful.

“You want me to…what? Aegyo? …Fine, just for you. No pictures!”


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Unless you explicitly told him about how bad your day was, he wouldn’t notice. But there would be days when he didn’t even need to notice, just being around him would make your bad mood disappear. If you did tell him, he’d do whatever you ask to make you smile and laugh.

“C’mon Y/N, take a picture with me! Look how cute we are with this filter!”

Please send in requests, everyone~


I’m your father, Yo! ft. MJ describing Rocky



                                                        H A P P Y R O C K Y D A Y
Happy birthday to our resident reliable rock Park Minhyuk (Rocky). I honestly hope that people stop sleeping on him, because he deserves so much more than he is getting. Rocky is good at everything: he can dance, rap, has amazing vocals, writes great lyrics, acts, is soft an nice, borderline weird, exTRA, handsome. I honestly can’t imagine a better choreography for morning call or fireworks than the one he created. A multi threat. A full package. Thank you for being born, Park Minhyuk.