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This is a different person. I was recently dumped by my boyfriend. He felt the relationship wasn't growing, but I disagree. I thought it was full of life and was prospering. We have always been a gamer couple, had weekly date nights as we've always been long distance. We were together for four years, about to start our 5th one before he ended it. I was going to move in with him in May. I'm just really confused with his actions and was wondering if you had any insight.

i’m really, really fucking sorry about what happened. i really am. look: you have to be strong. no matter how broken you are right now, you have to remain strong. do not beg him to change his mind because you’ll lose even more value in his eyes (the value of your stock will plummet to zero). okay? good! now listen to me, listen carefully b/c what i’m about to share with you… you won’t find anywhere else… i promise. here’s the truth: most guys never give women the REAL reason why they break up with them b/c they’re cowards/pussies/turds. but i’m gonna tell you the secret/real reason: most guys break up with women because they’re BORED (unless his woman is a psycho). i’ve met thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of straight, gay, & bi-sexual men in my life and they all bail b/c they’re bored… they’re ready to move on… to conquer new lands. they want to experience new things. it’s why men watch porn all the time (they just don’t tell you) because they want to experience a new woman every night. here’s the thing, men aren’t like women where they invest their mind, body and soul into the relationship. it’s because they’re hardwired differently. this internet-based society is making men lazy. they don’t need women any more for sex/entertainment/love because they can get it from porn/video games/mom. it’s the truth. but you won’t read this shit in books. i lived in las vegas for over 2 years and all my buddies were club promoters. i’ve had to entertain clients that flew in from all parts of the world. most of these men were married with kids. first thing they wanted to do was hit up the strip clubs. so… back to you. this is about YOU, not him. i could care less about him. he made a huge mistake by letting you go. this is ‘you’ time baby girl. you need to work on you, immediately. you see… men are not attracted to women that are easy/weak; they may get them, but they won’t keep them. it’s a fact. so… go out with friends, get a night job at a bar, visit a national park, drink shit tons of boba, get out of the fucking house and get some fresh air. always be moving, always be doing, always be loving yourself even when you feel ugly. you need to work on becoming a strong/independent woman. you need to be able to stand on your own two feet. this shit ain’t gonna be easy but it’ll be worth it. you gotta hang in there… you gotta do it for your future partner who won’t bail on you when they’re bored. don’t think about the present you, think about the YOU that’s waiting for you in the future. be strong for that person. i have faith in you.


p.s. do this: go buy a t-shirt that you know a guy would compliment you on (anime shirt or something) and wear that in public. go out as much as possible wearing the same shirt until a guy compliments you on it. if he’s the one, you’ll know. get his number. there’s nothing wrong with a woman asking for a guy’s number.

p.p.s. i wanna fly to you and give you the biggest fucking hug in the whole universe. i really do. again, i’m sorry about what happened.

p.p.p.s. you’re rockstarr. you got this!

Part 3 for serial killer calum? :)

AN You guys and demon Luke and serial killer Calum, just your faves huh? I’ve never done a part three to things, but it’s super cool, so don’t worry about it. Here is part one, and here is part two. ALSO GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS! IT’S INTERNATIONAL ASHTON DAY! Our little tiny baby is now 21 and can drink in the US I’m gonna cry it makes me so sad. But also happy cause he’s happy. Happy international Ashton day, friends. Enjoy the imagine xx

Calum’s POV

Y/N was sitting in the car next to me. She hadn’t fallen asleep since I drugged her at her house, but I was getting tired. I wasn’t going to switch off, that’s for sure. I needed more rockstarr, I already drank three.

“So am I ever going to get pants?” she asked from the passenger seat.

“Don’t you ever sleep?” I raised my eyebrow. We haven’t spoken until now. She was surprisingly quiet.

“After all that drugging you did to me I feel like I could be awake for weeks.”

I nodded and turned my attention back on the road. “So am I going to get pants, or what?”

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“Mike and I were friends. As a producer, it is hard for me to be close to the people I work with. For some reason I stay close friends to the women I have recorded (no hanky-panky) however the guys…I think they treat me like I am a drill Sargent in the Army. Mike was not like that. He was always warm and friendly . Out of the whole band, I was most close to him. I like to think that when we die our spirits just move on to a better place. I imagine Mike and Layne still playing music but now with people like Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon etc. I will think of Mike and miss him until the day I die. After that I will produce him again!” - Dave Jerden (AIC Producer)