#TBT I used to work digital almost exclusively and did a lot of paintings for fun. I also spent hours upon hours playing Red Dead Redemption. My Xbox was basically a red dead arcade machine. I loved that game in every way. I played through the single player multiple times and found some really fun people for the multiplayer. We were never officially a posse, but just a group that would rather play on the same side rather than against each other. #boatwrightartwork #reddeadredemption #rockstargames #western #xbox #cowboy #cintiq #wacom

With the PC release of GTA V right around the corner, I decided to make a new Vinesauce crew for PC players. Our official Vinesauce crew is full at the moment and the leader of that crew, whom was a regular, has been inactive in the community (Last I’ve heard anyways). With the entire crew being console players, it would be worth a shot to have a crew just consisting of PC players.

Feel free to join the crew if you do plan to play with the community:

If you are already part of the original Vinesauce crew, please stay in it. The benefit you’ll have being there is the emblem, because they fixed the custom emblem exploit. :c


I go to play GTA5 and find this lol. A dildo turned on and actually in motion 😂😂😂 #grandtheftautoonline #gta5 #wtf #funnyvideos #lmfao #rockstar #rockstargames #videooftheday #hilarious #gamer #xbox #igers #_ #checkitout #checkthisout #mademyday #togoodtobetrue

ICNY is proud to be a partner and official apparel provider of the race officials and volunteers of the Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.8.

Thank you to our presenting sponsor @rockstargames, co-sponsors @cinelli_official @girosportdesign @castellicycling @ffwdwheels @timbuk2 @tacxexperience @asssavers @racycles @sellesanmarco @intelligentsiacoffee @sixpointbrewery #moversnotshakers and partners @m2.mquadro @raakachocolate @wingedstore @slideluck @icnysport @prettydamnedfast #bkfiber @fifocycle

For more information visit us at Only 10 more days until April 25th!

illustration by The Rock Instrument Bureau (@gianlucafallone)
design by Jonah Birns (@jonahbirns)

#redhookcrit #rhcbk8 #rhcchampseries #rockstargames