How breathtaking is this jewelry combination?! The “Gem Kolo” seam ring from BVLA: Rose Gold ring topped with a row of 15 1mm White CZs, which boasts its own accent row of 7 more 1.5mm White CZs - it’s a CZ-splosion!! ….I promise I won’t ever say that again…. Nevertheless, it really is a brilliant display of beautiful beauty when paired with this Rose Gold “Mini Toltec”. I need to see this in a face. Who can make my dream a reality?


Like any other hot-blooded piercing studio manager, I’ve always had sort of a “thing” for Anatometal jewelry - then I saw these. All hope is lost - it’s a full-fledged head over heels situation. Sometimes Blue, sometimes Purple, deep and yet bright, sparkly and perfect Tanzanite surrounded by a pinwheel of Lavender Marquise. Gorgeous!

My ears and I thank you kindly, Anatometalites. Every time I wear them I’ll think of you :-*

Opals on opals on opals!! Alyssa came in today to get her ear cartilage pierced and chose this amazing Lt. Purple Opal and Amethyst cluster, along with a 4mm White Opal to accent it - both from our talented friends and lovers at Anatometal. Our resident tall drink of water, Jay Pond, was lucky enough to do this piercing, and it really came out beautifully! Thanks Alyssa and Jay!!

And that HAIR!! We have a new crush :)

Fresh ear flat with a 16g Anatometal Threaded Cluster. We love the way the shape of the cluster goes so smoothly with the curves of her ear!

5-month-old Daith piercing accented by a 2.5mm CZ Captive Gem by Industrial Strength.

Both performed by our own Kelly Carvara. We love sparkly ears!!!


After months of waiting, Teegan finally got to come in yesterday and get her Septum pierced! She came by the shop back in November and picked out this schmancy I.S. Titanium Septum Clicker #6 with Lavender, Tanzanite and Amethyst stones. Such a beautiful combo - especially with her pink locks! Thanks Teegan, and Happy Belated Birthday! 

It’s Cluster Mania these days, and we’re more than happy to do our part :)

Anatometal threaded squiggly (technical term) shaped cluster with Faceted White Opal center gems, fading out to Pink on one end and Blue on the other. A wave of sparkling pastels to catch all the early spring light - finally!


More implant grade titanium clusters in from Anatometal! We’ve got a little bit of everything for you: earthy neutrals, not-to-be-ignored opals, even some bullets! 

Variations in gem size and color on a single piece of jewelry can really make a piercing pop and stand out from the crowd. Not to mention that they’re just really, really beautiful. Swing by and get first pick!