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“slurred words”

Send “slurred words” to hear my muse describe yours whilst ridiculously drunk.

“Have you ever met a chick that was really really really fucking crazy? That’s  Illyan- Illyana” he stumbled over her name a little, gesturing with the drink in his hand. “She tried to fuckin’ argue with Wanda Maximoff and is still alive like what the fuck how do you even….” he trailed off, shaking his head. “Fucking crazy man.” 


“Oi. Reiji, where the hell have you been?” Back arched against the couch, an eyebrow quirked slightly and gazed at the brunet with an irritated look. Legs crossed as his heels rested on the table, where had his friend gone too anyway? Far as he’d been aware, his bandmate had not gotten another job? Unless it was a single job.

He tsked harshly and gazed away. Wasn’t his job to keep an eye on him but… Ranmaru ran his fingers through his hair. 

“Whatever. I’ll make some dinner if you want.”


I know I have so many ask your otp questions left but how could I resist this one?! <33