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Happy 70th Birthday, Marianne Faithfull! ✨

It’s barely morning in my timezone and the press is already sprouting bullshit in their articles about your birthday. It seems not much has changed since you were born 70 years ago on the outskirts of London, and later, by accident, became a pop singer, actress, rockstar girlfriend, muse, also wife and mother.

People like to see you as an icon, as something of the past and invent all kind of myths about you. But you are a working artist, a musician, in your own words. Luckily in recent years many have caught on to this fact and finally appreciate you for your amazing work in music and acting.

Marianne, thank you for over half a century of music and acting, for being strong in the face of misogyny and stupid journalists, for being so appreciative of your fans, for your amazing concerts. I hope you get to spend a beautiful day with your loved ones. Happy Birthday.


Me Without You: Alex Gaskarth: Part 12: FINALE 

Part 11

A/N: The final part for this series! Send in requests because I kinda have no idea who to write about now. I hope you guys enjoyed this series! Btw, I skipped the whole pregnancy part because I didn’t know how to write it and the whole thing just kinda freaks me out. Anyway, enjoy and send in requests! -Profane xx

You walked around the bus, searching for your newborn son’s left shoe. Alex didn’t want to leave you guys behind in Baltimore so now; you and the kids would tour with him. You had your son Noah resting on your hip and he was sucking on his pacifier. “My turn!” Someone yelled. You turned and Jack grabbed Noah from you as you still searched for your son’s shoe. “Where’s this damn shoe!” You yelled. “Y/N…” Jack mumbled behind a laugh. “His shoe is on his foot and the other one is in your hand…” You looked down and laughed. “Well, don’t I feel stupid.” You slipped on Noah’s left shoe and Jack walked off and out the bus with him. You followed him out and took in the heat from the site of Warped Tour. You scanned the area and saw the two neighboring bands, Pierce The Veil and Sleeping with Sirens.

You spotted Alex across the way, speaking to fans and jealousy grew within you once you noticed and fake blonde with big boobs rubbing on him. You started to stomp your way towards him and stopped behind him. “Please, can you stop rubbing on me?” He told the girl. “Why? Don’t you like it?” She bit her lip seductively and Alex shook his head politely pushed the girl off. She didn’t take no for an answer. She started rubbing on him again and you stepped in. You pushed the girl off Alex, “Excuse me, but this is my husband.” She scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Yeah right. I’m his biggest fan and I’m hot. Plus, why would he like a girl with scars on her skin?” You were taken back by the last statement and felt tears forming in your eyes. 

“Leave now.” You heard Alex growl besides you. The girl furrowed her eyebrows and stepped forward to touch Alex’s arm. Alex stepped back, pulling you with him by your waist. “You’re no fan of mine if you talk to my wife that way.” Alex called Flyzik and security escorted the girl off the grounds. You sighed and ran your hand through your messy hair, “It’s okay babe. I love you and every single thing about you.” Alex whispered in your ear while hugging you from behind. “I love you too, Alexander.” You whispered. You guys walked off hand-in-hand and walked to main stage where Jack, Zack, and Rian were waiting with Nathan, Nikola, and Noah. You took Noah from Rian’s arms and kissed each of the guys on the cheek before they went on. You and the kids watched as the crowd sang along and jumped along with the guys. 

You couldn’t be more proud of Alex. Nikola tugged on your shirt and you kneeled down to her side. “Mommy, I want to go out there with daddy.” She asked. “You can’t, baby. He’s playing.” She pouted and crossed her arms. The next thing you saw was Nikola running out onto the stage and Nathan following her while the guys talked about dicks, the usual. “Fuck.” You mumbled. “Hey!” Alex said into the mic. Nathan ran to Jack and Jack held him in his arms as Alex held Nikola. “Guys! These are my kids Nikola and Nathan. But, we’re missing one more.” Alex said. “Where is that handsome lady killer!” Jack yelled. Flyzik pushed you out onto the stage and you awkwardly walked out with Noah in your arms. Alex gave you Nikola as he took Noah. “Say hi to the sexy motherfuckers out there, Noah.” Noah gave a little wave to the crowd and all the teenage girls screamed. “This next song is dedicated to my kids and of course, the woman who helps complete this big dysfunctional family, y/n! She takes care of these 3 little ones and still has time to clean up after us, mostly Jack though.” You laughed and took Noah from Alex’s arms and kissed his lips. “Hey! It’s not my fault she babies me!” Jack yelled. You walked off stage and nodded your head as you watched the guys run around stage and Nikola and Nathan joined them in the chaos. You sighed and a cheeky, little smile was on your face.

When you were younger, you had imagined marrying a doctor or a lawyer, moving to the suburbs, having two kids, and having a big house of your own. You life was now having two kids of your own, an adoptive child, married to a rockstar, traveling around the world and states, and taking care of kids and 4 guys and you had to admit, you enjoyed every minute of it. You loved watching Alex and the guys play every night; you loved how accepting the guys were of having Alex’s kids and wife on every tour, and you loved being a rockstar’s wife. You didn’t care about the hate from fans, or the fact that your kids would be homeschooled. They loved life on the road and so did you. Who knows where you would’ve been if you hadn’t gone to the park that day? Or if you didn’t meet Alex at the pumpkin patch? Or if he didn’t come for you on Christmas Eve? You didn’t want to imagine it because you loved living the life of a rockstar wife. And mostly, you loved the big dysfunctional family of your kids, Alex, the guys, and even the crew. You couldn’t ask for anything more.


Cheater (Luke)

In which a rockstar cheats on his wife of eighteen years, tearing their family apart and ruining his daughter’s happiness…

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