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Friendly reminder that Newt and Hermann managed to go into the Drift together without getting carried away in their own or each other’s memories, they stayed focused on the task at hand despite the fact that it was extremely painful and they were bleeding and throwing up.

(Ughhhhhh so great that they were that Drift compatible ughhhhhhhh)

(Also this is in no way meant to shame Mako for not reacting that well to the Drift, it was her first time and the situation was nowhere near as dire when she went into the Drift. It didn’t make her weak, it’s a strenuous process and her first time)

I need to fix the ending to pacific rim okay? okay

So in the movie novelization it says that Newton and Hermann hugged and then high-fived.  No. Just No. This will not stand.  I’m just gonna go ahead and fix this travesty, right now. Everything in italics is a quote from the novelization. 

“The LOCENT erupted in cheers, and tears of exhausted relief.  Newt and Gottlieb embraced, and then, in a move that silenced the cheers momentarily in the LOCENT they kissed.  They broke apart briefly when Newt noticed Tendo accepting a cigar from one of the Jaeger Techs.  At Tendo’s smirk Newt simply shrugged and went back to kissing Hermann for all he was worth. 



Pairings: Newt Geiszler/Hermann Gottlieb

Rating: G

Word Count: ~1.9k

Warnings: None. Rule 3, femslash (don’t worry, there are no name changes)

Summary: Newt’s mom has been hounding her about being single, like it’s an actual thing to be worried about what with the apocalypse really fucking nigh. Seriously, mom? Grandkids? The only thing that will be spawning anytime soon is another kaiju from the Breach. Anyway, Newt sort of tells her that she’s dating Hermann, for some reason. Just to get her off her back or whatever. But it doesn’t matter, because Hermann totally hates her. And she totally hates Hermann, too…right? Well if Hermann didn’t hate her before, so must now after seeing Newt tell her mom they were a thing in the Drift. Newt has never seen Hermann so mad and–oh. 


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