rockstar pants

When Aaron Tveit tries to be a real serious rockstar and wear jeans with the knees ripped and someone in the audience yells out that they like his knees right before a serious song…

My knees are very out tonight” … “both of them, its not even one, its both knees”… “What if I had like weird knees”… “OK this is a serious song now” (And someone yells that he has beautiful knees)

And then after the song he kneels down to get his water bottle cap and he goes “Oh thats a really… thats probably a really good knee shot right there, look at that

Post heavily inspired by @lovable22 picture series of this exact moment (x)

Sorry about my brief camera fail at the end blocking the phone - using both simultaneously was a bit challenging! I did get the pic though haha


junoflo: got my rockstar pants on


Aaron Tveit - Use Somebody (Kings of Leon)
Bethel Woods, NY
Sunday, August 28, 2016


Some of my faves from Aaron’s Belasco Los Angeles concert (more pics here)


Aaron Tveit - From Eden

House of Blues Boston
Saturday, August 27, 2016