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please imagine though. The first time Andrew goes to one of Aaron's patience's houses its like "Doctor Minyard? Is this a house call?" and oh my god she does not buy for one second that he's her doctor's twin. Nope. She didn't buy her doctor's tall tails about having a hall of fame athlete twin. Who would? And now the story is jumbled because the pro athlete is also a certified lawyer


i’m sorry but i have,,, to write this,,,,,,,,,,

  • the first case andrew takes gets some media attention
  • it’s been going on for some time with neither side conclusively really proving anything, which is why aaron keeps seeing the same person and is getting increasingly frustrated by being unable to help
  • but in official reports, andrew is referred to only as “mr. minyard” or “a. minyard” so no one knows which minyard it is
  • and in an interview, the defendant/patient says it’s aaron because… she genuinely believes andrew is aaron
  • he never introduced himself, it never occurred to him
  • and exy isn’t exactly popular outside of the right circles so why would anyone outside of it know that doctor minyard has a super sporty twin
  • in fact it’s not well-known at all that aaron is a doctor because the minyards are really private
  • so no one manages to fact check this
  • which means shitty news sites are all reporting about how amazing aaron minyard is, he’s simultaneously a doctor and a lawyer?? we knew he was smart but this is unreal!!
  • and it passes on
  • starts being mentioned in news articles on more legit pages on “where are they now?” articles
  • “aaron minyard, 37, is now a doctor and lawyer, focusing on individuals who are facing struggles with abuse-”
  • most often it’s mentioned in articles about neil or kevin, who the media are still obsessed with
  • which means
  • there are articles talking about andrew and neil’s relationship that mention as a sidenote that aaron is a lawyer
  • neil saves every single article that calls aaron a lawyer and literally cries laughing when he first finds out
  • no one bothers to correct the news
  • it becomes like a superman secret identity
  • (it only comes out when andrew uses aaron as a witness to the injuries his defendant sustained, and the gossip-blogs’ world is a Mess while everyone tries to edit past articles to pretend they hadn’t confused the twins)