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Do you think Yuzu's back is alright? He changed his slide in the short. At first I thought it was because he thought that he looks "uncool" doing it during competitons... but then he didn't do the biellmann spin today :( But then again he did his layback ina bauer. Maybe I am overthinking :/

I think the slide might have been cut short because he was in a rush during the StSq, because of the pop? Maybe? I don’t think he thinks it’s not cool…actually I think he loves the rockstar feeling lol

Regarding the Biellmann: he didn’t do it at ACI either at the beginning of the season and I think it was said later that he had some back problems. Might be because of that too. Back then it was probably due to him training 4lz, and since he has been training it recently, I guess it might be because of that. Maybe they didn’t want him to take an unnecessary risk, considering that he can reach level 4 even without that. I don’t think he’s not well and you shouldn’t worry too much imo, because his FS showed great physical condition. He didn’t lose steam at all and his whole FS was strong from the beginning to the end, which is pretty rare for him. Actually, beside his quick thinking on the layout, his stamina is what I’m most pleased about. I think I haven’t seen him in such great shape since GPF 2015, so it might be just a minor issue that’s bugging him :)

Last week I had this dream where I was at a wedding, and now that I think about I believe it may have been Middy’s wedding. I decided to head out back into those wooded area for who knows what but Johnny was just back there walking around looking at some bushes in a flower printed dress and rocking his man bun

i want to write you a song (1/?)

summary: In which Marinette can sing. Rockstar!Adrien AU.

notes: this one is for @sabinechengs because she asked for a rockstar!adrien AU and i finally relented. this was actually really difficult for me to write (probably because i haven’t properly written fic in almost a year lol) but i drew inspiration from @frostedpuffssinging marinette AU and also @awkwardnarturtle‘s addition to my post. i’m hoping this will be the first of many in a oneshot series but we’ll see how it goes.

** the song i had in mind for marinette’s song is actually where the title comes from. you can listen to it here. i also have alternate versions with several voices i imagine could be hers, which you can find here.

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Adrien blinks at the envelope in Nathalie’s outstretched hand. “This is from my father?”

Nathalie nods, clearing her throat almost nervously. “Yes, ah, he… had this especially made… for you.”

“Um… tell him, thank you – for me – I guess,” Adrien replies, grabbing the envelope – still in disbelief and still not quite sure what his father got for him. Definitely not a pen.

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