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Like I’m Dyin’

Rockstar Dean/Demon!Dean Winchester x Reader 

Small town singer Dean Winchester suddenly becomes a Vegas rockstar. Will his girlfriend be able to get back the simple man he once was?

Warnings: ANGST, double dose of SMUT, breath play, fluff, feels, alcohol, demeaning language, a moment of non-con which is resolved, angsty ending. 

A/N: This is for @bulletscrossbowpie’s AU Challenge/Rockstar. Also @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Challenge: D.D. by The Weeknd. I figured this was my chance to combine my fav version of Dean with my fav version of Jensen. So I give you, Rockstar Demon!Dean in leather. WC: 6238 On AO3

Gifs aren’t mine, but the concert pic in the aesthetic is from @stardustandmelancholy and the gifs/videos are from Tumblr and YouTube.

Hyattsville was a small town in western Kansas, known for it’s ‘biggest hay bale in America’ tourist trap and a former high school beauty queen turned national news anchor. I met the Winchester brothers one evening when I was getting coffee at a shop in town. They were singing at open mic night- the younger brother playing guitar as the older brother sang. He had an amazing, sultry voice that sent shivers down my arms. And the fact that he was absolutely gorgeous didn’t hurt either.

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Happy 70th Birthday, Marianne Faithfull! ✨

It’s barely morning in my timezone and the press is already sprouting bullshit in their articles about your birthday. It seems not much has changed since you were born 70 years ago on the outskirts of London, and later, by accident, became a pop singer, actress, rockstar girlfriend, muse, also wife and mother.

People like to see you as an icon, as something of the past and invent all kind of myths about you. But you are a working artist, a musician, in your own words. Luckily in recent years many have caught on to this fact and finally appreciate you for your amazing work in music and acting.

Marianne, thank you for over half a century of music and acting, for being strong in the face of misogyny and stupid journalists, for being so appreciative of your fans, for your amazing concerts. I hope you get to spend a beautiful day with your loved ones. Happy Birthday.

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Clained - Dean Winchester 

Now What - Dean Winchester

 Dean’s Gone When I’m Gone - Dean Winchester

I Hate Pie - Dean Winchester 

Hey Jude - Dean Winchester

The Works - Dean Winchester

30 Minutes- Dean Winchester 

My Girlfriends a Rockstar - Dean Winchester

A Guardian Angel - Dean Winchester 

Fuck You, Dean Winchester - Dean Winchester

Fuck You, Dean Winchester 2 - Dean Winchester 2

Daddy Issues - Dean Winchester 

Past and Present - Sam Winchester 

Talk Dirty to Me - Sam Winchester(SMUT)

Beauty - Sam Winchester 

Personal Delivery Boy - Castiel (Platonic) 

Idjits - Sam/Dean/Bobby (Platonic)

Ultimatum - Sam/Dean (Platonic) 

Movie Night- Sam and Dean (Platonic) 

Trick or Treat - Sam and Dean (Little Sister) 

Can You Feel It - Destiel 

Demon’s Love - Crowley

The Lover - Crowley

Dominance- Crowley(SMUT)

Break His Heart - Crowley

Girls Night Out - Abaddon 

The True Queen of Hell - Abaddon


Doctor Who

Let Her Go - 11th Doctor 

Indecent Exposure - 11th Doctor 

Harry Potter

Doing The Do, Almost - George Weasley 

Love Never Dies - Draco Malfoy



Secret Lovers - Oswald Cobblepott 



The Benefits of Living with Steve Rogers - Steve Rogers

Partners - Clint Barton 

Honeymoon Night - Loki 

Goodnight- Loki and Thor 

Hospital Visit Due - Bruce Banner

It’s a Friendship - Bruce Banner (SMUT-ish)

Something Special - Bruce Banner

Protective - Bruce Banner 

Only one ~pt.2

pairing: luke x reader

word count: 2,980

since this was SO REQUESTED i had to write another part to make u guys happy ((and dw i made it end how ik all of u want it to end))

hope u like it!! requests are always open and feedback is always appreciated x

in case you missed it here’s part 1

Tapping your fingers to an unfamiliar tune and glaring at Camryn across the table, you felt yourself wanting to get up and walk out of the restaurant. She was practically sitting in his lap, the way she clung to his arm desperately and demanding attention from him the whole time. You were sick of it. And the thought of just removing yourself from the situation and going home seemed like the best idea to you.

Thankfully, Michael’s girlfriend was much sweeter than Camryn, and with her sitting next to you, she noticed you were a little distant and annoyed. She gently nudged your elbow to get your attention. “Hey, are you okay?”

You shrugged. “I’m not really feeling too well.” You whispered to her, putting your hands in your lap uncomfortably.

“Is it because of…” She whispered and flickered her eyes over towards Camryn. You nodded your head, barely noticeable enough for her to catch it. “Do you wanna go outside and get some fresh air? I think that’d be good for you.” She said a bit louder, catching Michael’s attention.

“What’s up, babe?” He asked, looking up at Bella as she stood up and grabbed your hand.

“Y/N and I are gonna step outside for a second.” She announced, leaning down beside Michael’s head and whispering to him, extremely cautious that no one could hear, “She’s not feeling well since Camryn’s here.” He nodded, completely understanding your discomfort. 

“Bella, I don’t need to–”

“We’ll just be a couple minutes.” She told the group of friends, pulling you away from the table and to the front of the restaurant, out of earshot of them. 

You rolled your eyes as the two of you stepped outside. “Is this really necessary?” You groaned, crossing your arms in front of your chest.

“Yes, it is. Now, get all of your feelings out into the open. It’s not going to help keeping them bottled inside and just glaring at her the entire night.” 

“It could help if Luke noticed my glaring and realized he’s making a huge fucking mistake marrying that bitch!” You exclaimed, earning looks from the people waiting outside for a table to be available. 

Bella’s eyes grew wide. “He’s marrying her?” 

You nodded, swallowing the lump that formed at the mere thought of them getting married. “He’s asking her tonight.”

“Holy shit,” She could barely believe the news. “I didn’t know it was going to come this far.”

“Me neither.” You agreed, your voice small. “And here I was thinking he asked to fly me out for a few days for us to reconnect since she would be gone. At least I thought she’d be gone! He would always complain to me about her last year, and I hoped and prayed he would just grow some balls and dump her, despite what management said.”

“The whole reason she’s here is because of management. Camryn was only supposed to be a stunt for 2 years, then after that she would leave and we’d never see her again.” Bella explained.

“I know. And I don’t get why he’d want to still be with her after all this.” You nervously started to bite your nails, trying to think of any logical reason as to why Luke would propose to Camryn. You didn’t notice the tears forming in the corners of your eyes, threatening to spill at any moment. “Why didn’t I fucking realize I love him before she came into the picture?”

Bella placed a consoling hand on your shoulder. “Aw, hun it’ll be okay. I’m sure in a few months all of this will blow over and you’ll be on with your life and not worrying about Luke at all.”

“That’s the thing, I don’t want to move on with my life knowing he loves her and is spending her life with her and more importantly doesn’t care about our past and the fact that I was his whole life before her.” You ranted, tears streaming down your face as you quickly wiped them away. “I just need to leave and completely get him out of my life.”

That’s when Luke came outside, seeing you and Bella off to the side. He walked over to you, and immediately grew concerned seeing you crying like this. “Y/N? What’s wrong? I just came out here to see if you were okay–”

“She’s obviously not, Luke.” Bella said, pulling you into a hug and allowing you to cry into her shoulder. 

Luke sighed, feeling somewhat guilty even though he didn’t know why you were crying all of a sudden. “Is there any way I can help?” He asked, sad eyes burning into the back of your head as your heart trembled at the only answer: tell me you’re still in love with me even after all these years.

But that’s not what you said. You couldn’t bring yourself to be so selfish–to put your raw thoughts and feelings out into the open like that. You just pulled away from Bella, wiped your eyes and looked to Luke. “Can I just talk to you for a sec?” He nodded, looking between you and Bella, before she pat your back reassuringly and fled your presence. “Can we walk some? I don’t like being around people.”

Again, he nodded, stuffing his hands into his pockets and walking by your side down the sidewalk. “Something’s wrong.”

You sighed. “Yeah. But it’s just a stupid reason.”

“What is it?”

“There’s no point in telling you. It’s not like it’s going to make anything different.”

“It might.” 

You stopped in your tracks, looking up into his bright eyes and sighing once more. Telling him how you felt didn’t sound like the best idea; it wouldn’t change anything. He’s made up his mind, and he was happy with her. “I hate Camryn.”

He scoffed. “That’s pretty obvious.”

“I know.” You chuckled, clearing your throat. “But I don’t just hate her. I hate the idea of you and her…together…y’know, in love, and stuff.”

He looked at you quizzically, your confession surprising him some. “Since when have you had an opinion on love?”

Shrugging your shoulders, you looked away from him, down at your feet. “I’m warming up to the idea of it.”

“But when we were…you hated when I would…”

“Yeah I know.” You said bitterly, crossing your arms. “After I thought about it some, I lived a little, and figured out I was wrong. And it’s probably not the best time to be telling you this since you love Camryn but ever since I got here, I just can’t stand the fact that–”

He cut you off, pushing you up against the brick wall behind you and pressing his lips to yours. You didn’t know how to react at first, since the action was so sudden, but you soon found yourself melting under his touch, all the memories from when you were younger flooding back to you. The way his hand ran up your lower back to your shoulder. How soft his lips were against your own. The beating in your chest becoming harder and faster. All the feelings you experienced those years ago came back, and were way more intense. The passion was more intense–the love, more intense. 

But the moment you realized fully what was happening, you pushed him away. Just like you did back then.

“You love her. This isn’t right. I can’t be kissing you when you don’t love me.” You said, shaking your head over and over. 

“Oh but darling, that’s where you’re wrong. I loved you 4 years ago, and I still love you now. You know I loved you back then, the only reason I’m with the person I’m with today is because you kept doing exactly what you just did–rejecting me. Then you tell me you were wrong to reject me back then…only to just now do exactly that?”

“Luke, you’re dating Camryn! Even worse, you’re about to ask her to marry you! Does that mean nothing anymore?” 

He sighed, running a hand through his curly blonde locks. “It never really did mean anything. I’ve always been pressured to be in a relationship with her for publicity since management are horrible people, making me use a girl like that. And I don’t want 2 years invested in this relationship to go to waste. But Y/N, I have never felt the same for Cam as I do for you. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to hear you actually say that you loved me? Or at least tell me you were wrong for rejecting me like that in the past because you actually did have feelings for me?” You shook your head. “Up until this very moment. I thought something would change if I asked you to come spend a week with me.”

“I did too! But the second I saw her in that goddamn car at the airport, I was hopeless, Luke! How was I to compete with someone you’ve been in a relationship for over 2 years with–the little old crush you had all through high school, pining for the rockstar with a hot girlfriend and a perfect life.”

“You have never just been a little old crush to me, Y/N.” He said, silencing you. You just stared up into his eyes, confidently staring right back at you. “You have always been special to me.”

Looking away from him, you cleared your throat and sniffled some. “Well, I haven’t felt special to you for a very long time.”

“That’s something I can change.”

“Yeah, if you get Camryn out of your life.”

“You know it’s not that easy, darling.”

“If you still loved me like you did all those years ago, it would be.”

“Y/N, you know I love you.”

“Do I, though? Do I really know you love me?” You asked, sarcasm evident in your voice.

“If I didn’t love you, would I have flown you out here with the intention–the hope–that things would change if somehow you’d changed? If I didn’t love you, would I have came outside to make sure you were okay, despite me knowing fully the reason you and Bella left was because of me?” He took a step closer to you. “If I didn’t love you, would I have just spent the past 5 minutes expressing how I still love you, and savoring every second of the kiss we just shared?” 

You were speechless, not knowing how to respond to him. 

“But you know there’s nothing I can do about it now. My life is too complicated, too fake, too…predetermined, for my little old crush to handle, it seems. That, and the fact that me and Camryn’s relationship is tied to a contract I signed nearly 2 years ago.”

He took a step away from you, taking a deep breath, before turning on his heel and starting to walk back to the restaurant. You called out to him. “A contract that ends in a week.”

He looked back and shrugged. “Guess I called to fly you out just in time.” 

And with that, he didn’t say another word as the two of you walked back to the restaurant, and you remained silent for the remainder of the dinner, watching Luke and Camryn walk hand in hand out of the building. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at Luke, with nothing but a heavy heart; but then again, so was his.

It’s been 2 weeks since that night, which was also the night you packed your things and headed home, despite your stay initially planned out to be another 6 days. You didn’t talk to Luke since, nor any of his friends. It was as if you left without a trace, no one realizing you had gone, and no one really caring.

You tried to remove yourself from that group as best you could, not looking on any social media or checking up on them to see what they’re doing with their lives. Despite it only being 2 weeks, a lot has happened that you didn’t know about.

One, being the split of Camryn and Luke.

You still didn’t know of their split when Bella called you up, saying she wanted to check up on you and make sure you were okay. 

“Yeah, I’m doing fine, just dandy.” You said, crumpling the piece of paper you were brainstorming on and throwing it in the trashcan next to your desk. You thought about asking about Luke, but decided against it.

“You sure? You’re over him this quickly?” She asked, unconvinced.

And she had good reason to be, since you didn’t sound persuasive at all. “I mean, I will be. There’s no need to be worrying about me.”

“What have you done to help forget about him?”

You sighed. “Wallowed in my own self pity, eating ice cream and watching sappy romantic movies.”

“Y/N, you should get outside some! Don’t stay cooped away in your house forever. Y’know, when I got dumped by my last boyfriend, I went through all our old memories together and said one last goodbye to them. It actually gave me a ton of closure.”

You furrowed your eyebrows. “How do you do that?”

“I dunno, going through old pictures, visiting places that meant a lot to us, and just kind of meditating on those things before I made up my mind to disassociate him from them.”

It made some sense to you, and you did need somewhere to start with the whole erasing-Luke-from-your-life thing at some point. “Do I really want closure, though? Like what if–”

“No, I promise you, you’ll want closure. Maybe go visit the place you first kissed? Or maybe somewhere you had a memorable conversation of some sort…what about the place you first slept together?”

“Those are all back in LA. I don’t think he’s ever come out to New York for me before.”

“What about when you first moved to New York and he helped you move into your tiny apartment?” She brought up. “Y’know, the month before Camryn ruined everyone’s lives.”

She was right there. He knew when he would get back to LA that everything would be changed, since he signed the contract with management prior to you moving to New York. You have lived in between NYC and LA, but for the sake of your studies, you had to stay in New York. All your life, you’d lived in LA, and you needed a familiar face to help you get adjusted to your new home. And what better way to get adjusted than to christen the apartment with your best friend?

“I mean, I guess. But I can’t just move out of my apartment. This is my home, I’ve lived here for over 2 years; I can’t just move out over this.”

“Did you just stay in your apartment the whole time he was there?”

“We’re very antisocial, Bella. We don’t like going out in public.”

“That’s just a sad excuse for saying you guys were horny as fuck.”

You couldn’t help but laugh. “That too.”

“Look, I gotta go, but I really hope things get better for you. Call me if you need anything, hun.”

“I will. Thanks B.”


It was well into the night before the knock on your door came. And hours after Bella had hung up. The moon was high in the sky, a few stars managing to shine through the bright glare of the many city lights. But as you were reclined on your couch, feet kicked up and yet another drama on, there was a loud knock on your door. 

You groaned as you pushed yourself up off the couch, making your way to the door and annoyingly asking “Who is it?”

There was no answer until you opened the door and saw none other than Luke Hemmings standing on the other side. You gasped, your eyes nearly bugging out of your head. “Luke?”

“She saw.” He said, a grin crossing his face as if he was telling you the best news on the planet, unable to contain his excitement. “I didn’t even have to do anything.”

“What are you talking about, Luke?” You asked, clearly confused.

He stepped inside your apartment as you shut the door behind him, awaiting a further explanation. “She knows we kissed. Some fan took a video of it and posted it somewhere, and long story short she saw. She was so pissed you should’ve seen her reaction.”

You still were a bit confused, and you didn’t want to get your hopes up, but so far the news seemed to be in your favor. “So, what happened?”

“She asked if it meant anything to me.” He said, looking you intently in the eyes. “I told her it did. Lamryn is no longer a thing. She didn’t even suspect I would propose.”

A sigh of relief fell from your lips, escaping your chest and leaving you feeling happy. “That’s great. But what about management?”

“Oh my god, they thought it was the greatest thing. Me cheating on my long term girlfriend with my childhood best friend created so much publicity, I guess. And since the contract would’ve ended at the end of next week, they just thought it was better timing if our relationship ended now.” He explained, taking your hands up in his. “You do know what this means, right?”

You were hesitant, thinking you were taking this all wrong and you were way off, but you nodded. “I think, but I want to hear you say it.”

“It means, darling, that the stars have aligned, and the universe wants us to be together finally.” He said, kissing your nose. 

You smiled at his cheesiness. “Are you sure you aren’t just doing what management is wanting you to do?”

“Darling, management didn’t ask me to fall in love with you all those years ago.” He kissed both of your cheeks. “That was a choice on my part, and the timing just happened to be so perfect that they actually want what I want for once.”

And somehow, what happened next was exactly what you had always imagined. Luke and you, alone in private, in the last memorable place you two could remember, sharing an intimate moment. He gave your hands a reassuring squeeze, before dipping his head beside yours and placing a kiss under your ear. “Do you want this as much as I do?”

“If by this you mean–”

“Spending the rest of our terribly short lives on this planet together, just the two of us.” He finished your sentence, pulling away from you and looking into your eyes. 

A smile tugged at your lips, before breaking into a wide grin you couldn’t suppress. “Then yes. You’re all I want in my life, I love you so goddamn much.”

He mirrored your smile at hearing those three words being spoken that he’s so desperately wanted to hear from you, before crashing his lips against yours into a feverish kiss. “I love you, darling. You’re the only one I want to love.” He said, pecking your lips once more. “The only one.”

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Can I have a caption of CL advertising her rockstar girlfriend (who is in tour) that is going to fly and punish her if she misbehave in any way? Thank you!


How Some White People Engage Music vs. How I Engage Music
  • Me: "I like Dream Theater."
  • White man: "Prove it! Well, what's Petrucci's favorite colour then?! And cite the exact date that Portnoy left."
  • Me: "I...thought you were going to ask me how did 'Images and Words' make me feel, why that album is still relevant now and did something truly special in the 90s."
  • Me: "I like Heart."
  • White man: "Yeah, well how many years are Ann and Nancy apart in age?! Spell their names in Spanish while dancing on one leg to prove it."
  • Me: "I...thought you were going to ask me who did 'Reign O'er Me' better...Heart, Pearl Jam or The Who? Or discuss how incredible it is that in their bio they mentioned that they wanted to *be* the rockstars, not the rockstars' girlfriends. Or at least do the difficult task of deciding if 'Barracuda,' 'Magic Man,' or 'Crazy On You' is their best song. Their sound touches my heart and is fire."
  • Me: "I like Rihanna."
  • White woman: "Well you should hate her because she is not feminist. She's a bigger misogynist than Eric Casebolt, Daniel Holtzclaw and Dylan Roof."
  • Me: "I...thought you were going to ask me what I like about her style, her personality and her music and how her context is specifically West Indian and cannot be analyzed in a White or American Gaze exclusively...or at least know that 'not feminist ≠ not human' and automatically worthy of hate. And at least examine White women's complicity in economic exploitation of Black women (in the past and now) before pretending the White woman in 'BBHMM' is innocent; she's no more innocent than Mistress Epps was in '12 Years A Slave,' to me. She thrived because of exploitation of Black labor; that sounds familiar as hell. Seems like collective Whiteness, not gender, is what faced Rihanna's wrath and self-defense in that video."
  • Me: "I like Jay Z."
  • White man: "Yeah, well I saw him at every single concert; I am a real fan!"
  • Me: "Um...congratulations on having a greater median wealth and more disposable income than I do?"
  • Me: "I love 'Drunk In Love;' I need the instrumental; that bass drops so hard that at the very least it needs to be played on like two 15" rear subwoofers on 2 channel amps and a 4 channel amp on some door speakers, with tweeters of course."
  • White woman: "How can you like the sound of that song if the lyrics are not feminist enough to me?"
  • Me: "..."

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Okay I personally need to request Midorima with a rockstar girlfriend bc the image is so precious omg plspls x

Yasss, I’ve done yet another request. I’m sorry it took awhile, I was caught up w reading Owari no Seraph (and found a lot of attractive guys in it. //whispers// mika bby). But I’m sorry you have to put up w my cringe-worthy writing now I hope it ain’t too bad.

- - - - - - - -

Midorima halted in front of the door with your stage name written on it. He knocked twice and pried the door open without waiting for an answer because he knew you would be lost in thoughts by this time to even hear someone knocking.

As he assumed, you were standing before the makeup mirrors, palms pressed against the table and back hunched. Your breathing was steady yet your heart was in chaos.

“You’re up in ten.” He informed what he was told by one of your management team on his way to your dressing room.
“Damn it, don’t remind me.” You whirled to face him with evident aggitation in your eyes.

Midorima said nothing. He only watched you pace back and forth in the middle of the room and wiped your sweaty hands on your black leggings. The sound of your mid-calf high boots resonated within the room.

“What’s that?” Your pacing ceased and you lifted and eyebrow at the hot pink item in Midorima’s grasp. “Is that a purse?” You grinned.
“It’s my lucky item for the day!” He sputtered, face turning red in a matter of milliseconds.

Your laughter rang in his ears as you clutched your stomach. You thought seeing Midorima carry around a raccoon statue was hilarious enough, but a pink purse was gold! Did Takao know? Oh, you had to tell him. After your laughing fit and Midorima’s heated death glare subsided, you grabbed your phone off the makeup table and snapped a shot of your carrothead boyfriend.

“Delete it.” He demanded firmly with his oh-so-famous stern look while pushing his glasses up with his taped fingers.

“Do it yourself, Shintarō.” With that, you tucked your phone into your bra, the dark screen popping out of the neckline of the black and white stripes shirt you were wearing.

The shooter blushed madly as thoughts swam in his mind. Thus was his cue to sputter incoherent nonsense which you did not bother to make out.

There was a knock on their door briefly before your manager poke his head in to inform the five remaining minutes you had left before your show started.

Deeming that it was enough teasing, you approached your flushing -and irritated- boyfriend, wrapping your arms around his neck. Midorima stiffened at the contact, he could feel your phone pressing against his chest as well as your soft breasts. The eyeliner you wore brought out the sparkle in your eyes.

“It’s time.” You stated breathily in anxiety.
“Close your eyes.” He instructed, though with still a faint trace of red on his cheek. “Just do it.”

And you did as you were told. “Is this the part where you kiss me-”

Your words were cut off and a pair of familiar lips pressed onto yours. Smiling into the kiss, you had returned it with just as much affection.

Honestly, you had expected it but every damn time, you still get your breath taken away by him.

Your heartbeat steadied as the two of you pulled apart.

“Three minutes.” A voice was heard from outside.

Taking out your phone from your bra, you tossed it into the couch adjacent to the mirrors. Grabbing your leather, studded jacket, you walked hand in hand with Midorima to the back of the stage where you heard the buzzing of the crowd. He did not let go of your hand until the countdown began for your appearance on stage.

The warmth of your hand left him feeling cold. Your figure, clad in black, shuffled onto the stage and halted behind the microphone stand.

“Good evening, Tokyo!” You greeted the crowd.

Though faint, a small smile made its way to his lips as he watched you. Your agitation, gone. All there was, was a queen seizing her throne.

Monday: boyfriend lauren
Tuesday: rockstar lauren
Wednesday: girlfriend lauren
Thursday: innocent lauren
Friday: girl next door lauren
Saturday: airport lauren
Sunday: bedroom lauren

Beach lauren, mama lauren and the list goes on…

Only lauren jauregui can rock all of these and still be hot