rockstar daddy

He Posted a picture of your daughter

lukehemmings: Hemmings update got the twins to stop crying for mom

calumhood: thanks @malikoa for this shirt y/d/n loves it

michaelclifford: she’s mad at me

ashtonirwin: daddy’s rockstar

non of the pictures used belongs to me

Okay hold on imagine being sick in severe mornings in a row and totally knowing what it means and you make a doctors appointment to be one hundred percent sure and while Calum is away on tour completely clueless to what’s going on, you start shopping and get together a few little things for the baby. Also you make a little parcel full of stuff that you will need for a baby, one pregnancy test and a jumper that has rockstar daddy on it and you send it to his home in LA, knowing that he will stay there during his short break there. So one day you wake up to a million missed called and texts, along with a face time request showing up at your screen, so you quickly answer and see Calum sitting there with his new jumper and yearly eyes asking if you were sure and when you just nods he totally freaks out about missing it all and stuff, but also making plans about a break so he can be there for the birth and first year and stuff and the guys come in the room asking what all that noise is about so Calum just turns around and yells that their going to be uncles and they tell you to just book a ticket so cal can stop freaking out and also you can celebrate all together and that is the story how you end up giving birth to your first child far away from home in a random hospital somewhere on tour while the boys have to break off a show and somehow you couldn’t be happier about your little crazy family when you see Calum holding your little bundle of joy for the first time with tears streaming down his face and a look of total admiration

#9- Michael (small imagines)

“Look at you being a cute little rockstar!“ You cooed, pinching your two year old son’s cheeks.

Jason had toddled all the way to his drawer and fished out a pair tiny ripped skinny jeans and the ‘idiot’ that matched Michael’s and pulled the toy guitar Luke had gotten him for his last birthday.

“What’s going on in there- oh. Who’s that punk rock baby there?” Michael cooed. Jason giggled before waddling towards Michael and attaching himself to his leg.

“Look’s like we’re gonna have to get him learning the guitar after all.” I told Mikey, pulling him into an embrace. He chuckled at he idea.

“Gotta be like his rockstar daddy huh?” He winked, bending down to pick the younger child, making him laugh.