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17 - “Don’t leave me again… please.” | A. I

Fresh start. 

You needed this, you jumped to the decision to move to a new country spontaneously finding yourself in LA. The city of dreams they called it, which would be a miracle if it actually made your dreams come true, but you needed to get away from all the pain and anxiety of your past. Anything would make your life better at this point, so you packed up your things finding a cute little one bedroom apartment to begin a new life.

You were using a dolly that one of the employees of the complex gave you to use. After about the third trip up you were waiting at the elevator by a small party room that the complex had when you felt something tug on the sweatpants you were wearing. You looked down to see a boy with golden brown hair and bright green eyes, “I know you,” he says and your eyebrows knit together in confusion, “Hmm I don’t think so sweetheart. I just moved here from a totally different continent. How do you think you know me though?” you ask bending down to be eye level with the adorable little boy giving him a smile. He looks around and rocks back and forth from his heels to his toes, “You and daddy are in a picture together in his bedroom.”

You look at the boy with confusion all over your face, “I’m sorry sweetheart I think you must be mistaken,” you say, “I swear i’m not lying,” he says with a slight pout on his lips. You both jump when you hear someone shout, “Jayce!” 

The little boy whips his head towards the voice, and your eyes follow seeing a man you haven’t seen in forever. It was like you stepped into your past recognizing that face that brought you so much joy, but so much pain, “Ashton?” 

His eyes widen, but before he said anything the boy you assumed to be Jayce ran over to Ashton who leaned down with his arm open as he jumped into Ashton’ arms, “Daddy! Look! Its the lady from your picture in your room!”

Ashton looks back over to you, “Y/N,” he says frozen in place, “What are you doing here?” he asked and you look over to your stuff, “I’m moving in. What are you doing here?”

Ashton looked at Jayce, “We’ve lived here for a couple years now…umm do you need some help?” he asked and the little boy flexed his muscles by putting his arms our to the side, “I’m really strong!”

You smiled and bit your lip, “I don’t know guys..I don’t want to bother you,” you said and Ashton sighed, “Just as stubborn as ever. How about we help you then we cook dinner at my place. We both know you can’t resist a good meal from me,” he says with a cheeky grin and you roll your eyes, “Fine you win.”

Ashton and Jayce follow you up to your apartment which happened to be on the same floor as theirs. Once you finished putting away everything you saw Jayce watching TV in your living room, “Thank you for all your help little guy,” he smiles, “No problem! That was really fun, but i’m really hungry,” you turn your back to him, “Come on. Lets go get your Dad to make us some dinner. Hop on my back,” you say and Jayce does so wrapping his arms around your neck. You walk into the kitchen where Ashton was putting away the last dishes from a box, “Daddy we’re hungry!”

He turned around and smiled, “Alright lets head over to ours. I’ll lead the way,” he says walking out of your apart down the hall to his. After eating dinner which included small talk among the three of you it was time for Jayce to head to bed, “But I wanna play with Y/N more!” he whined to Ashton, “I’m sure Y/N would love to come over and play with you another time,” he says glancing up at you with hope in his eyes and you giggle, “Of course I will little man. I loved playing with you tonight.”

He smiled, “Yay! I can’t wait till you come over again we can play with my cars and my video games and my legos and,” Ashton interrupted him, “Jayce ok,” he laughed, “Thats enough. Go to bed I will be there in a min to tuck you in,” Jayce nodded and walked down the hallway to his room, and Ashton turned toward you, “I’m just gonna make sure he gets to bed. Make yourself comfortable, and I’ll be back in a minute,” you nodded and he left the room.

You couldn’t believe that you were here right now and their were so many questions you wanted to ask him. When did he have a kid? What does he do right now in his life? Last you remember he was headed to London for a tour with his band. That was the worst when he left you that day. You had been dating for a couple of years, but you let him go live his dreams. He was always the one to save you, your knight in shinning armor. He always made you laugh in your darkest times, he was your light. When he left it killed you inside, but you had to do what was right. 

“Y/N?” Ashton’s voice echoed in the quiet room breaking you from your thoughts, “Are you ok? You got your thinking face on,” he smiles taking a seat next to you on his couch. You sighed, “I’m just trying to wrap my head around that I found you today in America out of all places. I can’t believe your right here in front of me. Its like a dream,” you said and Ashton smiled, “I know. I thought I’d never see you again, and here you are in my living room like we went back in time.”

Its quiet for a few more seconds, “So what are you doing over here in America?” Ashton asked and you laughed, “I don’t know really. I needed a fresh start. Things weren’t particularly going that great in Aus,” you studied his reaction, “What about you? Jayce? What happened to London?”

Ashton looked down at his hands, “London was great. We toured we got a record deal, we wrote music, we had a world tour, and a second album. Along the way I met this girl, and I thought she was the one. We ended up having a child, and she wanted nothing to do with him so I kept him. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. He’s my family. It might be difficult sometimes when i’m on the road and stuff, but the guys and our team help me with him. He loves to tour,” Ashton finished with a laugh and you join in, “A little rockstar just like his dad?” you asked, and he shook his head up and down, “Yeah except he likes to play guitar and sing the little traitor.”

You laugh at the thought of Ashton trying to teach you drums and how you hated it, “Sounds like me,” Ashton’s head shot up, “Oh yeah! I remember when I tried to teach you…you got so pissed at me, but I was too hard on you.”

Ashton stands up, “Here I wanna show you something,” he says holding out his hand and you take it. You both walk down the hall, “ I heard you and Jayce talking about the picture and I wanted to show it to you.”

You stepped into his room which was very Ashton. There were many shades of blue, a couple band posters, and a small drum set in the corner. Though he lead you over to his bed where he sat and patted the spot next to him. You sat and he reached over to the bed side table where he grabbed a picture frame handing it to you. You looked down to see both of you on his drumming stool. You had the biggest smile on your face with your eyes crinkled shut from laughing so hard holding drum sticks, and Ashton has his arms wrapped around you with his face buried into your neck. You smiled at the memory. It was when the boys were recording in Sydney, and Ashton invited you along and tried to get you to play drums, “I love this,” you say smiling down at the picture as you brushed your fingers across it gently, “Yeah…I miss those days,” he says and you looked up at him, “And I miss you. You don’t know how hard it was to leave you at the airport that day. I almost didn’t go,” you rolled your eyes, “And that would have been stupid. You’re living your dreams. Thats better then having me as a girlfriend any day,” you say and he immediately shakes his head, “You’d be surprised,” he paused and bit his lip looking at you, “I’m so glad your back Y/N. I don’t want to lose you again,” he says gripping onto your hand, “You were constantly on my mind when I left. I didn’t know how to contact you. I tried every possibility. Then when I found Jayce’s mom I thought I could forget about you, but after everything that happened it was always you.”

You are speechless except for one phrase. The phrase that as been on your mind since he left, “Just…don’t leave me again…please.”

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What kind of father would be the DL guys ?

Shu: He’d be a passive dad but not so passive that he’d let his kids get away with everything. He’d make a real conscious effort to not be like his mother.

Reiji: He’s the strict dad that won’t let his kids do anything until their homework and chores are done. He’d allow them some freedoms, knowing that being raised in a purely strict environment can cause rebellion.

Laito: He’d be the dad you wouldn’t think would be a decent dad. He’s surprisingly good with kids but he does tend to spoil them.

Kanato: He would not make an excellent father figure. It would take a while for him to adjust to parenthood and even then he’d have troubles with a crying baby.

Ayato: He’s the soccer dad that coaches all of his kids teams and lets his kids have a drink of his beer when mom isn’t around. 

Subaru: He’s the clueless dad that is afraid he’s a terrible dad. He wants to be a good parent and tries his best but lets most of the parenting decisions fall on mom.

Ruki: He’s the PTA dad that does everything with the kids while being a bit strict to teach them proper manners but no so strict that his kids end up hating him.

Kou: He’s the rockstar dad. His kids look up to him and brag about their dad being a famous idol.

Yuma: He teaches his kids the values of hard work. He wants a big family and also makes a wide range of dad jokes that his kids hate.

Azusa: He’s the overprotective dad that mom needs to often talk to about giving the kids their space and letting them wander from the nest a little bit.

Carla: He’s the dad that comes across careless of his child’s wellbeing but would take a bullet for them.

Shin: He’s the dad that would hide in his kid’s closet and jump out in wolf form to scare them. 


- “Can we dress up as a hotdog for halloween? Y/N you and I’ll be the buns and–”
- “No Michael”
- Him swaying your child to sleep
- “Little bug, I love you.”
- “My little rockstar.”
- “Mom (or 2 dads) can we have pizza?” “YEAH YEAH Y/N CAN WE HAVE PIZZA”
- Daddy Mikey being a little kid with his kid
- “And that’s how I saw uncle Calum’s—”
- “Don’t scar my child Clifford”
- Spoiling his little one but always teaching to be grateful
- His parents being really involved
- Slow dancing with you and your little one in your arms
- Him crying when it’s their first day of school
- “Babe I want another baby… I want like… 56 of them.”
- Him looking at you and your child like you are the only things in the world

You are loved. You are valued. And you are beautiful.

pairing: ashton x reader

word count: 1,965

okay so this ft. daddy!ashton LIKE THE FATHER not the kink you dirty motherfuckers,, and tbh when i think of ash as a dad i just imagine him being like the wisest human being and most supportive person ever. who gives great, like, pep talks n shit

also its inspired slightly by this clip, which my friend showed me and i constantly remember it when im feeling like self conscious or worthless ya feel

idk i hope you like it xx

“Ash, it’s happened.”

He wasn’t expecting to walk through the door tonight, greeted with that vague statement. But, shrugging off his coat and placing it over a chair in the kitchen, he looked at you, confused. “What do you mean, what happened?” 

You placed the last dish in the dishwasher, closing it and leaning against the counter. “Ava wants a boyfriend.”

Ashton–being the overprotective father he was, especially towards his only daughter–loathed the day the topic of dating would be brought up. He still saw Ava as just a cute little girl who would sit in his lap, his hands in Ashton’s as he drummed a simple tune on the small drum kit in your home, an expression of pure contentment on her face. She always loved to feel like a rockstar with her dad, always being around Ashton and his band and learning tids and bits on each of their respective instruments; joining them on tour when she was 5 was the best time of her life. You or Ash had never seen her that excited before.

But now, he was pulled back into reality, realizing Ava was nearly 15. She was so grown up now, and to you and Ashton it felt like just yesterday she was learning to talk. 

It’s not that he hated she was this old, Ashton loved her daughter more and more everyday, but the whole world she was growing into with so many expectations and pressures on daily life–it scared him. He was scared that she would be influenced into wrong ideas, and that people would hurt her. He knew life could be cruel sometimes, and we’re brought down by others around us whether we like it or not. And he didn’t want her to be hurt. 

Of course, there was the obvious stereotype that all dads didn’t want their daughters to be dating at such a young age because of “bad boys” and the activities couples partake in at younger and younger ages. And truthfully, Ashton had fallen into that categories of dads. He thought she was too young.


The firm command immediately fell from his lips, without a second to think about it. You nodded. “I agree.”

“So, why are we even having this conversation?” He asked. It seemed rather tedious; no meant no.

“Because it’s not just the fact that she wants a boyfriend that’s bothering me; we had a talk and she opened up to me some, saying how bad she felt about herself.” You told him, your heart trembling as you remembered how your daughter cried in your arms, at how unwanted she felt. Purely because, you had been in her situation: crying in your mother’s arms to her about how no one could ever want you for how weird you were.

Ashton’s jaw tightened, that same skipped beat felt in his chest that you felt. “Did you…does she feel any better? After you talked?”

“Well, she’s still in her room after I left her to cry it out some. But I think you should talk to her. It’d do her some good to talk to you, I think.” You suggested, biting your bottom lip.

“You think so?”

“I mean, you helped me.”

He nodded, jaw slackening as he made up his mind. “Yeah, I can talk to her.”

“Tell me how it goes.” You said, watching him as he sauntered up the stairs and to Ava’s room.

He didn’t even know where he would begin with the conversation. The walk to her room was so slow to him, taking his time to think about what he was going to say and reminding himself to let her talk and explain herself, and get everything out into the open. He knew she shouldn’t keep these kinds of things to herself; it wasn’t healthy for her–or anyone for that matter. 

Quietly, he knocked on the door, listening for her approval to come in over the soft music she had playing in her room. 

“Did Mom send you up here?”

He sighed, placing his hand on the door handle. “Can I come in? I want to make sure you’re okay.”

There was a pause. “Fine.”

When he opened the door, he saw Ava, curled up on her bed, hiding her face behind her knees. My poor girl, he thought to himself, walking further into her room. “What’s going on, princess?”

She picked her head up, wiping the tears from her cheeks. “Just feeling sad, I guess.”

“About what?” She kept her mouth shut as she looked up into his eyes. She didn’t want to answer him. He took a seat on her bed next to her. “C’mon, you can talk to me about anything. I thought we were buds.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “It’s just, hard sometimes. To watch your friends all be happy around you, with people that love them and you’re just so alone.”

“Hold on, who said no one loved you?”

“You don’t see me coming home telling you about some guy that loves me and makes me happy, do you?” She asked. “It’s not like there are guys just lining up, begging me to date them or anything.”

“Do you think you need to date a guy to feel loved and accepted?” 

It took her a second, but she nodded in response. “Yeah, I do. Because that’s how it is with all my friends.”

“You think you need to date a guy to be happy?”


Ashton sighed, scratching the back of his neck and thinking about how he was going to approach this delicately. “Okay, so you aren’t happy around your friends? When you go out to the movies, or to concerts, or just hanging out with them? When you come home from spending time with them, and you’re smiling and telling me and your mom about how fun your day was with them? Are those smiles not genuine?” The girl looked at him, debating on whether or not this was a rhetorical question. Ashton kept talking, though. “What about your family? Me, your mom, your little brother–do we not make you happy? What about music; I know for a fact that music makes you happy. Ever since you were this tall–” Ashton held his hand to the side, nearly 2 feet off the ground “–you loved when I would bring you into the studio and play around with all the different instruments. You absolutely loved it. Your mom hated when I insisted on bringing you guys on tour because of how crazy it could get sometimes, but once she saw how big you smiled at every show, she told me that she was wrong. She and I both love seeing you happy like that. And even today, when you’re up here jamming on your bass or when you and your friends all go to concerts and wait for hours and hours to get front row. Then, after those concerts, you come home buzzing with adrenaline and sharing all the memories you made that night with me and your mom. But you’re telling none of these things make you happy…without some guy?”

“You don’t understand, Dad!” She yelled at him, the tears that had welled up in her eyes as he spoke now falling down her cheeks. “Those things make me happy, but they don’t make me feel wanted or loved! I listen to music because it makes me feel like I have something there for me–like, it’s that reminder that I’m not alone. I wouldn’t need it if I had a guy to remind me and tell me I’m beautiful and loved and–”

“Honey, guys at your age don’t know what love is. You’re not even 15 years old, you have your whole life ahead of you to be worrying about whether or not a guy loves your or not.”

“Then why are my friends worrying about it?”

“Because they’re naive and insecure.”

“And you don’t think I’m insecure?” She shouted, bringing her shaking hands up to wipe her eyes. “It’s like everyday I walk into school fearing that I’ll be judged by my friends and everyone there. I am so scared, Dad, that I’ll never be good enough for anyone. I just really need that validation that…that I’m enough.”

Ashton swallowed; he didn’t know what to say. All he could do was pull his little girl close, hugging her tightly. She cried into his chest, loud sobs filling her small bedroom. He slowly rubbed her back in attempts to calm her some. “Shh, princess, everything’s going to be okay.” 

“It doesn’t feel like it’s going to be okay.” 

“Then I’ll do everything I can to make it okay.” He told her, releasing her and looking her intently in the eyes. He swiped his large thumbs under her eyes where tears laid. “Look, I know life is hard, especially when you’re growing up because believe it or not I was your age once and dealt with this same kind of thing. And I’m here, right? I’m here and I love you. I will always love you, Mom will always love you and your little brother will always love you. Friends, they come and go, but the few true ones you’ll have will always be by your side. And they love you too. 

“As for self worth, for some of us it’s a little harder to be happy with who we are and love ourselves. And you may be going through that, but I promise you that as you grow older and mature a little more and figure out what makes you happy and what you believe in and what you love, loving yourself will become easier. It takes a little time and people like me and your mom and your friends to remind you sometimes, but you will always be enough, Ava. No matter what, your life is worth living. You are so talented and such a wonderful person and friend–it honestly kills me to see you like this. All of us value you, whether it be as a great daughter, sister, or friend. We all appreciate you in our lives.

“Ava, you are so beautiful. Not just in how you look, but you have a massive heart. You are a spitting image of your mom, who is the most gorgeous person I have ever met. You have her eyes, and how kind they are. And how your cute little cheeks protrude out when you smile,” That comment had a small smile tug at her lips, which made Ashton smile as well. “There it is–that award winning smile. Princess, I know you may doubt yourself sometimes, but inside and out, everything about you is beautiful. And you should never change a thing about yourself to make someone else happy. Be yourself, do what you love; really, the whole trick to life is just to be happy. You shouldn’t look to love a guy to make you happy, true happiness comes in life where you least expect it and in the little things. Life is weird sometimes. It’s a hell of a ride, but overall, it’s just a good time, if I’m honest. And if you’re happy in the end, then I’ve done my job as your dad.”

Ava whimpered, falling into Ashton’s arms again and hugging him as if she’d never let go. “I love you so much, Dad.” 

Ashton cradled the back of her head, kissing her cheek gently. “I love you too, Ava. Please, no matter what goes on in your life, remember a couple things for me. Can you do that?”

She nodded. “What is it?”

“Remember that I’m always here for you, and that you are loved, you are valued, and you are beautiful.”