rockstar dad

just some rockstar dads things:

  • rick and greg running into each other at a bar or a concert and immediately hitting it off
  • rick and greg jamming out to some old DadRock ™
  • rick playing with greg’s long hair and learning how to braid when they’re chilling backstage
  • greg helping rick dye his hair!!
  • rick going on an on about space and giving greg pointers on how to write it into the lyrics of his songs
  • rick seeing how attractive greg looks on stage when he’s all sweaty and practically yanks him into a bathroom stall or supply closet to make out as soon as his sets over
  • greg serenading to rick on his guitar while he works on his experiments until he’s blushing and threatens to kick greg out
  • rick stealing/”borrowing” some of greg’s demin jackets
  • rick and greg listening to music in the back of his beat up van, passing cigarettes back and forth while they talk about their kids
  • rick finding an old tape years later of some experimental songs he and greg worked on while they were still together and calling him up to see how he’s doing

baby girl hood having the biggest smile on her face as she runs into her daddy’s bands practice room, excited to see her uncles, and she’d giggle as she crawled onto ashton’s lap and he pretended that she was the one playing the drums, and her uncle mikey would try to teach her the chords to their newest song and chuckle as she struggled to wrap her tiny lil hands around the big guitar, and uncle luke would hold her up to the mic and sing with her as she looked over at her proud daddy who was wearing the biggest smile ever, and when her and calum got home that night neither of them would shut up about how much fun they’d had and calum would have a happy glimt in his eyes as he proudly told you that some day his little girl was gonna be a rockstar just like her dad

"Being a rockstar dad, what kind of things are you gonna teach your child?"

I don’t know, I’m just excited, so when she’s old enough to be able to listen [to the] bands that I like, and the music that I like, you know what I mean? I dunno.

“What music do you think you’re gonna bring her up on?”

I have no idea, it’s hard to say. Well, I’ll show her all my favorites and you know.[…]


'I know that one with the long hair'
  • 'I know that one with the long hair'
  • R1 Breakfast Show

Nick’s experiences with rockstars and their underwear, dad of the year vs mum of the year, 200 sit ups and that awkward 1D interview. (06.08.2015)

‘So if you’ve ever wanted to go out with someone from One Direction, just be nice’
‘Yeah right, a
nd the rest…’
‘…and it helps if you’re a model for Victoria’s Secret’

Also, that’s for the dad Roger lol: