rockstar chic

It just dawned on me...

So, Beth’s coming back. The fresh paint on my hut on denial isle says so.

And Daryl isn’t super in touch with his feelings. C@rol had to tell him to let himself feel sad.

So when Beth comes back and all those moth/butterflies/light in the darkness/Apple in the forest/golden ticket/happy feelings hit him again, he won’t know how to deal.

I actually imagine him almost avoiding Beth at the very beginning because he just won’t be able to handle himself. He doesn’t know how to allow himself to be happy.

And he won’t realize that he’s head over heels in love with Beth.

At least, not until Aaron and Eric help him figure it out.

Imagine it though. (Sorry this is long. I’m on mobile and can’t do a read more break.)

Aaron: So…Beth’s sweet.

Daryl: yeah.

Eric: and cute! I love her style. So nice to see rockstar chic at the end of the world.

Daryl: shrugs

Aaron and Eric look at each other and roll their eyes.

Aaron: i can’t help but wonder why you don’t talk to her more. Weren’t you two together before you got here?

Eric: isn’t she the one you’ve been missing so much?

Daryl: shrugs again

Aaron: Daryl…we invited Beth over for dinner.

Daryl freaks out. Aaron and Eric just watch and laugh internally.

Eric: why don’t you just admit it?

Daryl: what?

Eric: that you love her.

Daryl freaks out again.

Aaron: you always want to be right there with her, even if you’re just sitting together?

Eric: everything around you reminds you of her?

Aaron: you can’t keep your mind off her?

Eric: you can’t keep your hands off her (insert angry glare from Daryl) oh please. I’ve seen you two. Always guiding her with your hand on her back or her elbow. And don’t get me started with the eye sex.

Daryl: the WHAT?!?

Aaron: Eric, don’t scare him. Daryl, you may not realize it, but you love that girl. Time is precious. Don’t waste it. You’ve both been through enough.

Daryl:…what if she don’t want me?

Aaron and Eric look at each other again and almost giggle.

Aaron: trust me

Eric: she does.