The Date (Part 2 of The Concert)

Characters: Rockstar!Jensen Ackles, Reader

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word count: 954

Warnings: Foul language

A/N: Part 2 of The Concert a Rock Star!Jensen Ackles AU.

Unbeta’d so, every single mistake you’d see belongs to me and I’m super sorry about that. 

The Concert Masterpost

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2) The Date

His green eyes meet yours and you smile awkwardly shrugging a bit and then your take another sip of your beer.

“And can I get a selfie, please!?” One of the girls standing by your booth begs, Jensen smiles and complies taking the girl’s phone. He winks at you and your stomach flutters.

You watch him and notice how just before the pic snaps he turns his face to the side and kiss the girl on the cheek and she shrieks.

‘Oh my god. Am I like this? I have to say is kinda pathetic.’

You admit to yourself as the young fan start crying because of the kiss. Jensen hugs her one last time and her friends have to practically drag her away from the table.

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Jensen Hiatus Love: Jensen & Music  

↳ “The fan went on to say that Jensen now seems to have gained so much confidence as a ‘rockstar’. Jensen: That’s because of you. I used to have major nerves, or anxiety, even singing in front of one other person. Even my mom! I just didn’t wanna mess up. But this whole thing…There’s just such a comfortability with you guys. It’s….it’s acceptance. That’s what it is. Knowing you’re accepted, so you’re not scared to fail.“  Jensen’s M&G (NashCon 2016)