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Can we get some 'foxes have a vine' action I think that would be hilarious

what do people even do on vine i don’t know i just threw every meme i could think of at this

  • wymack starts a vine account with the thought that six second videos of the foxes’ highlights sounds like a wonderful idea
  • but after spending a couple of hours just trying to get one winning shot online he thinks maybe he shouldn’t be the one to run it
  • he gives the login to dan with strict instructions, though he agrees they can upload things that aren’t just game footage
  • and she runs it sensibly for a few weeks
  • winning shots, good throws in practice, fans in the stadium doing the wave, the band playing their fight song, grinning Foxes shouting “GO FOXES!”
  • but as expected
  • it doesn’t last very long
  • after a tipsy night, dan gives the login information to the other foxes

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“Reckless,” Renee corrected her, “due to an unforgivable arrogance. But I’m working on it, I promise. It’s just going to take a little more time to learn humility.”

It was the best day of your life as you were in the first row of your favorite singer’s concert. Gabriel Novak was amazing with that voice and the way he could play different instruments. 

When he came on stage you screamed along with everyone else. From your seat, you could see his muscles move and how his fingers pressed into the strings of his guitar. 

Then during one of his songs, he stared right at you, almost like he was playing just for you. You were glad the lights weren’t one you as you felt your face grow hot. He strutted over to your side of the stage as his guitar solo came up. Your heart nearly burst as he sent you a wink.

You were memorized by his movements as he danced his way to the other side of the stage. It gave you a chance to see his bow legs and his nice butt.

Sadly the concert came to an end after they finished their encore. You cheered loudly when they came back out, dancing in your seat as they played their last song.

After taking their bows, Gabriel, and his bandmates left the stage. Everyone around you was buzzing about his performance and how they were each glad they came. You felt the same thing, wanting to remember this night forever.

“Excuse me, miss?” A finger tapped your shoulder as you worked your way to the exit.

“Yes?” You turned, finding a bodyguard. “Is something wrong?”

“Can you come with me?” The guard didn’t leave much room for argument.

You followed him as knots grew in your stomach. “I don’t understand. Did I do something wrong? I didn’t….I don’t think I broke any laws.” You tried to talk to them, but they only lead the way to backstage. “Oh. I’m not VIP. I mean a friend gave me the ticket, but….I think you have the wrong person.” The guard opened the door to a plush room, waiting for you step in.

“Thanks, Steve.” A voice came from inside. You peaked into the room, finding Gabriel in a dark shirt and dark washed jeans sitting on a leather couch. “You can come in.”

“I think there’s been a mistake.” You hesitantly walked into the room, watching as the guard left. 

“Nope doesn’t appear to be.” Gabriel stood up, smiling. “You sure look like that beautiful girl that was in the front row. Gotta say you caught my eye.” He winked at you again and you felt your knees grow weak.


"Yeah and I gotta add that my face looks great on you.” He pointed to your shirt.

“Uh…thanks.” Your face flushed as you were unsure how you ended up here.

“Listen, I don’t wanna pressure you into anything, but by any chance…do you wanna go grab dinner?” He scratched the back of his neck. “Just food, no hidden agenda.”

“With me?” You blinked.

“Was that not already established?” He joked.


“Beautiful. Sexy. Loves my music. Loves me." 

"Well…yes…but….” You bit your lower lip. You’d be crazy not to go out with him, but you didn’t want to be one of those stupid girls that think she actually had a chance only to end up dumped after the sex. 

Gabriel seemed to understand as he took one of your hands in his. “I’m not looking for a hookup. I just wanna take you out to dinner." 

"Okay.” You nodded, breathing better.

“Great. So what kinda food do you like?” Gabriel grinned.

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Okay, but andreil theater au where Neil was that poor soul that walked by the theater department at the wrong moment and ended up doing tech stuff and Andrew is that one actor who won't try at all during rehearsal (how did he even get the part?? Why is he still there??? Who knows) but is amazing during the actual play

oh hey look who got carried away and posted another 5k prompt to ao3 it’s me

Part of a piece I did for @xbox and @rockstargames @rockstarenergy for @gearsofwar4 - this will be used on the Canadian rockstar cans I believe - I’ll post the final version once I have one! Big ups to @hydrosevenfour for being a hound too, check out his work if you have a sec… 🔥
#gow #gearsofwar #rockstar #xbox #pauljackson #pauljacksonlives #art #artist

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Rockstar Juvia!

I have always wanted to try this version of her. It only appeared in one chapter but god i really liked it