rocks with salt


Wieliczka salt mine, Poland

In southern Poland, Lake Wessel lies inky and unmoving in the deep. Filling the bottom of an old salt mine, it’s just one component of the UNESCO World Heritage Site which has been a functioning mine since the 13th century. Featuring supreme carpentry, centuries-old brickwork and ornate salt-crystal chandeliers in cavernous dining rooms, this fantastical setting is a favorite for the Polish film industry. The mine’s attractions include dozens of statues and four chapels carved out of the rock salt by the miners. The older sculptures have been supplemented with new carvings made by contemporary artists. About 1.2 million people visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine annually. 

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At the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, as a Sioux tribe fights the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the months-long standoff has raised a question: How do you feed the encamped masses?

For Navajo chef Brian Yazzie, the answer was clear: in a way that honors indigenous traditions.

Yazzie is the chef du cuisine at The Sioux Chef, a Minneapolis-based catering and food education company whose mission is to revitalize Native American food culture, which was marginalized by centuries of colonization and forced assimilation. (The company’s name is a nod to its Sioux founder, Sean Sherman.)

For months now, Yazzie says, he’s watched the Standing Rock demonstrations unfold from afar and has been wanting to go there.

“Being on the front-lines of revitalizing indigenous foods, my way of contributing to the cause is being in the kitchen and cooking for the people,” he says.

So last weekend, Yazzie traveled to the Standing Rock reservation and showed up to volunteer at the main makeshift kitchen that’s been churning out meals for protesters living at the Oceti Sakowin Camp. It’s the largest of several camps that are housing the demonstrators, who oppose a section of the pipeline that would run under the Missouri River near their reservation.

A Navajo Chef Gives A Glimpse Inside The Makeshift Kitchens At Standing Rock

Photos: Courtesy of Brian Yazzie

remember when th force awakens was still in theatres.. the sun shone, the grass was green and narry a soul knew hux’s name. even the hermits out in the hills shipped stormpilot. the reylos were a pack of varmints but it werent nothing a shotgun full of rock salt couldn’t handle. no one was shipping the patron saint of gays, Luke Skywalker, with no random woman he never met… nor her with no old men neither. that Cluddia Gray hussy still had her mouth shut. Now look at this place… tumbleweeds, rattlers… even ghost towns got more spirit.


Feeding a sea anemone in an aquarium…wait for the shrimp


Imagine Cas making Dean food and then Cas yells from the kitchen “Dean do you have salt” and Dean grabs his shot gun and runs and when he’s almost in the kitchen Deans says “WHY” and runs into the kitchen and accidentally shoots Cas with rock salt and Cas says “I came out here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now”


*Masterpost of all elements HERE
  • REPRESENTS: Strength, abundance, stability, wealth prosperity, responsibility, the physical body and your health.
  • SYMBOLS: Rocks, fields, soil, forests, salt, dirt, trees, caves and clay.
  • SEASON: Winter
  • TIME: Night
  • SENSE: Touch
  • ZODIACS: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
  • COLOURS: Black, greens, reds, yellows and browns.
  • STONES: Crystal, emerald, onyx, jasper, azurite, amethyst and quartz.
  • HERBS: Ivy, grain, moss and roots
  • ANIMALS: Dogs, cows, bulls, horses, ants, worms, bears and wolves.
  • ELEMENTALS: Gnomes, elves, dwarves, brownies and leprechauns.
  • PLANETS: Earth and Earths moon
  • CHAKRA: Root
  • MAGICK WORK: Gardening, stone divination, working with crystals, knot-binding, money spells, grounding, and runes.
  • RITUALS: burying things, clay work, planting trees/herbs/flowers/plants, hiking and spending time with nature in general.
  • EARTH PERSONALITIES: Are usually the most trustful, determined, loyal, responsible and giving people you could ever hope to meet. When they are balanced and in touch with their element of the Earth they are honest, open-minded, trustworthy and they always keep their promises. They’re the kind of people that like things to go according to plan; they hate when things suddenly change on them but, can adapt very easily with little effort. They are kind and strong individuals who are there to pick up people when and if they fall down. On the other hand, when Earth personalities are not in balance with themselves, they can be very different people. They can be selfish, insincere, insecure and often participate in self-destructive behaviors. They tend to ignore other people’s opinions and stick to a very narrow and close-minded way of thinking. For Earth personalities to reconnect, they only have to spend time in nature.

🎋🌿 WITCH TIP 🕯⚗️

To make a simple, flameless oil diffuser, pour granulated Pink Himalayan Rock Salt into a seashell or other dish and use a dropper to transfer the essential oil onto the Rock Salt crystals. The more oil you add, the stronger the scent will be. Those with sensitive noses may want to err on the side of fewer drops. ❤

p.s. Please excuse my messy altar! 😋